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  1. mikelight1805

    Make Your Stand – Earn Exeter FREE!

    I particularly dislike any mission that fundamentally alters the way a player approaches the game. The 3 kills in one match will alter the way people play as it will result in more sniping and people holding fire to try and secure kills. It was the same with the old santa convoy mission for the Nachi. kill 15 USSR ships. No one sailed USSR ships for the whole holiday period! I would like to see some better mission design WG. I think in this instance, it would have been better and fairer to have had fewer missions with a higher target. I have no problem with the earn XP/Base XP/Commander XP missions as they are a fair and easy thing to achieve. The shoot planes mission was totally dependent on if CVs are in the queue. The 3 kills in one battle mission will see everyone play a selfish kill securing game. And the 7 achievements mission is a bit random too. I feel this could have been approached a whole lot better, especially as the Exeter is mediocre at best from what my clan mates tell me
  2. mikelight1805

    [POLL] how many CV should be allowed per battle ?

    Personally a reasonable change in my humble opinion would be to slightly reduce the air spotting of DDs and limit CVs to 1 per battle, unless they plan to reduce the air speed of planes and increase the time they take to get air borne.
  3. mikelight1805

    Games Continually Ruined by Bad CV and DD players

    WTF? Its quite simple. when the fun stops, stop playing. Its a game, not a Job. There will always be matches where your 200k damage Kraken isn't enough to carry a win when the team cant find there [edited]with two hands and a map. Usually they happen once in while. If the OP is regularly finding himself on the losing side, maybe its not just the teams fault. From the whole heap of no constructive threads the OP is pushing, i think its time he took a break from the game.
  4. mikelight1805

    Games Continually Ruined by Bad CV and DD players

    Ask yourself this. "Am i enjoying the game at the moment?" If you answer yes, then im affraid my answer to you is suck it up buttercup. Its online gaming and you have absolutly no influence on who plays and how they play. On balance, if you are a decent, compitent player you will have more good games than bad, regardless of who is on your team. We all get crap teams once in a while. but the rest of us just deal with it and move on to the next match. If your answer is no, then go play somthing else. There were plenty of games on steam discounted over the festive period.
  5. mikelight1805

    PEF........ I want my money back

    The PEF is ok, its not great, its not poor either in my worthless opinion. I view my purchase of the ship as 6000 dubloons, not the purchase of a ship. i will eventually get round to earning it and using the compensation dubloons to buy premium account. It was never going to replace my Warspite as my tier 6 BB of choice anyway. Its a Battle Cruiser, not a BB. Its desinged to pick on cruisers, so thats what i try to do with it.
  6. mikelight1805

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the Lottery Thanks for running this again, and thank you to those who have donated. Good Show chaps.
  7. mikelight1805


    I use the Range Mod on both Salem and DM. The base 5 sec reload is enough DPM for me, i feel i value more from the range. I use the Reload mod on the Mino and Worcester though, as the Range mod seems to make hitting things beond 15km imposible. Also those ships have decent enough turret traverse to not be too negivily impacted by the relod mod. John Doe is/was Steven Seagal yes.
  8. mikelight1805

    CvC battles canceled for this weekend

    I could get on board with ranked sprint again in a T8. I liked the 6 man teams in the first session, so if that coukd be repeated in T8 that would be good. I didnt like 8v8.
  9. mikelight1805


    John Doe if you have him. The enhanced Expert Loader is ideal for this ship. It is an almost instant ammo change. I Use John Doe on my DM, so i share him between the DM, The Mo and the Salem. Priority Target, I Use AR, Superintendant and Concealment Expert. Thats my 10 points, but i also use Expert Marksman as a second 2 point skill
  10. mikelight1805

    More and more BOTS.. Something needs to be done.

    Sure Its bots? Since the last updated there have been lots of disconnect issues. I had a couple of games recently which resulted in crash to desktop. By the time I relaunched the game it can be 5 to 10 mins old. The micropatch recently sorted it out. Are you still experiencing the bots?
  11. mikelight1805

    Please make some form of skilled Matchmaking....

    But you get rewarded for carrying hard. I can count on one hand how many times i have been team killed in 3000 battles. and it is certainly none in the last 6 months. We all experience useless teams more often than we like, but we always forget the normal games where at least half the team are +50% WR players and we have a decent game. Regarding "toxicity" i don't see it too often, maybe im either lucky, or because i can only speak one language i do not see so much toxic chat. I ignore 90% of what is typed in chat anyway. There never will be skill based matchmaking in this game. It would destroy the game to be honest. it would make queue times longer and if only "good players" play DDs and only "bad players" play BBs you simply wouldn't be able to build a match with balanced teams at all. I personally wouldn't want to play every game the same if i was playing the same sort of player all the time. simply put, if you don't like the game, don't play it.
  12. mikelight1805

    Verdict on Nelson?

    once i have printed a couple more basic 10 point captains for my RN BB grind i think it might be fun to run my Belfast captain in the Nelson.
  13. mikelight1805

    BB Bias, TX Powercreep and RNG Rig are ruining the game

    I am a crap CV player, and not an exceptional BB player, but i feel i can do a better job of supporting the team in a CV played badly than a BB played badly. I played a tier 10 game in my Hindy on Sunday evening on Okinawa. I pushed C, supporting the shima. i thought i had a NC backing me up. A FDG and a GK turned up, and the NC reversed all the way to the map border. I died supporting and defending the cap, with 145k damage done and 2 kills. After reversing the map border the NC then ran all the way to the A cap to hide behind the big island. After i had sadly expired, i asked the NC what he was doing. He replied that "battleships do have range you know". I asked him how much damage he had done that game. "not enough" he replied. being a smart a$$ he asked me how much i had done. i replied with 145k and 2 kills. He replied "was it enough?" i told him that i believe i had carried my own weight and i had done enough. he told me to be proud of my achievement. I must admit, in my frustration i checked his stats. he did about 30k in that game. He had also played the Yamato and achieved 45k damage. If this is the type of player that WG is catering to, i fear for the future. I just wonder how long it had taken him to fail his way to the Yamato.
  14. mikelight1805

    BB Bias, TX Powercreep and RNG Rig are ruining the game

    I remember those times. They were happier times.
  15. mikelight1805

    saying hello!

    Both German and American cruiser lines are decent ships as all rounders. The RN CLs are not the easiest ship play, and have a unique play style. The Russian line is typically a faster but less manoeuvrable and more fragile ship than most others, offset with better gun ballistics. IJN and French CL/CAs are the HE spamming fire starters that do better from range. I think the point being made regarding map awareness is attention to the minimap and being aware of your positioning. But US CAs have a shell arcs that enable them to shoot over islands, so if you position yourself well, you can usually fire without much fear of return fire. Cruiser play in general is picking your fights carefully and knowing when to disengage and reposition. If that type of game play interests you, then stick with cruisers. They are jack of all trade ships that are very adaptable and offer an interesting type of game play, as no two games are ever the same in cruisers. If you just want to sail around without much thought for manoeuvring or map positioning the BBs are a better choice. German BBs are supposed to be the brawlers, the IJN BBs do better at range, and the US BBs tend to focus on being survivable and doing decent mid range damage. Regarding PVE vs PVP, the two game modes share little in common game play wise Bots sail straight forward and attempt to deliver as much fire power as possible, including torps, and usually only last 5 or so minutes. PVP games usually last the full 20 mins and involve engaging and disengaging several times.