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  1. Azyzal

    Lists of warships.

    Nice, although chaotic but an idea and easy orientation enough.
  2. Azyzal

    The last battle (Imperial Navy)

    When one looks at these boats must recognize how beautiful they are. We must recognize that man can create for the beauty. The other side of the coin is that how much it can destroy lives. I'm not a humanist but looking at these boats and how many sailors died in the sinking must each to discover in the head.
  3. Azyzal

    Modern weapon systems

    I call that good weapon system to the terms of respect. I would not want it to stand in reality.
  4. It has two towers for its tactical reason. First one is the main one and the other one it is its backup. :teethhappy:
  5. Azyzal

    Spanish ship "San Ildefonso" 1785

    It is obvious that Spain was a superpower navy. She had lots of beautiful boats.thx for sharing
  6. Azyzal

    Spanish ship "Bahama" (1784)

    A simple, brief info, thx
  7. Azyzal

    Spanish ship "Neptuno" (1795)

    Thank you for the article full of valuable and interesting information. I'm beginning to think that a walking library. :veryhappy:
  8. Azyzal

    Spanish ship "San Agustín" (1768)

    There is nothing more to add to the great ship. thx for info
  9. Azyzal

    Spanish ship "Principe de Asturias" (1794)

    Great boat and great article
  10. Azyzal

    German raider Kormoran

    Good info about this ship, thx
  11. Great topic, nice, thx for sharing :great:
  12. Azyzal

    C.S.S. Richmond

    Well done, nice post, thx
  13. Azyzal

    Karel Doorman-class frigate

    Nice ship