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  1. Hi Diablew Yes our recruitment is always open an recruitment officer will contact you shortly (please bare in mind its a Sunday so might take a bit) Cheers ~Conh
  2. Hey Jengkins, Thanks for the offer, some of us have already taken part in the league with a previous clan, but we'll talk about it Cheers ~Conh
  3. Welcome to [BOTS] See you ingame ;)
  4. Few spots still left open Looking forward the clan wars Soon™ See above for more information or PM any of the officers
  5. Hmm "a week or so" You applied on the 18th June... i responded the next day 19th June (Just in case you struggle with math, that's 24hours later) with "thanks will get back to you asap" you then raged on the same day with "never mind, already found one, thx for the quick reactions.....NOT." Bullet dodged, goodluck with getting a clan with that attitude
  6. lol no, You tried to join us a few weeks back and when we didn't respond to you instantly you raged in our thread Thanks, but no thanks Good luck in your search
  7. Recruitment is still open See above or PM us for more information!
  8. dropped you a pm :)
  9. See above for clan info
  10. Recruitment still open See above our requirements Been running the new PVE modes as a clan (Ignore the pinky ;) ) PM us for more info!
  11. k thanks bye
  12. Hi there, We will get back to you shortly ~Conh
  13. ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)
  14. Welcome,03Ubique and Captain Lynx, Recruitment still open. Don't just be another number, like we was in our previous clan, bossed around by wannabe dictators like our previous 'leaders' Running regular divisions + new PVE modes