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  1. Segal's departing

    So when is the voice over taking place? What's the reason for Seagal's replacement?
  2. Is Minotaur fun?

    Still love my mino but this ship is just cursed.....For example either my team loses 3-5 ships in the very few minutes of the match or a recent example, we lost 7-3 because all our battleships (almost full health) were afraid to engage the low health enemy.... So defeat, with 44 planes down, 4 kills and 120k damage.
  3. MM go home, you're drunk!

    Yeah, and so we end up occasionally in teams of 3-5 radar ships vs 0. Like yesterday's match where we were the only tier 7s in our team on a tier 9 match and what a joy, enemy had 3 missouris.....(somehow we managed to win this and I sent one Missouri to Davy Jone's locker in my almost trapped Gadjah...)
  4. Servercrash?

    Same here, server unavailable...
  5. Maybe, but even so, that answer isn't always one of cooperation, at least from my experience. However, there are rare cases where the team actually cooperates greatly and these moments are to be cherished.
  6. Huh? 99% of the time the team is not willing to communicate at all no matter how hard one may attempt texting or map clicking...
  7. Noobs will kill this game!

    It's not always noobs that kill the game, just humans playing like bots or actually having bots play for them. Just my last match and this guy was sailing in his Montana.... I've had too many players like this these days... Yesterday a Kiev rushed a cap, didn't smoke at all, didn't reply at all to my messages, and just died within seconds, checked his stats and he has 12k battles with winrate of 42%..... I mean, no human being would actually play that bad even if he wanted to... Second screenshot is from the enemy Atlanta, he even has tier x ships...
  8. Beautiful Atlanta game, just finished. 145k and 4 kills in a tier 9 match, but for some strange reason I can't upload screenshots, I keep getting an error.... will try again tomorrow. Error still remains...
  9. Sigh, a not so happy ending for my poor Nelson. Team just didn't want to act as one, lost both dds in the very first minutes of the match, you know the rest...
  10. The game doesn't teach anyone to camp, camping is sadly perceived as a safe way to play, particularly with battleships which tend to think that the correct way is to preserve all their health until the end while staying as safe as possible all the time. Battleships should be close enough to absorb punishment for their team and at the same time be able to go conceal up in order to repair. Currently bbs either yolo rush caps or snipe from far away. If battleships don't play right then dds and cas won't be able to contest caps effectively.
  11. That's the worst thing you can do. You should always try to give 100% and I don't mean 100% rush dying.
  12. Here's from a nice match in my Des Moines.
  13. I don't have a folder to paste into, it was never created. I also tried by changing the end of the res mods' folder into 1 but I keep getting the same error message StratosGR has mentioned.