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  1. AndyCx

    TST is a drama.

    WG could be a bit more clear about how the test is supposed to work - earn loads of credits playing normal ships, lose loads of ìcredits playing CVs. That way the queue isnt just 20Cvs. apart from that, AA is brutal at T6, it took me 3 waves of aircraft to figure out the aiming & I cant help feeling it would be good to have an option of mouse control of the aircraft (or is such an option hidden somewhere?)
  2. AndyCx

    Is Karma bugged?

    Hi, I can't help noticing that the value I see for Karma seems to be almost random. For example, yesterday it was at 3. Today I get a message after my 1st game "you have been complemented" and it's down to 1. I didn't get any messages about anyone complaining so how does the whole karma thing work?
  3. AndyCx

    AFK in Ranked - Dear WG

    Dear WG I have had 3 ranked games so far today where 1 player was AFK. Given that there are only 7 players on each side this obviously puts the team at a massive disadvantage, especially if the AFKer is the CV as happened in one game. I would like to propose a system whereby a player who AFKs 1 game gets a warning or is disqualified from ranked for a few hours - it can happen to anyone that the door bell rings or something. Players who are AFK twice get banned from rank for a day/week and then after 3 AFK games a player is banned from ranked for the season. Could you at least please think about this for the current season of future ranked seasons? Thanks
  4. AndyCx

    Bug Reports

    Happens randomly with & without mods installed, update today hasn't changed anything. Restarting or completely switching off the PC & new start doesn't solve issue. Out of 3 games this morning sat out 2 of them unable to participate. Will stop playing for a few days & see if the problem gets solved. 2nd update - even with graphics turned down to minimum still having problems - now usually get into battle but frame rates drop to glacial at times & the game has frozen and had to be restarted twice this morning. Really wanted to complete the campaign but it is just not worth this pain.
  5. AndyCx

    Bug Reports

    Game freezes while in queue for battle, GPU goes to 97% even though it is just showing the battle queue. Can sit the whole battle like this and no possibility to actually participate. After battle sometimes game crashes, sometime just stays stuck in queue screen & only option is to kill from task manager. Not an issue with graphics perfromance per se as generally with high settings I run below 20% GPU load. Seems to be getting stuck in some kind of loop?
  6. AndyCx

    HSF Collection

    Played & won a game in the HSF Graf Spee - conspicuous lack of container..... And yes, I have activated it!
  7. AndyCx

    Dear Bismarck and Tirpitz players (Ranked)

    It's not just the german BB players, just had a Monarch go off on his own claiming he was "seeking contact". Of course he was fairly quickly overwhelmed but was than boasting in chat he had drawn fire and allowed us to cap while doing 52k damage himself. Of course when I pointed out 52k didn't even cover his own HP so he had wasted his ship he spent the rest of the game hurling abuse.......
  8. AndyCx

    British Cruisers are CRAP!

    I just researched the Minotaur today. Thing to remember about the Neptune is that the smoke detection on firing is worse than Edinburgh & Mino - WG made it like that so I assume they at least had an intention behind what they were doing. As for the general theme of the post, I have good games, I have bad games. Generally the bad games are the ones where I either don't watch the map or my teammates die quickly & leave me to face the incoming hail alone. The Neptune in particular is very unforgiving. I slightly misjudged my dodge in a game earlier and took 4 citadels from a New Orleans at what looked like 60 degrees plus angle. The first line I went up was the IJN DDs and the RN cruisers play very similarly - don't get spotted, if you are spotted smoke and/or dodge like mad. One thing I find essential is the rudder shift module as when you're being shot at the quicker the rudder swings over the better you can dodge..
  9. AndyCx

    Most Fun and Least Fun Ship & Why

    Most fun Mighty Mo - This ship just works and with an AA build it's hilarious what it does to CV strikes. Strangely the Iowa with the same build isn't as much fun North Carolina - A T8 Missouri. Fujin - A pre-nerf Minekaze, need I say more Atlanta - Arcs of fire in the sky Neptune - Took me a long time to get used to but now it is AWESOME! Schors - laser guns and fast, just don't show broadside to ANYTHING Ibuki - great guns, good torps & 9km detection Molotov - oooh those guns!!! Yugumo - it just works with super concealment & 12km torps with acceleration HSF Harekaze - B Hull, 5.4km detection, super torps & shreds DDs Nelson - british, 16" guns & OP heal - a BB tanker's wet dream at T7 Arkansas - zero AA & not that good a ship but I really like playing it KGV - probably the best of the RN BB line (but I haven't got Lion yet) Warspite - super accurate guns & a secondary build ticks all the boxes for me Leningrad - dragster DD Gallant - if this is a foretaste of the RN DDs bring them on!! Least fun Shimakaze - one trick pony after all the nerfs and that trick isn't up to much. Shame as it's still my only T10, although lots of T9s now :-D Gneisenau - some love it, I hate it - only ship I've considered free XPing. When you can miss a stationary cruiser at 10km because of dispersion it's VERY hard work. Emerald - really WG??? Although I hear it got buffed a bit - it needed it!!! Any US DD - I cannot get used to those gun arcs. Have heard the Benson & upwards are great but got to Mahan & gave up as the gun arcs are so horrible!! Pensa, New Orleans, Baltimore - So team dependent in a game where team play is usually in short supply. And if a BB sneezes at you you get deleted. I suppose it's a good sign that the first list is so much longer than the second ;-)
  10. AndyCx

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I have to agree - I have lost a couple of games as, as soon as things go pear shaped someone runs off to try and protect their start and then is too far away to actually seal the win after the rest of the team has died beating the enemy down to 1 badly damaged ship. I think a better system would be to get rid of it or have a vote when you leave the game for who gets the star (you can't vote for yourself obviously).
  11. AndyCx

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Well the standard of play over the holidays has left even more to be desired than usual, but why oh why won't wargaming limit ranked to tech tree ships? At least there aren't so many broken premiums at T8 but I would be interesting to know how many LoYangs are taking part - hardly had a game without one as with the sonar it's as obvious a choice as the Belfast at T7 Having said that the Harekaze with the B hull eats them for breakfast but oh, that's a premium too.......
  12. AndyCx

    Rewarding Teamplay in Ranked

    I can't help noticing the higher up the ranks you go, the less team players there seem to be. I expect everyone has seen the BBs camping behind a rock rather than moving up to protect the team or the DDs off on their own rather than using smoke to keep their teammates safe. In either case all they seem to worry about is protecting their star once the team has been wiped out. I was wondering how you can prevent this kind of behaviour & it seems that the current XP system as for random battles doesn't really work for that. I can think of 2 possible alternatives: 1: have a points system which isn't so much damage done & kills based but gives equal weighting to damage tanked or potential damage received, ships hidden by smoke, aircraft shot down, enemies spotted. I was thinking something like 1 point/minute for the player on each team who scores best in each category for example. 2: when a player is killed & leaves the battle or at the end he has to vote for the best team player (obviously he can't vote for himself). This would also discourage a lot of the disparaging comments which fly around at various times... Are other people having the same issues as I am and can anyone think of any other suggestions how to improve team play in ranked?
  13. AndyCx

    Belfast/Premiums & Ranked

    Sorry, I rounded for impact Doesn't really change the conclusion - if you're 9 km or 8.5 km away from a 4 km or 5 km wide cap circle you still can't cap or spot the enemy ships that are capping and you can't go closer without getting melted.
  14. AndyCx

    Belfast/Premiums & Ranked

    Dear WG - whatever were you thinking for the latest Rank series? Making the caps & Epicentre so small, including small maps - then putting a 9km radar stealth ship in the line up? Just had a game with 4 Belfasts on the enemy team. We had no chance. Skill didn't matter, you couldn't get near a cap without being perma-radar'ed and focused. With the DDs & Belfasts smoking we only saw enemy ships for about 30s in total in the whole game. You could say it was good play on the other teams part but in this case I think it was simply pay to win. If those premium ships had not been there the battle would have been completely different. It is noticeable that the higher up the ranks you go the more premiums are in the teams. Leningrad, Blyska, Sharnhorst & of course Belfast are the ships of choice. Would it really have been sooooo difficult to set things up differently or even say no premiums in Ranked??
  15. So, I started off on the campaign trail & managed to get enough pins for the first mission of honourable service - and the final task is to "Complete all tasks". Apart from the stunning lack of originality there are 2 tasks in there which can only be completed in high tier battleships specifically - and I have none! So far I have got to Tier VIII in the Japanese destroyer and the US cruiser lines. It was bad enough trying to complete the Grand Fleet of Fog missions with an Atago & New Orleans - 500 secondary hits anyone? - but it now seems that the much vaunted campaigns are also impossible unless I start grinding a BB line. So, if anyone from WG is reading this, can we please have some alternative options for those of us who do not want to drive battleships? Please?