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  1. beercrazy

    Smolensk: good or bad for the game?

    In all honesty it's a pain in the behind if you face one in anything I have 1 and it's great at set fire move to next target gameplay but it's very easy deleted and in smoke it's easy to hit when you have the spotter plane but with all the cvs around its hard to choose if to take fighters or spotter Good guns, good aa and smoke make it a nightmare when you face them
  2. beercrazy

    Invisifiring? What?

    as above hes firing at where your sailing to even though he don't have a lock on I do it sometimes and it can be hard to achieve if the bb player just throttles his speed up and down to counter it
  3. beercrazy

    RTS vs Rework - Saipan

    Yea I agree a cap on plane numbers will stop the yolo rinse and repeat spam but when your up tired and your looking at your plane squads near wpied ten min in then how can that help the rework be more popular I also remember the high tier cvs in rts being nearly impossible to deplane if the cv player wasn't completely brain dead I still feel the problem is the high damage to dd and rinse repeat is the problem with rework but that's just my point of view
  4. beercrazy

    RTS vs Rework - Saipan

    personally I find they have more of a influence due to being able to harass dds so much I will always go dd hunting till I either kill them or shove them back to their own team so our dds can cap with ease still prefer the rework when I am in a normal ship but I was never a fan of rts cvs anyway
  5. beercrazy

    tier 8 vs tier 10 &the new OP ships

    You seriously need help pal 😬
  6. beercrazy

    MUSASHI, bring her back

    I say no because its too powerful was made and released way too strong for tier 9 but now its out there its gonna be near impossible for wg to change her so she should stay as she is and never sold again now I would welcome another tier 9 japan premium with guns based on amagi or a premium similar to izumo with all the firepower at the front
  7. beercrazy

    I want to buy a premium ship. Need sugestions.

    nice to see you have taken the advise and used it wisely you will feel more and more of a benefit to your team as you learn the game watch some you tube vids and watch how others play the game when your in a battle and you die rather than jump out of that battle watch the other players and what they do and how they react to threats ect and you will pick up tips that will help improve your skills anyway good luck and enjoy the game
  8. beercrazy

    I want to buy a premium ship. Need sugestions.

    it aint venom and hate its honest answers your not that good a player but you can improve and the best place to do this is in low tier battles as your playing with similar skilled people the higher the tier the better the player "usually" and as such all your going to do is get killed easily while offering your team nothing from the stats you posted maybe you feel the people on this forum are salty and I would agree a lot of the time they can be but in all honesty nothing anyone has said is bad advise for you when it comes to you asking for advise on a ship to purchase my advise would be to get the texas or Arizona which are nice enough low tier and are not very expensive the atlanta is hard to play even for a skilled player these days and I would advise to stay away from it
  9. beercrazy

    Dreadnought - such a waste

    personally I feel every ship should be able to damage all others and seen as cvs have the ability to be untouchable while hitting others I feel all ships should have some sort of aa now this is the problem as most low tier ships had naff all aa due to time of their build ie pre ww2 then the aa should be pitiful at best now would this make your game better? nope cv will still kill ya so either enjoy the ship for what it is or leave it in port
  10. beercrazy


    Free advise Don't and I repeat this don't buy the mikasa Do not become a idiot like that sucker beercrazy Instead use your hard earned cash to wipe your [edited]or even better buy some beer with it and drink that gorgeous beer and find some fun Remember all mikasa sales go to wg Xmas party so they y have fun while you have none
  11. each country law overrides eula the uk courts have just decided loot boxes crates ect bought for cash are now a form of gambling and will probably get banned for under 18s the biggest problem for wg would be if people took them to small claims courts as the cost to wg sending a representative to defend the case would be a nightmare and as such wg would just keep the policy of not nerfing premium ships sold for cash
  12. My view If it has ever been for sale for cash then it shouldn't be nerfed while all others are fair game I am not even that happy with the global game nerf to say the spotted fire nerf we had but I understand it is something that had to be done I am also of the belief buffs to premiums should never happen to offset the nerfs shouldn't happen In my view wows has bigger problems than a few op premiums ie the cv debacle or the submarines that's being looked on with dread
  13. beercrazy

    Ark royal review?

    I like it The rockets are great against dds 3 torp hits net around 10k and with the large squad you can get 2 drops off The dbs are meh for damage but you nearly always get a fire or 2 The slow planes wreck the stealth dds due to you get longer to aim and launch attacks on them The planes are weak as hell but respawn fast so even on a heavy plane loss game you still have strike potential at end game I would say its a poor mans enterprise and kaga child
  14. beercrazy

    Beta Testers....

    you also don't have to be super unicum as they are after all types of players who can cover a wide range of skills you do have to put some serious time into it though when I last looked and decided I would prefer to stay a normal casual player who plays the odd game on the public test server when I want to see whats new coming to the game
  15. beercrazy

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    I agree no ship should be able to kill another while it remains unspotted and safe from enemy fire the same goes for dds as well as cvs in my view as you can easily kill bbs at the end of the game while in a dd that can stealth torp bbs wg created this problem and are certainly showing no signs of changing it for cvs stealth killing while they remain safe and same for dds spaming torps knowing they will never be spotted especially at the end of game when enemy dds are dead