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  1. hellcat053

    [GEUS] Recruiting! (Nederlandse Warships Clan)

    Hoi, Ik ben Patrick en al een hele tijd bezig met Wows.En jullie clan spreekt mij gewoon aan voor je plezier spelen en dat stats niet het belangrijkste zijn,maar gewoon fun ingame. Dus ik wil me bij deze wel aanmelden voor jullie clan.Mijn ingame naam is hellcat053
  2. hellcat053

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Feedback

    i can't log in in the test client it says this(see printscreen) What does it say?
  3. hellcat053

    NL BE Dutch Extreme Gaming Clan zoekt nieuwe leden

    Hallo, Vraagje wat is zo'n beetje de gemiddelde leeftijd?
  4. hellcat053

    DWOF zoekt leden

    Hey Lord hoe is ie? En hoe gaat het met DWOF?
  5. hellcat053

    connection faillure

    Hi is anyone else have problems connecting to the game?I use the same email and password for wot and i can connect in that game.Ae the wows servers down?
  6. hellcat053

    I can't connect to the game

    Hi As of this morrning i can't connect to the game.Does anyone else have the same problem?
  7. hellcat053

    Clan question

    Hi sailors I have a question.Arre the WOWs clans seperate fom the WOT clans??
  8. hellcat053

    starting dutch clan in search 4 members

    Hoi ff een vraagje staan de wows clans los van de wot clans?
  9. hellcat053

    Batteries not Included zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Hoi vraagje staan de wows clans los van de wot clans??
  10. hellcat053

    Getting disconnected

    So i had an update and after that the game continiously disconnects why?? And does anyone else have that same problem
  11. hellcat053

    What was the update about

    Thanks for the info
  12. hellcat053

    What was the update about

    I logged in the game and i have an update but what was it for? I can't see anything different
  13. hellcat053

    Did everyone else just sell the emden?

    I did not get the Emden??
  14. I hope that you can up-date i really miss your modpack
  15. hellcat053

    Good WoWs streamers/Youtubers?

    I think Iburu is one of the best,with reviews and very nice gameplay and you can send in your own replays https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7XIbHI01icw4N_ey7EpDFA