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  1. killminster

    Kiev with 8KM torpedoes

    Thank you very much. I grabbed the Kiev when it was first introduced and I loved it, it was a beast until it inevitably got hit with the nerf bat to (for me) uselessness. The 4KM torpedoes were utterly pointless even if they were really fast as you have to close to suicidal range to have a chance of hitting anything with them, and it was so fragile I would skulk about trying not to be spotted and not really contributing anything or having any fun. It just sat there taking up a port slot for ages. How things have changed. Being upped to tier 8 is novel for me as this is the furthest up the tech tree in any line I have gone and the Kiev still hates being shot at. But the new torpedoes! Holy crap this thing is dangerous again, and most importantly fun. And I don't even have the gun fire control system upgraded yet.
  2. killminster

    Hunt for Graf Spee. missing missions !

    The final task for part 1 of hunt for Graf Spee is still locked for me. It says "Play one battle starting from 28 December 2016 (server time)." Anyone know when the sever considers the 28 December to have started?
  3. killminster

    Fiji torpedo upgrade - worth it?

    Cool, thanks very much.
  4. killminster

    Fiji torpedo upgrade - worth it?

    Oh? where do I find that stat out? is it anywhere in the client?
  5. killminster

    Fiji torpedo upgrade - worth it?

    For a million credits you get an additional 434 damage and that's it. As far as I can see. Can anyone tell me if the launchers upgrade to 4 torps per side from 3? Otherwise I think I'll save myself the million.
  6. killminster

    RN Cruisers...

    People are talking as if the smoke screen is a no brainer, but I'm having real trouble making it work for me. I find it covers such a small area moving around inside it isn't really an option, especially not in the Fiji it's huge, people easily hit me. Sitting duck for torpedoes as well. Anyone using the spotter or fighter? Worthwhile? I may give it a try later and report back.
  7. killminster

    British Cruiser pain

    HOly crap, the Fiji is amazing. For anyone going through the pain, this makes it all worth it. The guns utterly beast any destroyers and lower tier cruisers. I deleted an Emerald at close range, about 7.5 km, in 3 broadside salvos, felt quite guilty. There's now enough guns to also start racking up decent amounts of damage against BB superstructures. My best advice for anyone playing up this line is not to be first in, always let your team makes spot and get shot at first, then take your chances while the enemy is distracted.
  8. killminster

    British Cruiser pain

    Yes, I think up until the Emerald the AP was fine but facing tier 6 and 7 ships just nope, garbage. Like i already said there seems to be a crazy amount of German BBs at the moment. However I've just unlocked the Leander and it seem like a massive improvement, the AP is much more satisfactory, feels like a much more competitive ship after just a couple of battles. Looks like the Emerald is the proverbial turd in the punch bowl of the RN cruiser line.
  9. killminster

    British Cruiser pain

    I'm back after a long break and I'm playing RN cruisers because they're new and a novelty. Up to the Emerald so far and I'm finding the AP terribly ineffectual against everything but lower tier and other RN ships. I'm failing to see any benefits to the design choice of not having HE other than ammo choice being one less thing to think about. Also the MM does really suck but that seems like a new thing from whats already been said. There seems to be vastly more people playing BBs than I remember and this also adds to the frustration of the shell limitations. I do like the Torpedoes and the individual firing, the speed and range are nice as well. The ships are quite maneuverable and fast but the lack of armour is killer, very unforgiving of any positional mistakes as turning and running usually requires showing your side to the enemy long enough for them to citadel you to ****. I'll give it till tier 6 and see how it compares with the Cleveland.
  10. killminster

    Bogue flight deck, 13mm of nope.

    Just had a bizarre experience, I was chasing down a Bogue in the Emerald, had is range and was raining down AP on his flight deck, my only choice of shell in a RN cruiser and every shot was bouncing off. 13mm of armor subject to AP plunging fire... no good apparently, managed to sink him in the end by shooting into the back of him but this just seemed wrong somehow. It was very hard work.
  11. killminster

    [RANT] Loading time

    The weird thing for me is that loading time varies match to match, ship to ship with no real pattern. Sometimes I'll get in with 20 seconds on the countdown, other times I'll be a minute late to the game.
  12. killminster

    Three Kamikaze R spotted in game!

    Well I'm quite pleased with it. Just earned myself a double strike and double 'it's just a flesh wound'. Got those torpedoes away just in the nick of time!
  13. killminster

    Three Kamikaze R spotted in game!

    They were on the enemy team. I checked my port but I don't seem to have mine yet. Maybe they've been awarded to lottery winners first? Edit: AGHH! Its just appeared!
  14. killminster

    Carrier special ability - Zombies!

    You should be able to order them to do a kamikaze attack after the carrier is sunk. Effect doesn't cause hitpoint damage directly but has a chance of starting fires.
  15. killminster

    Project R - how do you feel we are doing?

    Look under "Treasures", I just opened box No.7 with 500K credits in it.