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  1. Duka_Srb


    How about Pan-europe tech tree? In that case we can have, Austro-hungarian navy ships, Royal Yugoslavian ships,two fantastic destroyers - Dubrovnik and Beograd, Polish navy ships etc.
  2. Duka_Srb

    Z-39 vs. Haida - who will be the winner?

    In case ov t-39 vs Haida i would take Z-39, i really love german DDs. SOmeone mentioned thet they would take Gadjah Mada, i agree on that, absolutley best T7 DD.
  3. Duka_Srb

    Suggestions thread

    Nerf RADAR or say goodbye to usual DD tactics. You can say what you want but radar makes top tier DD unplayable. Sometimes you get in T8 while playing T6 DD, best thing you can do in that scenario is camp in base and get harrased by other teammates because you don't go on your usuall suicide run to cap.
  4. Duka_Srb

    Serbian Warriors (SRW)

    Evo ja se javljam, mada ne ispunjavam sve uslove al bi da plovim sa nekim
  5. Duka_Srb

    Japanese Destroyers need some love

    Couldn't agree more. Not to mention terrible gun traverse and underpowered guns. IJN DDs always lose in DD vs DD
  6. Duka_Srb

    IJN Mogami

    I've said it on another topic and i have to say it again. This ship is completely useless. It's not plain bad as, for exaple Karlsruhe (by far worst ship in game), it's just terribly underpowered compared to other ships of same tier. If MM toss you at tier X battle you will not do any damage wih 155mm guns.
  7. Duka_Srb

    some advice needed for Nürnberg...

    Hm, you are probably comparing stock Nurnberg to fully upgraded Konigsberg. I never had problems that you described wiht this ship, in fact i always use AP, penetrates all BBs and CLs that i encounter. personaly, my favorite ship from german line. Problem with this ship is that it has low armour and low HP, you should snipe, like engage enemies only at max range, use trops only for defence.
  8. Duka_Srb

    Myoko or Yorck?

    After playing some more with both of this ships i have changed my mind. Few pages ago i told that York is worst after Karlsruhe, blablabla... well, after modifying it with aiming system modification it has become realy good ''sniper''.
  9. Duka_Srb

    Mogami... erm... wut?

    This ship is completely useless.
  10. Duka_Srb

    Mogami... erm... wut?

    One thing that i've noticed while playing Mogami is that no one can miss you ... ever ... with anything ... gun or slingshot, they will hit you. also you have worse stock gun range than DD
  11. Duka_Srb


    I have same problem with Myoko, every second shell is citadel hit.
  12. Duka_Srb

    Myoko or Yorck?

    I have both Myoko and York and u must say that York is worst german ship after Karlsruhe. Total disapointment.
  13. Duka_Srb

    Hatsuharu grind

    I see this ship is unpopular as this is only topic where you can discus it. What upgrades/modifications do you use on this ship? At first i hated it but after torpedo upgrade i started to love it!
  14. hatsuharu needs to be buffed! It has worse detection range than Mutsuki (T6) or any other Tier 7 destroyer and slowest torpedoes and IS slower than any other destroyer. This all combined makes it nearly imposible to play in tier 7 or tier 8 battles.
  15. Duka_Srb

    Is the Myoko overpowered?

    Myoko is ship that is easiest to citadel. Also is terribly inaccurate at long distances.