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  1. Formul

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Imagine giving people 500 tokens per stage. But then *gasp* we would be able to get a tier 2 AND a tier 5 premium ship for free or TWO whole non-special commanders - and we can't have that. This is pathethic.
  2. Formul

    CUDOS to WG for subs

    I especially love the touch of hydro not being able to detect the subs. So hist(o/e)rical, 5head move WeeGee.
  3. Formul

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    Co-op is so damn boring, almost every match ends searching for an invisible submarine (or three) half the time just waiting for the points.
  4. The Prime rewards are as usual surprisingly generous, thank you. Even got lucky on a permacamo.
  5. There will be no response or the response will amount to exactly as much as the first option.
  6. Do you know how much money their "translator" made them just today? Why would you fire someone like that?
  7. Even if those containers were giving permacamos like candy, it would be by their own admition all the low tier garbage before you get anything worthwhile.
  8. Formul

    Summer Sale!

    Didn't you promise to not lock co-op players out of these missions last time? And of course there is a mission forcing you to play randoms or ranked again. Thanks for hating co-op players, I haven't spent a dime on the game in the past 4 or 5 months because this became a norm and I see no reason to support you if you don't see any reason to support my play style.
  9. I was just starting the grind for Colorado so getting it fully researched is fantastic, thanks. Can't wait for the camo :)
  10. we are second class customers who have to pay full admition price to them
  11. Why are you sneaking these non-co-op missions in the middle of the mission chains that you advertise are co-op-friendly? Or add fake co-op missions for heroic achievements like in the KoTS mission chain? I spend the same money on the game people playing randoms and ranked do so why am I forced into the game modes I don't enjoy?
  12. Formul

    PSA: Santa Containers

    you might still play for fun but you will lose all progress, I didn't play for 3 days now because of this
  13. Formul

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Not sure if this will expedite the tickets if you didn't receive this response already, but you might try to use the mentioned sentences anyway.
  14. Formul

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Maybe let us indicate the agreement with roll-back in a way that could speed up the ticket processing? There is no point to play the game before it hits, it's a bit cruel as an apology to not only remove days of progress but make us wait for it this long.
  15. Formul

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Even if the shortlist is true (which it damn looks like it is) and the contents of the containers were misrepresented (deliberately or not), there is no way in hell the legal team will allow WG to admit that. It would be an admission of guilt. They are not going to change the boxes and their description for the same reason.