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  1. Tin85

    LOLZ is recruiting? Kind of, i guess

    Hi The clan description do fit me perfectly. So i would like to help gather oil. Will send a request in-game.
  2. Hi Schumy90 I'm curious about the new clan/naval base update, and are looking for a clan to hang out with. This one looks like a nice fit for me. I am specifically looking for a casual clan, as work takes up a lot of my time on weekdays. I prefer to not use voice comms. But don't mind text chat with teammates. And i also don't mind joining up in divisions and having a few battles as a team. Unfortunately i do not have any Tier 10 ships yet. I prefer to play mid-tier. My favorite is tier 5 destroyer. But i will play anything that is required as long as i have the type of ship needed. But i must warn you. I am not good at the game, i only play casually for fun :P I will send an application in-game. And maybe i'll see you there if you will have me.
  3. Tin85

    War Board

  4. Hi Siekam Yea, i know what you are talking about. I have been trying to get some of me "RL" friends to join me on WoWS, but none of them seems interested. But i recently discovered the War Board and decided to give that a go. As i was looking for a casual "no strings attached" clan. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/63661-war-board/ The clan is very new and still in the process of getting started. So unfortunately we have very few members at the moment. So that means we are unable to play larger organized Team Battles and run dedicated clan events like many of the larger well established clans here in the WoWS community. But that does not mean we cannot have fun by teaming up in Divisions in-game and discussing tactics, ships and anything World Of Warships related on our forum. If you are interested in getting involved with starting up the War Board community, then feel free to check us out at the recruitment post linked above. It also contains a link to our forum. OneEyedFatty, That includes you too. You are both most welcome at the War Board community. -Tin85
  5. Tin85

    War Board

    Sound interesting. I'll check this out