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  1. In my opinion RN BBs are a bit over powered in terms of damage output due to the HE shells. I divisioned in my Alabama with a Monarch, she kept setting everyone on fire and did much more damage than me, RNG wasn't on my side as well.... I find that the repair and HE spamming of RN BBs is a bit stretched out beyond reason. (not to mention their stealth)
  2. And some fresh ones. Case 1 (Des): Yamato that kept snipping, yes, you can see her in A. Case 2 (Des): A totally terrible team, DDs where afk in the beginning, then they went into A and all BBs gathered behind the islands (half of them in A).... Case 3 (tirpitz): Another exquisite team! Suberb example by high tiers. We lost our 2 dds in the beginning of the match, one got torped and the shima went cowboy.....
  3. Still, I have seen many BBs die in the first 2-3 minutes of the battle like mindless bots or hidding behind islands at 25-30km from the enemy. (such was a case with a Montana in a match yesterday)
  4. Ouch! On another note there are many dds that prefer sitting in their smoke (without having smoked their mates) pew pewing with their tiny guns at enemy bbs instead of spotting enemy torps and dds. On another note Des Moines and Mino should support DDs near caps, the one helping with her radar and the other hidden in her smoke. After the cap is clear from enemy then can support their bbs, but problem is that BBs don't want to fight and turn matches into camp fests. One would expect that in tier 8 and above matches people should know which caps are viable and go for them instead of making lemming trains into isolated caps.
  5. BBs idiot proof? This FDG just died within 3 minutes in the game... The rest of the match got in a rofl stomp.... I hate it that most matches are lost due to BBs camping and hidding instead of brawling allowing cruisers to support them. Logged in tonight to have some calm matches before bed and got in 3 roflstomps because of zero team play. Mostly minotaurs snipping at max ranges instead of supporting dds and bbs hugging the edge of the map or hidding behind islands.
  6. Still love my chubby Gearing! Probably she won't fit some players' styles and that's acceptable. So far I have managed carrying several matches in her and find her really fun to play. Yes, torps take longer to load, yes, she is slower than Fletcher but there is something about her that clicks in me. She can be fitted with many variations in terms of captain skills and modules.
  7. The heal/repair & concealment on RN BBs is way too much....
  8. Case 1, full health NO, Hinden and Roon hidding in D all match long..... Case 2: Half team, consisting of all our high tier BBs and many cruisers sailed straight into D where they spent all match. After the rest of the team had collapsed they started popping out one by one and died...
  9. Not to mention the ridiculous RN BBs' ability to heal, concealment and accurate guns.... I wonder what WG was thinking when they planned those ships particularly equipping them with radar too!
  10. OP, you and many other BB players must understand that BBs are made for tanking and confronting enemies and not running away at the first sight of enemy ships..... Many matches fail because DDs and BBs tend to leave one flank collapse and then go chasing a couple of enemy ships while the other side gets pounded without spotting. The number of battles you have and your winrate indicates you are doing something totally wrong. Of course, tanking doesn't mean rushing the enemy like a bot! :)
  11. BBs running away at the first sight of enemy, zero tanking, then the team collapses. Afterwards those same bbs whine about shitty gun performance and smoke nerfin g (since they're trying to pursue 1 or 2 enemy ships that are 15-20 km from them) while they have allowed themselves to get circled and spotted by enemy dds and cruisers that harass them while enemy bbs pound them without mercy. Yey!
  12. So far from what I've seen in battles the GZ doesn't perform well. Particularly when uptiered and her captain is trying to attack tier x cruisers instead of focusing tier 8 ships that are sailing around....... (skill....)
  13. I've had very good times in Cleveland, Pensacola and New Orleans for some strange reason. I happily got Baltimore yesterday (she has a 16 skill captain) but somehow I got fucked up in most matches, either by RNG or by totally useless teams such as dds smoking themselves up and not spotting or bbs running away at the first sight of enemy. (those matches were also with her stock guns) However, after fully upgrading her she became more manageable and effective. Still missing DE though.
  14. I liked the Gnei on the test server (I'm a Scharnhorst owner). She has very hard hitting guns compared to her sister ship.
  15. Ouch man, have a quick recovery!