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  1. beercrazy

    What to spend my 10th British Destroyer point on

    concealment expert to allow you to get to strategic positions where you can rain ap hell down on enemy a spotted british cruiser is usually a dead british cruiser within seconds (that's how it feels when your in one)
  2. beercrazy

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the Lottery.
  3. beercrazy

    How to get banned from this game permanently?

    let your gf/wifey find you playing the game in cv mode with the mouse in one hand and your cough cough tackle in the other and they will ban your [edited]for good from either the game or the bedroom or just go get yourself another game and forget about wows cos wg aint gonna give a toss about you not being happy because nothing is going how you want it to
  4. beercrazy

    Huanghe - what do people think?

    it may have good aa if you spec for it but why even bother when most games do not involve cvs now then few games you get a cv to effectively make your aa worthwhile your sticking with the bbs to protect them and that's gonna be a damn slow boring game at tier 6 but each to their own and if you enjoy it then have fun playing her
  5. beercrazy

    Huanghe - what do people think?

    got the ship last xmas in a crate and cant bring myself to even set it up nemind play the damn thing I would rather take a leander any day
  6. beercrazy

    WoWs reaching 200.000 likes on Facebook.

    2015 oh the days when bbs didn't splat dds and wipe cruisers with one salvo then blat every aircraft out the sky before they get near the bb lets go back in time everyone and enjoy wows in the good old days
  7. I get free xp when the free xp is 35 per doubloon
  8. same just happened to me
  9. not a hockey fan but my daughter is and through listening to her talking hockey stuff ive heard of him
  10. beercrazy

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    about bloody time wg sorted something out to stop the crazy bb damage on dds is it something that is perfect? god knows but anything is better than what we have
  11. beercrazy

    Should I stop grinding germans and go for Rn BBs?

    personally german tier 8 Bismarck is best german bb british tier 7 kgv is epic fun but the others can be a bit of a grind at times obviously the conq is more fun to play than the german gk at tier 10 but that's mostly because hardly anyone backs you up these days when you push in a high tier bb game the problems your facing due to inaccuracy is there in all bbs and unless you get to around the 12km to 15km range all low tier bbs will be like a shot gun
  12. beercrazy

    WG Get Real

    personally I find the main problem with lots of dds each side is the side that gets less radar ships as this tends to make them lose too easy capping at 4 though seems reasonable
  13. beercrazy

    Yūbari, yay or nay?

    nice fun ship but if you try launching torps while spotted your gonna get wiped due to it having god awful torp arcs it was one of my first ships I bought but I personally don't play it due to better silver and premium ships at tier 4
  14. beercrazy

    Had honour to play with man himself...

    had a game against him yesterday and he was a good laugh in chat as usual seems a loss to the forums that he cant post
  15. beercrazy

    What is wrong with our player base?

    what is wrong with our player base? simple I am in it and I will help lower everyone on my teams win rate whenever I drink beer so its mostly all the time