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  1. JanusBacchus

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would most definately like to participate in the raffle. Damn, glad I started to look at the forums again. :D Not that I will win anything with my luck. :P
  2. JanusBacchus

    WG Listened to us and did the right thing

    So here we are again. Cheering for WG for their apology. For them to fix their error. For their statement to attempt to improve their communication. So now all is well and we should all go back to play the game, purchase those premium ships and upgrade our accounts to premium. Right? Nope. All is definitely not well and the emperor still has no clothes. There seems to be something fundamentally wrong within the company. The game itself, while not flawless and perfect, is mostly fun to play. But the company that is running the game, WG, has some serious issues to deal with. Their communication, the one they have announced to improve for at least the last year in several occasions, is still very, very poor. They have major issues, like the whole CV mechanics, in the game itself still unadressed. They seem to be completely unable to transfer information from community to community managers to developers and back. Or then the information given to developers is just ignored and I'm not sure which case would be worse. And they don't seem to bother to test the new additions before launch or then the marketing department doesn't give enough time for testing, and again I'm not sure which case is the more alarming. Their community managers or whoever it is responsible for removing community contributors from the program, seem to make hasty decisions that often are regretted afterwards, but by that time it is all too late and the PR personel are again needed for the damage control. Looking from the outside, the company is a mess, a disaster waiting to happen! So yeah, WG listened to us and did the right thing. Except that had they done the right thing to begin with, all this fiasko would have never happened. They shouldn't have needed to pull GZ from sale. They shouldn't have needed to issue an apology. They shouldn't have come up with compensation or refund for those that bought the unfinished ship. But they did, and now they have to spend time, effort and money to fix the situation, to clean up the mess. And all that is just making them look bad. Again!
  3. JanusBacchus

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Bugs

    Got the same fix as well, so 300M cash had been added to me, but the doubloons seem to be gone, which makes re-training the captain for next ship bit harder and of course removing upgrades from ships is no impossible. Still don't know what did cause the cash and doubloons to disappear.
  4. JanusBacchus

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Bugs

    Hope this goes in the right place. Don't know if this has gone as planned and I have just missed the announcement, but it seems I have lost all the doubloons and cash in the test server: Have only played 5 matches in test, although in my replays-folder there are only 4 replays. But I'm guessing that is caused by my computer crashing in mid game last night. Don't know if that could also have caused the financial loss for me, don't think I checked the amount of cash and doubloons when I started the game today.
  5. JanusBacchus

    Got an email from NA WoWs

  6. That is all going according to their new, better communications policy: Since before their communication was kept as total failure and something that hurt the company image, they are now not communicating at all. I guess they consider no communication > bad communication.
  7. JanusBacchus

    WG EU, this is getting ridiculous...

    I have made that same decision myself. Have played only 18 games in February and none after the 15th. The game itself has nothing that seriously bad that I couldn't play it, but the way WG EU staff seems to ignore the player base and their almost total lack of communication has just convinced me that they just are not worth my money or my time. I am checking the forums every now and then hoping to see some responses from the staff and/or some signs that they would have improved their track record with new game content (missions and their rewards for example), only finding more prove that they have learned absolutely nothing from all the previous mistakes. I mean, ramming damage as mission condition... wtf are you guys thinking?
  8. JanusBacchus

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    That might be, but I'm not looking for my answer. I'm looking and waiting for the answer from WG EU, the Official Answer™. Not holding my breath until I get one, though, as it looks like there's not going to be any.
  9. JanusBacchus

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    As requested:
  10. JanusBacchus

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Hehee, quite a good one. ;)
  11. JanusBacchus

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Oh hey, look what I found, swept under the rug. It's a thread! And a big one too! Gotta get that from under that rug, makes it all lumpy and looking strange, just like someone would like to hide something there. Well yeah, the premium run out and just as coincident, I have only played someting like 5 matches during the last 2 days after averaging around 10-11 a day before. Don't think will play any matches today either. Might login to the test server, might install the NA client. Who knows. Might search my hardrive for other games there, Civ 4 or 5 are always a good options. Well, the good think about virtual ships is that I don't think they rust even if they would up sitting loooong periods of time at port.
  12. JanusBacchus

    The ways EU community has been treated differently

    Well, as I have stated earlier (and possibly in multiple threads), I have no intetntions to spend another dime to this game in the near future. And in fact, I have also played even less than I have normally been able to play, so it can very well be that the game has lost not only a paying customer but a player as well in me. Time will tell. Downloaded the NA client yesterday, might even install it. Don't know. Oh, did you notice that Cynd3r has quit working as WG staff? Noticed yesterday the post in announcements. Probably not related to any of this fuzz, but the conspiracy theorits in my head started to think. Did WG need a scapegoat?
  13. Well, the whole Christmass Convoy mess has been all but just sweeped under the rug and forgotten by the players, just as I expect the WG EU staff would like it to be, and none of the questions asked in the thread have been answered. That made me think of all the incidents recently where the EU community have been treated differently than other regions: The Convoy mess. At first the EU was not getting the missions because they were considered to be too hard and time consuming during holiday season by the WG EU staff. No other regions saw that an issue though. The missions were added after a massive shitstorm and an prime example of total lack of communication on WG EU. Kamikaze R. The ship was given as a reward for completing the goals. Except in EU, where they wanted to make a lottery for 2000 ships. EU was forced to back down due shitstorm. Grand Naval Battles. The rewards in EU were a lot smaller than in other regions Signal flags sold in premium shop. In NA premium shop you can purchase bunch of single flag, for example 100 x Equal Speed Charlie London instead of EU, where flags are only available in bundles. Rewards for good behaviour. Did you know that in NA you get rewards for not receiving any strikes (in-game, forum or chat) due bad behaviour? Haven't heard any plans on implementing this to EU. ARP missions. The requirements in the missions, especially for ARP Nacchi and ARP Takao, were significantly harder in EU than they were in other regions. Feel free to correct me if I have some of this stuff wrong. And equally remind me if I have forgotten some, as I assume I certainly have. The question I and many other have frequently asked in quite a few threads is: "Why is the EU region treated differently than other regions?" The staff and management in WG EU must have a reason they do things the way they do, but apparently they do not want to reveal this reasoning to us, the paying customers. That is why I have removed myself from that group of paying customers. My premium time ended yesterday and I have no intentions to renew if for now. I also noticed that I don't really have the feeling to play the game that much and the number of matches I play has allready been reduced. Kind of a shame actually, the first t10 ship is was looming in the near future, second t9 was unlocked as were couple of more t8s with other t8s developing nicely. But hey, what do they care about just one player and his decision.
  14. JanusBacchus

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    This thread was buried in 4th page of the forum, so I just thought to pump it back to surface, since the questions raised in it are still unanswered. So yeah, we, or at least I have not forgotten this. Nor have I forgiven. The last few days of my premium are running, and so far I have no intention in renewing. We'll see how long the game remains interesting, when my limited playing time and the smaller income of standard account meet, as they will make progressing even slower than it has been for me so far. There would be Baltimore, Amagi, Shiratsuyu, Ognevoi, Shchors and Hipper to be bought and Mogami (yes, still), Yugumo, North Carolina, Mahan, Bismarck and Leander to be developed, plus the whole german DD line. Oh, and almost forgot the now Soviet DD line. Yeah, you read right, didn't mention anything about the CVs. Well, don't plan to play them. There would be lots and lots of need for that money and that XP, not to mention the need to re-train the captains to new ships. I don't think I'd bet on me to grind for a long time with standard account. You see, the core game might be allright, but at least for me playing games is more than just the game itself. It is the community and the attitude of the developers as much as the game mechanics that make the gaming experience. And I must say that I have a feeling that the staff at WG EU don't see it necessary to answer the questions we have asked in this thread. It looks like that for them the case is solved and closed and all the issues should be brushed under the carpet, out of sight. Well, news flash: As long as I keep playing and logging into forums, I'll do my part to keep this discussion alive and in your faces. Just as a reminder, not just for the developers, but for the players as well.
  15. JanusBacchus

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Just to keep reminding you guys at WG EU HQ, at least I would still like to hear your answers to these "minor" issues/question.