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  1. Those missions are so tedious....
  2. tsounts

    Harugumo which torps?

    As stated, 12km ones are more versatile.
  3. tsounts


    I've had zero sound with my Cossack too.
  4. Well, tried a few WOT matches this morning since WOWs wasn't available and in one match 4 tanks just did 0, don't know which is worst! :)
  5. Mine is installing now.
  6. tsounts

    Alaska, how to get the best from her

    Eh, you already have tier x ships that you're not performing well at all so I would recommend learning the basics at lower tiers if possible. A high tier premium won't do you any favours.
  7. tsounts

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Since patch 0.8.0 even port has been very laggy and there has been zero mention from WG on the topic. Now after this last patch not only port is laggy but also the game itself during battle. Huge fps drops and screen freezing which makes aiming quite difficult. (From an average of 50-60 fps I fall at 20-18....) Sounds are really bad, sounding like trash cans hitting each other and generally all types of sounds are badly mixed up during a battle. 2. Reproduction steps Almost every match particularly as the battle gets heated up and there are many icons flashing and torpedoes coming. Every time I'm in port there is lag. 3. Result Very low fps and not smooth gameplay compared to previous patches. 4. Expected result everything running smoothly as pre 0.8.0? (port was laggy back then too but not that much as it currently is) 5. Technical details I don't know if the type of processor I'm using plays a role in it (using double core) but it wasn't like that in the past
  8. I know but what's so special about her? I think Missouri and Musashi have more interesting history.
  9. Why all this fuss about Alaska? There are so many ships available already...
  10. tsounts


    Panasian line and Asashio have deep water torps.
  11. tsounts

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    Well, not that WG actually listened to CCs and PTS players at all before releasing patch 0.8.0 while it was unfinished.
  12. tsounts

    Minotaur captain skills 0.8.0

    Yeah but they won't do that. They have released the unfinished carrier reworked joke patch and now they are messing them up all the time. To be honest I haven't really changed many of my captains and I feel pretty much ok now after the last cv nerfs they have implemented.
  13. tsounts


    I don't know why people are having such a hard time in dds, use WASD, smoke and allies and you should be relatively ok. Contrary, IJN CVs have already been nerfed in terms of their torpedo planes that now take forever to aim. You guys impose unfinished patches on the playerbase but very little time to adjust (little time of free respecs).
  14. It's not just CVs that take the fun out of the game. It's the player base that seems to be lacking. 4 matches this evening where teams just insta collapsed. The majority of people have no clue on strategic positioning and team play. Instead they camp, then rush in and die and then say, "it's a game". (I had such players this evening on my team and they were top tier....)