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  1. Bump Still Open for active social members and competitive players
  2. Bump Still looking for competitive players BOTS are currently in Typhoon group 2 and making good progress Most of our core team has the Stalingrad flag already and just playing to improve our positioning We also took part in a tier 8 competitive league 'League of the sea where we topped our group with great success Interested? Drop me a PM Cheers Conh
  3. Hi there Sorry, been away! Dropped you a PM Still open for recruitment the Typhoon struggle continues.... PM me if interested!
  4. Still open to new recruits! 1 team in Typhoon league another not to far behind! Drop me a PM if you are interested ~Conh
  5. Dropped you a PM!
  6. Oh did we mention BOTS got into Typhoon league? not bad for a bunch misfits ;) A few of our wins from the past few nights.. Feelsgoodman, wonder where our previous clan is ;) Still looking for some members to fill the ranks, we try to rotate people around, and might consider building a second team to run alongside the team we are currently running Cheers ~Conh
  7. Cheers Boku ;)
  8. lol, think your aiming a little to high there buddy... how about you work towards it instead of wanting to get carried ;)
  9. dropped you a pm ;)
  10. Still open for new recruits!
  11. Clearly we are just that good ;) We try
  12. Sorry, i will do my best to tell my clan to chill a little
  13. Wednesday Clanwars night!
  14. dropped you a pm
  15. ^this CW takes coordination i.e voice comms... Shame stats look decent :( i'm sure one of the copy and pasta clans will take you gl on your search