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  1. warfair4

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    I cant get the diversity without gambling. ;-) And do you think I did a loss? Not really, did I?
  2. warfair4

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Actually I did get some other stuff as well. The flags are awesome. And you can hardly get them for money. Even more actually, I´m thinking about to throw another 68 Euros for our guys out there. It doesn´t hurt me much coz I need to work pretty hard for my money and it gives me joy. Tirpitz would be nice but I could get also a Gremjaschtschi, Atago, Belfast (meh), Kii (meh), Warspite (meh), Arizona (meh) or Huanghe (meh). Thats the only premiums I´m missing. More meh then yeah. Lets see.
  3. warfair4

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Freebies: 300 Dubs 15 Frosty Camo 20 expensive ones 200 oil for free 6k dubs 120 red dragon flags 60 Ouroboros flags 150 Frosty Camo 45 Type 59 camo 30 Wyvern flags Ship: Gallant (meh, didnt want it) Ship: Alabama ([edited], yeah!) Because this was rather disappointing, I decided to throw another 68 Euros down the street. Here are the results: 200 oil for free 30 Ouroboros flags 60 Hydra flags 180 days of premium (meh) 90 Dragon flags 45 Type 59 camo 90 Wyvern flags 120 Frosty Camo Ship: Loyang (yes!) Ship/Supercontainer: Hood (nooooooooo) Ship/Supercontainer: Molotov (ok, nice) I´m still hoping to get this bloody Tirpitz... :-/ And I´m not (yet?) a RN player, but I guess I have to throw my prejudice against UK overboard... meh.
  4. warfair4

    World of Warships – Emergency patch

    Just 120MB for me. And the patch got me while playing ranked... well i was losing anyway. :D
  5. warfair4

    sucht santa :)

    10 mal in die 3er investiert: 80 Drachenflaggen 100 Ocean Soul Camo 50 WOWs Anniversary Camo 1250 Dublonen Emden + T10 Captain Die Emden hatte ich früher, aber danach gelöscht, weil ich mit den Schiff nichts anfangen konnte. Naja, wenigstens der Captain kann helfen... und die Emden behalte ich für die Zukunft --> Schiff ist immernoch Schrott, aber falls es wieder sowas gibt, will ich nicht wieder die Emden bekommen. ;) Die 30 Euro waren aber jetzt eher ein Schuss in den Ofen. Schade. Dann final noch 4 5er: 333 Drachenflaggen 40 Restless Fire Camo 80 Halloween 2016 Camo 40 Ocean Soul Camo Also für mich hat sich das wieder mehr gelohnt, besonders wegen der Drachenflaggen. Restless Fire ist auch nice. Jetzt ist aber auch gut. 180 Tage Premium wäre nice gewesen, aber dann halt nicht. WG konnte sich so jedenfalls seine Feier finanzieren. ;)
  6. warfair4

    sucht santa :)

    So, hab mal 22 Kisten je 5 Euro investiert (ja, es sind 110 Euro, bin gespannt wie schnell es dauert, bis jeder seine Meinung dazu äussern MUSS...) Folgendes gabs für mich: 120 * Ocean Soul Camo 160 * Restless Fire Camo 120 * Gamescom Camo 120 * Halloween 2016 Camo 12000 Dublonen Anshan + T10 Captain Prinz Eugen + T10 Captain Ishizuchi + T10 Captain Auf die Camos hätte ich gerne verzichtet, wollte eigentlich lieber Flaggen haben. Mal sehen, vielleicht investiere ich noch in die 1er oder 3er Pakete. Denke aber für das Geld ist das ordentlich.
  7. warfair4

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    so much poi, hentai and stuff which makes me strangely aroused... oh boy. why did I apply for ST... damned. fml (and for all the others: yes, this was also sarcastic. quite my attitude. live with it. ) back OT: @strangers123 my bug report is actually real... please keep this in mind. ;) oh and feel free to post my ship review in this topic. i guess it might help some ppl writing one. wanted not a typical 08/15 review but a "special" one. anyway, just a recommendation. so long. and poi my *** ;)
  8. warfair4

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Yeah, I´m also one of these insane low forum-post guys. Guess there is more important stuff to do. Like... actually playing? ;) Looking forward to ST. But I think, this might be more work than fun.... lets see. I know from my previous testing experience this can escalate pretty quick. Still happy to help - that YOU guys have the best gaming experience. Kind of. ;) `Nuff said... lets do some nice interview. *duversteschmischo* hrhrhr
  9. warfair4

    German Alpha-Tester

    Hi... I´m also german speaking. Just curios, when I will be tranfered to Alpha. Because I applied for Alpha and got this message: "Simply put, you will be joining the test during a special testing event providing a preview into the current state of our game - so you can get your first feel of the naval action now and then you will be immediately added to the core Alpha tester group." - i hope, this will be soon the case. Cheers, warfair4