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  1. A nice carry by our division scoring 10 kills.
  2. An epic carry for Des....
  3. I don't mind the smoke buff for RN cruisers but the previous smoke nerf has seriously decreased the ability to help your team particularly when you're playing a dd.
  4. Not sure if loading screen tips help a lot, many players seem to bypass them and still have no clue of how they're supposed to play their ships. Probably make mandatory tutorials when reaching the next tier ship someone is grinding would help a bit. If someone cannot successfuly pass the tutorial he/she won't be able to get the ship he/she is after. Dunno, just a suggestion.... It's kind of sad or depressing to lose matches because battleships are hidding behind the whole team and islands, or dds using smoke for their own pew pewing away while their team gets a pounding.
  5. Probably some cash since Hood is prem but other than that I don't know, haven't played Hood to be honest but KGV is a decent ship for her tier.
  6. Give them some time, it usually takes a couple of days for them to reply.... Perhaps try going to settings (upper right) on the launcher, and then support and check game integrity. I hope this helps you, I don't know much further.
  7. Did you contact customer service? You must issue a ticket.
  8. I see many such cases these days no matter the tier and many times matches are lost just because of incompetent players playing very good ships.
  9. You guys run rpf on Gearing?
  10. Here's my zip Aslain. My only problem was that I was getting random game crashes here and there or battle screen was stuck loading. So far, everything seems ok. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  11. Yey, first match of the day and I cannot get in battle, battle loading screen got stuck! IN A ROW!
  12. Does this modpack have statistics because I've tried some options but none would work. (mxstat and MM monitor) On another topic, can this modpack be the reason that I'm having frequent crashes (even though I didn't have such problems with previous patches) No pun intended Aslain, you do a great work!
  13. 0.6.11

    1. Description: A) Getting kicked out of battle as the battle screen is loading. B) Battle screen gets stuck while loading battle and we have to restart the game via windows taskbar 2. Reproduction steps Happens very often lately (daily) and not just for me but also for my division mates (I tried both DirectX9 and 11 as well as medium quality sound from ultra but the problem persists no matter what) 3. Result A) Game restarts itself B) You have to restart the game and it takes a lot of time to finally get in battle (with obvious results sometimes) 4. Expected result Normal gameplay? (Such problems were non existant 3-4 patches ago)
  14. I agree on that, but it's not only the CV that has a huge impact on the match, it's also the dds, and sometimes they just yolo and die in 1 minute without any obvious reason... Add to that the occasional problems of getting kicked out of the battle and not being able to login for a few minutes (had this happen to me yesterday 2-3 times and guess what...)