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  1. beercrazy

    Does current CV gameplay lack skill aspect?

    and players sit still do they while a cv just farms them because hey its useless doing anything how about mm cv is coming for me so i will set my aa on the side hes heading for and maybe just maybe i will actually turn so it makes whatever the cv is dropping harder to hit and yea lets not forget the dd smoke they can use your obviously a cv hater and fair enough if that's how you feel but everybody is telling you different to what you "claim" and on that note this just makes you either ignorant or stupid
  2. beercrazy

    Does current CV gameplay lack skill aspect?

    mmm on that presumption then how about these examples for where is the pvp stealth dd torping without ever getting spotted bbs firing from out of the range of enemy he engages so he can splat you at will cruisers hiding behind islands and firing upon targets that cannot engage back all classes have the ability to remove themselves from taking any kind of return fire and though the cv does in a way remove himself from any return fire his management of planes is now more critical than ever before because planes are seriously limited in number and you can after 5 mins of play be left with nothing if you do not use them wisely
  3. beercrazy

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    game numbers there are too low to worry over win rate instead look at your average damage and pr (personal rating) and work out from that if your performing well in a ship or not
  4. beercrazy

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    Well wg listened so that's my self imposed ban on purchasing premiums lifted Well done wg and thx for listening to the players
  5. beercrazy

    Money back for faulty advertisment

    want to see if it would work then take wg to small claims court because wg will probably not send anyone to contest it you will most likely win (talking uk) if you can present a strong enough case (and that's debatable as well) but lets say you won (woopiee) and you have a writ saying wg owe you whatever you paid cash for the saipan then you go and submit that to wg what do you think would happen? my guess would be probably return of your cash you paid and then banned for life from wg products all above is hypothetical on the presumption I have any idea what I am talking about and hey with a name like Beercrazy what could go wrong
  6. beercrazy

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    gotta agree with that thing is implement something like that and its another "support" role removed from cvs and lets be honest here the spotting is all they have left I agree totally something like that should be implemented but cvs are going to need a bit of love back if they do because people are giving up cvs and selling them because its getting boring and sodding harder to play em
  7. beercrazy

    Friedrich der Große worth it?

    I would say its a crap bismark/kurfurst hybrid it has to be played and completed though if you want a gk or get a shed load of free xp spent
  8. beercrazy

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    nope it don't if you still have any other cv of same nation researched if you sell any higher tier cv xp will go to the lower tier cv before the one you sell ie sell midway and it goes to lexi and sell lexi it then goes to ranger all the way down till it gets dumped back on the tier 1 cruiser you start the game with
  9. beercrazy

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    am I the only one who seems to get about 1 in about 6 games having cvs in them unless I play cv all I see is people whine about aa is too strong or aiming is retarded and lets not forget the torps do nothing now whine then you see the I cant hurt planes I cant even sail a dd anymore its not fair cvs cant be hurt blah blah blah you can counter cvs the same as you can counter radar or stealth torping ect dds turn your sodding aa off and leave it off unless you can actually shoot planes down with it because its gonna make cvs spot you from the moon and when a cv does focus you then drop smoke ffs (obviously not for torp planes but if you get hit by them then stop playing dds ) cruisers are the best aa boats in the game and all cv players hate having to attack em till late game when their aa is either damaged or they are low health so stick together and try and focus aa and your aa sector needs always to be set ready for the side your going to get attacked from bbs I know you wont like this but ffs move up and stay in the aa bubble from the team and yea I know you got 20+k range for your guns but you need to stick to the cruisers and not hide at the back and if any of the classes see a mino on your team stick to the sucker like hes your best buddy because that aa can shread a cv squad before it even gets near actually dropping its load do we really need cvs in the game and I would say no but they are and wg wont change them back or make them a pure support class so either adapt or suffer the pain from it
  10. beercrazy

    HMS Furious and her planes

    can you imagine the size of the wet paint sign to warn incoming returning aircraft someone has done a bit of paint touching up
  11. beercrazy

    HMS Furious and her planes

    ranger to the lexi is a nice step up in planes and ability to do damage hope its going to be the same in british cv line but not the impressed with how the implacable seems to be doing with the few yt vids i have seen of it
  12. beercrazy

    HMS Furious and her planes

    not got it yet but I have faced them and seen a lot in battles and tbh they do rubbish and are nearly always in the bottom 1/3 of the team at the end the tier 6 planes are so slow in my lexi I can drop the fighters on them and they don't even get the chance to get out of the range before the fighters engage which is awful for them I did try the Hermes but the play was so slow it was painful not sure what wg is trying to aim for with the british cvs but it sure aint working at the moment
  13. completely agree with you there pal in my view its like this: tier 8 and 10 jap cvs have ok double launch torps and virtually useless 4 torp launch, the ap bombs are as you say hit and miss (pun intended) on if you get a citadel or not even when aimed perfectly and the rocket fighters are near useless the 8 and 10 American cvs are loads better the torps for the lexi are very usuable and you can get 8k on a triple hit most times but the torps are complete crap at tier 10 and all 6 hit you will be lucky against a bb to get 12k, the rocket fighters throw up the tiny tims which give a good variance against the hvar and the dive bombers can do reliable damage against all classes due to it being HE so even the not so great hits you may get a fire or 2 playing the cvs at the moment it hard if your mm has put you up tiered but its fine at normal tier but when your in the jap cv it feels like impossible at high tier and very hard work at normal tier @RedAnark I would hold on for the moment in selling the ship unless you are desperate for the credits because all your going to do is stick some xp on shokaku and the hasidate which isn't going to do a great deal for you wg are changing cvs weekly at the moment with the "hotpatchers" and the normal updates and though nearly every change has usually been to make cvs worse the player base for cvs has now dropped quite a lot to what was just after the rework and wg will have to at some point rebalance the tier 8 and 10 jap cvs so they are more in line with American or nerf the American cvs which is probably what will happen
  14. beercrazy

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    Who the hell would play em? I do agree some more support ie smoke screen and certainly a better system for the fighters because the 1 min won't engage fighters are crap Look at what people complain about and its moan moan moan from all the classes including the cv and you know wg have a nightmare on there hands sorting this Wg won't return to the old system as too much time and money has been invested as well as wg won't remove the cv either because they want to make money from it so we are left with over nerf over buff crap probably for the next 6 months Think this is bad wait till the submarines get added and we get to do this all over again
  15. beercrazy

    CV rework!!!

    and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another cv thread starts there is 4002749 threads started this week by people crying over cvs and probably just as many for people who want to make love to wg all night long just for changing cvs everyone crying or loving and nobody hardly seems to remember we are still testing the damn things seeing as wg didn't want to test them properly in pts