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  1. max settings with a GeForce gtx 1060 6gb plays really smooth with great fps
  2. beercrazy

    Penalty for Ships dying in the first 2-3 minutes

    when I am in a cv I always hunt the dd till hes either dead or run back to his team 2 to 3 passes can see a dd dead and that can easily be achieved so is it the dds fault same can be said for bb players that a bb player who hasn't taken atleast 3/4 damage by end of game haven't participated enough we all have different views on who should or shouldn't do what each game and to punish players that don't play to an exact play style is wrong in my view
  3. beercrazy

    Venezia and her SAP... Simply too powerful ?

    you really really need to own one as comments like that just show you have no idea about the ship
  4. beercrazy

    Venezia and her SAP... Simply too powerful ?

    personally I have a Venezia and though she can be a proper pain in the behind for dds she is not the god ship the op thinks she gets splatted just as easy as any other cruiser at tier 10 if you get too close to any bb she also gets hit hard by cvs and her aa aint that great in all honesty (I also play cvs and Venezia is just food in my view) no radar and no sonar make her a easy target to torp as she has no early warning system unless she has support from other players yes she can smack you hard with the sap if your broadside but hey so can every other ship with ap most of the time not being able to start fires is a even balance with the sap still getting half decent damage to bbs upper structure even if they angle the ship well the inability to start fires when fighting bbs in 1v1 is hell as the Venezia has to continuously fire to get damage while any other cruiser gets a couple of fires and can then go stealth while watching the health of the bb tick down nicely yes in my view Venezia is a very nice ship and is borderline pushing for being one of the best cruisers at tier 10 but op she aint
  5. beercrazy

    USS BBs ,which one?

    the best for cash/dubloons are Arizona and the massa silver ships are north Carolina and the montana I also have the Missouri and ohio but in all honesty the massa is more fun than all of them and the monty will near enough wreck anything it meets as long as you respect that she will be hit hard if you go broadside to anything credit making will always be the Missouri but I find her a boring ship and though she prints silver for fun the Musashi is more fun so now don't play the Missouri anymore
  6. beercrazy

    Alpha players

    I was a beta tester and got this through being in a clan in wot where one of our members was a alpha tester and he got some invite codes to hand out
  7. beercrazy

    Albemarle - worst ship in the game? advice needed.

    my view is at tier 8 mm she is quite nice but certainly not the best tier 8 cruiser but certainly usable tier 9 gets to be a pain due to the damn silly short range she has and the tier 9 battle cruisers just obliterate it for fun the same as the bbs do and all from distance where you cant even engage them tier 10 and its god awful useless ship as enemy just sit back anyway and your short range will get you killed fast or have a slow boring game doing virtually nothing sitting behind islands or staying too far back waiting for the spotter plane consumable again and again she does have a very good heal and the guns are accurate enough to get good hits and the fires seem to easily be set but for a tier 8 she just does not stand up to being viable and once I have completed it she is gonna sit for good as a rust bucket
  8. beercrazy

    Im really over shock now of CV controls beta tester here

    what wows is now over 8 years old damn where did my life go as for cvs I and others like them while others hate them and its best to think of cvs as marmite some love it others hate it the controls are tbh a damn lot easier then the rts but the ship control is god awful so good and bad on both sides cvs are still op like in rts mode but probably not quite so powerful as before and as usual a good cv player will influence the battle way more than a good cruiser/bb player try it for a while it is fun that's for sure
  9. beercrazy

    Lexington - how to kill DDs?

    not broadside unless you cant help it never use the keyboard to manoeuvre the planes once your attack has started unless you have no choice as this makes the bomb drop go over large area you need to drop once your in last seconds of the attack because that's the most chance of hitting dds and you will then get the 5/6 easy hits and they will wreck the dd this isn't easy to do and I advise watching youtube vids on people who play cvs a lot I recommend this guy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXOZ2gv_ZGomWNcQU8BBfdQ practice a lot in the training room on learning the last second drop the drop times of he bombs means nothing as long as you hit unlike the ap bombs that need to be dropped at different times of the attack dependent on if its cruisers or bbs and that's why he bombs are so good because hits mean damage and then some fires whereas ap bombs are very rng at times when trying to get them citadels hope that helps
  10. beercrazy

    Lexington - how to kill DDs?

    as stated above use dbs can easy get 8-10k hits and due to dd aa being near useless you can circle and get another drop if the dd is away from enemy always drop as late as possible for the max hits the rocket fighters are fine for killing dds but the tiny tims are tbh in my view crap for dd hunting
  11. beercrazy

    Should the game return to RTS carriers?

    if cvs are in 9/10 games then wg will class that as a success one of the so called main reasons wg did the rework was so more people would play them
  12. beercrazy

    Why is the Gneisenau now terrible at AA?

    many times while in a cv I have attacked a dd at start of match and though I only hit them with 1 salvo I save the rest of the planes to spot them and allow my team to either kill the dd early or force them away from cap the radar nerf that came in where you have to wait before rest of the team can shoot would be a damn good idea to implement by wg onto cvs for spotting all enemy ships not just dds dds are usually all or nothing with players either being epic in them and winning games easy or being complete turnips and may as well be bots but this has always been the case its just that cvs seem so op compared to a dd but in most lower tier cruisers its the same for them against bbs that can lol pen them from ranges the cruisers cant even reach lots is wrong with the balance of this game but I for sure would play dds all day long if I got 50k plus hp on them
  13. beercrazy

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    I play cvs and don't find the friesland or kidd too much trouble yes I agree they can be a pain when its a good player but in reality that's rare these days I tend to just 1 strike them then rinse repeat till either they smoke up or run back to the enemy fleet and then its job done either way and then I pick on something else till the dd either gets himself isolated or I feel they are too much of a threat to the team and need to be attacked again I will admit a dd player can be a pain when they know how to dodge, smoke and do aa on or off but none are immune to cv wanting to kill em and as for the French dds its certainly a challenge for them
  14. beercrazy

    Will removing slingshot actually do anything?

    only ever use it now and then and always against +2 tier higher ship that usually will shred the planes when your going in as normal i don't think it will effect cv gameplay for most cv players and the real reason wg are doing it is the placebo effect to the non cv players the same as the useless reporting system in game that wg use