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  1. Del_Mare

    Ognevoi - How do you play it?

    cannot get it to work, its basically the same as the us-dd. i tried them, tried it hard in cbt, but gave up on it. at least the opponents i choose to engage have no problems whatsoever in hitting me (while my team usually struggles to hit a broadsiding DD at 5 km...) guess i am not made for turret dds, can just sum it up: guns are nice, but useless. HE does abysmal small dmg vs everything, ap bounces off a langeley at 4.9 km when slightly angled. you get spotted once you shoot them (at least i have some spare fighter squadrons constantly near my ship), and a decent cruiser captain shouldn't have any problems hitting a DD at 10km. torpedos are just... well, beyond useless. tried to jump an enemy BB coming out behind an island. i was basically right on top of him (5 km), but had to get from there to 3.2 km in order to hit him at his present course. i don't need to mention that this is only possible if his guns are on reload, his weren't. oneshot structural integrity of the ship: 2 games played, in both games i had both gun turrets destroyed (aka gone for good) before they managed to sink me in my futile attempt to close the gap from 7.7 km to 3.2 km. maybe its for specialists, maybe it fits a nice niche somewhere, but it is so far away from my playstyle that i cannot even imagine a proper way to make this thing work. and no, i don't need tips. not out of ignorance, but just because... i really don't like the ship and the way it might have to be played, there are so many other ships that suit my playstyle and are fun to play, so i will just stay away from US and russian destroyers ;)
  2. Del_Mare

    Battleships get too little points/xp

    yeah, hey, dude: you are the one who complained about low xp in your BB's, so the next step for you is to give others advise about how to play battleships properly -.- but under no circumstances it could possibly be that you get low xp because you are doing it wrong... nooooo.... must be all the others, or the game, or a conspiracy...
  3. Del_Mare

    Dear WoWs community, you're my only hope!

    Did anyone else read the tread-topic with Leias voice in mind? "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope!"
  4. Del_Mare

    Lets take a moment to appreciate the beuty of matchmaker.

    well, i consider myself to play a lot. i have some tier 6 now with almost 500 games. and one tier 7. guess i will reach my first tier 10 at around 4k-6k games the average joe - given that he started at open beta start - would maybe have around 100 games. so expect him to have his first tier 8 in a few month. and nope, WG isn't going to completely revamp a good working MM (see in tiers 1-6 right now) to suit the 1% hardcore powergamers during the first month just because they are crying bitter tears in the forums.
  5. Del_Mare

    Battleships...the Arty of WOWS

    yet decent players can get decent results with their BB's while poor players have poor stats. so yes, while hitratio and total amount of damage are 100% skill dependent, the actual dmg of a single salvo is to a certain point rng dependent. working as intended, but sure, if you want to criticise something, why not BB's
  6. Del_Mare

    Stupid Terminology

    Battleship is BB, your post is BS infact simple terminology
  7. wow, this is absolutely awesome =) fell from my chair when the shells overpenetrated
  8. Del_Mare

    What are the best skills for certain classes?

    shamelessly quoting myself here:
  9. Del_Mare

    I play my games with this playing in the background.

    Destroyers need something fast and trolling (goal is to be dead before the song ends, but to take someone down with you ) something like this: (it also goes well with a triple Pz.I C platoon with gold ammo, chocolate and 4 skill crew)
  10. Del_Mare


    also, op, why do you want to get your account moved? you just played one game besides some sandbox training vs bots, you would only lose 1 day of playtime to get all what you have right now. just make a new account on the NA servers and install the NA client, no need to bother WG with this
  11. Del_Mare


    you cannot switch servers, there may already be someone with that nick on the NA servers ;) they are completely independant from each other, so you need to make a second account on the NA-servers. you even need a different client to play on the NA cluster, this one is only for EU-servers some people said they asked very kindly in a support ticket and got moved, but keep in mind that such a transfer would be permanent. a complete account transfer would also stop you from playing wowp and wot on eu-servers edit: and try to stop using text in all caps, it is considered as yelling and many people will react to you as if you just shouted your questions right into their face
  12. Del_Mare

    Hackers and cheaters

    that aside, an "aim assist" would need to inject code into the game client to display the leading points. one update of the client and it would start sending flags to the wargaming server because some scripts are returning errors. in other words: in every stealth patch the client of the cheater might start telling the server "hey, i have aim assist installed, ban me" ;) goodbye to your unified account
  13. Del_Mare

    Toxic chat, should WG take more action?

    well, if they would introduce platoon-chat, the amount of non-english-chat would diminish a lot i'd guess
  14. Del_Mare

    I play my games with this playing in the background.

    yeah, its great, but we have this one playing twice a week during longsword training so i need some... err... diversity edit: ah, no, that was the 3 hours one... do you have the link to the 4 hour version?