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  1. First of all, a disclaimer: I'm a DD player, but grinding the USBB line to get my hands on the iconic Iowa. The Colorado has a number of drawbacks compared to the North Carolina and especially her Japanese counterparts. One in particular, being the lack of a proper propulsion and hull points. I am however having a good laugh in the Colorado, never mind the manouvers, just go straight at them. By this I don't mean a headless charge through the middle, but instead use the first 1-2 minutes to plot your course based on your team, and then stick to it - the Colorado gets punished the second you try to retreat or out manouver the enemy; well, unless of course your facing a New Mexico or fellow Colorado. Even though the rearmounted turrets requires some angling (opening yourself for more hits), I find the "straight at them" approach rather effective! Anyhow, I play her like a dreadnought, but the guns are accurate and dangerous enough to open up at max. distance.
  2. Teaz

    Upper-tier economy is in dire need of revision

    +1 The money is in random battles, otherwise Co-op would just be a cash cow. It's a valid game mode and all, but the game is centered on random battles (PvP).
  3. Well, Gearing has been parked in dry-dock until they sort out this 0.5.1 mess. My turrets are getting destroyed on first or second volley rather often if I engage a Shimakaze or other IJNDD (and they actually return fire), it's absolutely horrendous. On top of that, the amount of 0 dmg HE hits on opponents are over the top, even though I do seem to knock out entire AA batteries on battleships instead of causing damage. What baffles me though, is that I can take a volley from a Montana and merrily chug-a-long, maybe loosing the stearing, but guns and tubes are functional. Cruisers hurt. but module damage isn't to bad - but IJN destroyers just wrecks my turrets, with their guns, with their guns! (if they return fire). Only reason why my Gearing hasn't dropped further in WR, is that some IJN DD captains don't know what thoose double hollow steel barrels mounted on their ship are, well atleast thoose under 610mm ;)
  4. I really don't want a constructive thread turning into a debate about who and/or what can be posted. The thread concerns HE issues, not exclusively the current cruiser issues you post. I'm not saying they aren't important, but merely asking you to acknowledge, that maybe, just maybe, the HE shell problems that affects you aren't the only HE shell issues after 0.5.1. Other players might have experienced other un-intended changes to the HE damage-model, and wish to report this accordingly, in the relevant forum/thread. So please, just leave at that. Thank you.
  5. I apologise if its unclear, but the issue is increased turret destruction from HE; as mentioned in other threads in the forum, it is however quiet on topic. But glad you posted some relevant information regarding the issue.
  6. As discussed in the destroyer forum, I have experienced a significant increase in destroyed gun mounts, when being engaged by IJN DD's. Shimi and Kageros have been blowing up the turrrets on my Gearing like there is no tomorrow - might just be RNGsus, but thought I'd chip in regarding observations of shell/shell damage after 0.5.1
  7. Well, there might be something to it: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/36548-regarding-the-ap-shell-issue-with-bbs-and-he-shell-issue-with-certain-guns/ Perhaps it might explain the sudden increase in destroyed guns, if IJN DD's HE are affected as well.
  8. Well, it seems I'm not alone, but guess we will have to wait and see if there are any response/action in the coming days. I still got my tin-foil hat right next to me!
  9. After patch 0.5.1. I've noticed that the gunturrets on my Gearing are getting destroyed at a rather alarming rate, compared to pre-0.5.1. I'm not pulling out the tin-foil hat just yet, but merely asking if anyone has noticed a similar increase? In 14 battles with the Gearing after 0.5.1, I've managed to loose 1-2 turrets very frequently. Oddly enough, quite a few of the shots that caused the destruction of the gunturrets, came from IJN DD's (mainly Shimi's and Kageros) when engaging them at "close" range (less than 5km). As said, no tin-foil hat, might just be RNGsus that found me wanting, but curious to see if anyone has noticed a similar increase.
  10. Teaz

    russian DDs are very well balanced

    Agree with the title, not the content. I actually think they did pretty well with the balance; atleast till Tier VII as I haven't progressed further. Beastly guns, but need smokescreen to keep up a constant barrage. Lack of torpedo range leaves you a bit outside the normal DD role. Even though the SN DD's has the potential to devastate most other DD's, the 8.6 spotting range evens the odds as IJN's will get to peel off, and USN's has the chance to get a proper line-up. The only area where their might be a slight imbalance is the speed, but then again, atleast 1 line of DD's will be able to catch a carrier ;)
  11. Teaz

    Russian DDs'-initial reaction

    Wasn't to keen on the Ognevoi during the sea trials, but as expected the T7 Kiev is a beast! Still prone to getting turrets knocked out/destroyed, but pop that smoke and pummel the opponent - AP is viable when cruisers show their sides, scored 4 citadels on a Nürnberg with AP rounds at 6km while covered in smoke.
  12. Teaz

    Ognevoi - How do you play it?

    I'm not a fan of the Ognevoi, to me it's more or less a Tier VI Yubari; To vulnerable for my liking. But haven't moved my Gremy captain into it, so of course there are certain captain skills lacking (AF). The Kiev does seem to be a beast though, 3x2 turrets with thoose guns has the potential to be punishing!
  13. Teaz

    Fletcher appreciation

    Let's see... she does look good with the sun at her back!
  14. Teaz

    0.4.1 - US Destroyers Tier 6+ Get Defensive Fire

    I am merely re-quoting this for educational purpose; so DD's should take skill-points to keep AA range higher then detection range, it is by your standards a no brainer. I did comment on this, but you decided no to respond to that bit, instead you posted; There are no personal attacks, merely stating your not busy defending the Midway; Nowhere in the post do I call you names, nor attack your person. Do I add a touch of salt regarding the Midway, of course I do, and most likely will do as long as it outperforms all ships. However, to me you do come off rather agressive though, but perhaps that is just your way of communicating with others, and I won't hold it against you. I don't mean to mock you, and I have no idea where you get that notion from me saying "Defensive fire wont solve this problem". You are seeing insults and mockery where there is none. Anyhow I will maintain, as I do throughout my posts in this thread, that the defensive fire for USS DD's is a band-aid on a ruptured artery, it's useless and only delays the inevitiable with 30-40 seconds, if the carrier should choose to abort for some odd reason. I will happily admit, that perhaps my previous post wasn't clear to all, when I state that the AA bubble is lower than detection range, I should of course have written the bubble wherein AA is effective is smaller than detection range - I thought this might have been clear when I said; Lastly, why would I ever turn on AA guns unless spotted; The only result of doing so would be to get spotted quicker, and then killed. Oh, and yes, you can fire the dual purpose AA at spotting range limit, but the effective AA is less than 2km and you damn well know it. Having a AA radius that surpasses spotting range is ever so irrelevant for a DD. However, you choose not to comment on this, which is fair enough, and I will happily admit any poor wording. I do however bealive that this part of my post is quite relevant to the message I am trying to get across, which makes it a tad annoying that you ignore it in your reply. I have no idea if I blinked in or out when you dropped bombs, all I know is that there was no detection icon; but I guess your pilots caught a glimpse in between making Origami and dodging the AA from the Zao. However, once again irrelevant, and I should'nt have brought it up, as it derails the purpose of this topic.
  15. Teaz

    0.4.1 - US Destroyers Tier 6+ Get Defensive Fire

    Oh there you are again; not to busy defending Midway as balanced? Oh well, I'll gladly respond to your attempt of dismissing my comments. Advanced Firing is by no means a no brainer for DD's; increasing range by 20% with an already needed 10+ seconds lead on 11km is, well not terribly effective. Spending 4 points on increasing the range of your already ineffective AA is also rather silly. Only benefit would be increasing the "invisibility" range where you can fire guns undetected, which isn't terribly relevant unless at the end of a game, and even then firing them gives away app. position rendering any torps useless. And finally if you consider that Advanced Firing is at the same Tier as Last stand, it becomes even less attractive. Module damage (I know, you play CV's, you don't get that, you cause it) frequency is rather high; don't think there are many battles where either engine or steering isn't knocked out once or twice at IX+. A non moving destroyer is a dead destroyer, even in smoke - you should know, you rng dropped bombs on my Gearing concealed in smoke yesterday. Hence my personal preference for Last Stand. Lastly, why would I ever turn on AA guns unless spotted; The only result of doing so would be to get spotted quicker, and then killed. Oh, and yes, you can fire the dual purpose AA at spotting range limit, but the effective AA is less than 2km and you damn well know it. Having a AA radius that surpasses spotting range is ever so irrelevant for a DD. However, I am not suprised that you want all other classes to adapt to CV's, god forbid if it wasn't so.