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  1. great_kahn

    HMS Warspite Review & Gameplay

    The warspites armoured bridge design quite frankly gives me wood.
  2. great_kahn

    Nations lineup (Keep it clean)

    1900-1950 Naval game without the Royal Navy Hms Agincourt- 7 turrets on the centreline.
  3. great_kahn

    Totally OP combination.

    Sweep the leg!!!!!
  4. great_kahn

    Follow/shadow of allied ships

    What would people think of a follow allied ship mode for the cruise control. Click on an allied ship and the cruise control will attempt to maintain course and distance. Useful for a cruiser escorting a BB.
  5. great_kahn

    Home Port Should Look More Like Naval Dockyard

    For the payers- massive naval dockyard For the spongers- fishing village
  6. great_kahn

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Wargaming afraid of selt mein, all sorted it seems.
  7. great_kahn

    Royal Navy

    I just want HMS Agincourt. Anyrode.. Russian navy ww2 Royal Navy WW2... Seems legit...
  8. great_kahn

    japanese CAs from t8 onwards

    Oh man, Ive started down the JJN cruiser route Looked like it has some pretty epic ships.
  9. great_kahn

    CBT Access for Pre-Order?

    Triple ship pack purchased!!!! Oh man, I cant wait for this to download.
  10. great_kahn

    Why was HMS Hood sent to engage Bismark?

    What do you think would have been the result of a broadside engagement?
  11. great_kahn

    German Aircraft Carriers

    200,000 shp, gonna be quick.
  12. great_kahn

    Why was HMS Hood sent to engage Bismark?

    Do you think if POW took the opening salvos of the engagement and Hood and POW got close to Bismark and eugen, inside the distance for shells to hit Hoods armour belt rather than plunge into the decks. Would POW and hood have been able to defeat Bismark and Eugen in a close range gunnery duel?
  13. great_kahn

    Why was HMS Hood sent to engage Bismark?

    USA allowed most of there pacific battleship fleet to get sunk in order to gain a propaganda advantage (but that's a topic for another thread). Public opinion is a funny thing, its not always positive events that have the best impact.
  14. great_kahn

    Why was HMS Hood sent to engage Bismark?

    Most chess players ;)
  15. great_kahn

    Why was HMS Hood sent to engage Bismark?

    Were the quoted speeds of Bismark and Eugen actually what they could do at full war load? How could Norfolk and Suffolk shadow faster ships? What effect do people think having POW in front would have made to the outcome of the battle?