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  1. DtXpwnz

    New Commander skills.

    [quote name=
  2. DtXpwnz

    Gift Containers a joke!

    I was thinking about joining wows again for holidays and got myself some presents... 15 admiral boxes and got sh*t out of it: 280 ugly orange cammos (it's actually useful, but not what I was looking for...) and some other stuff
  3. DtXpwnz

    Air superiority?

    TLDR: In random games, if you go AS, you are hurting your team. At best, you can greatly reduce impact of enemy CV, but every CV will get 1-2 strikes through your defenses and do much more dmg than you ever can. The only other advantage is spotting, but you will not get any experience for that and you have to hope that your teammates are of any good (which is usually not true). Not to mention that AS is boring as f..., requires little to no skill and gives very little exp.
  4. DtXpwnz

    Well, I see nothing's changed....

    Tirpitz on sale without bundle, saipan without bundle and really interesting patch coming in. Looks like I will be playing WoWs again since my major complaint is gone (bundle whoring).
  5. DtXpwnz

    famous ships

    USS Enterprise, Hornet (must-have), Wasp Mighty Mo (could be premium / reward Iowa), USS Pennsylvania IJN Kaga, Unryu, Soryu (generally lots of famous carriers there, could be entire second line of IJN CVs) IJN Ise (after conversion), Mogami after conversion would be also sweet. You could build entire line of IJN cruiser-carrier hybrids up to a decent tier. IJN Mutsu (prem/reward)
  6. DtXpwnz

    shokaku is really OP

    Shokaku had 0/3/3 for a "long" time, after It was removed only 2/2/2 was viable, I don't think Shokaku ever had 1/3/2 setup. I unlocked Taiho shortly before this change, so I am pretty sure about this
  7. DtXpwnz

    shokaku is really OP

  8. they were toying with it before CBT, but decided that such mechanics is too complex for regular WoWs players, hell majority has trouble using WASD
  9. Didn't play the game for 6 months, installed it today only because of the bottleships and this was first battle I wonder if this is normal quality of WoWs players nowadays.
  10. DtXpwnz

    Premium Saipan

    Around 6 months since I stopped playing WoWs and Saipan is still not in game... looks like CVs are still WG's favouritest class
  11. DtXpwnz

    When hotfix?

    Im kinda glad Im no longer playing. It looks they give less and less sh*t about quality of their patches. It started with 4.1 rolling out with so many ridiculous well known bugs, but WG was like... meh, fixing bugs is for noobs, better release Trollpitz in bundle for million euro.
  12. DtXpwnz

    Air Dropped Torpedo Nerf - 0.5.1

    if you run arm after 5s and run 20km per second, you will arm at 100km... if you arm after 10s and run 10km per second, you will arm at?
  13. DtXpwnz

    Air Dropped Torpedo Nerf - 0.5.1

    well then... what's the point of IJN CVs when USN ones do evrything better?