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  1. Nothing is over until Leander dictates it to be!
  2. Lol, I got sunk due to an accidental smoke release instead of clicking the hydro button, hadn't I done it the battle would have probably ended much differently....The problems of having a new keyboard. :)
  3. Question on skill reset after CW session

    Hey Crysantos, any news on the matter? What should we expect in terms of resetting?
  4. Haven't played bath tub battles but, from checking that video clip, they look much more fun that space battles of which I only had 3 matches just to get the container. First of all I'm not interested in space ships at all, second space battles were too tiring for my eyes.
  5. Just one question, I had put my Gearing's captain on the CW's Gearing just to reset her captain skills today for free but after the CV's ships disappeared my captain didn't get reset even though he was on reserve after CW's ships removal. Any insight please?
  6. Fun Mino game, gotta love radar.
  7. What has happend to the Missouri?

    I find the ship perfectly fine. People always whine...
  8. Combat Dolphins?? WTF?

    Dude, it's not just me that has had these problems but quite many people so reconsider your points. If you don't want to, I really don't care.
  9. OP, practice your guns in coop and you will get to like them, once you've got used to them try them in randoms.
  10. Invalid code.... wtf...
  11. Yep, I was whining because all tier 9 bbs were too afraid to brawl a bit, I was baiting them like hell in my poor Amagi towards our high tiers but they were running away half the match. You can check by the score how low the tier 9s did. Sorry but I had ran out of compliments at that point, rare but it happened! I'm just pissed off to see high tier bbs run away all the time at the first sight of enemy and not even luring them to use their hp pool and guns. Lol, just saw you were in the Kurfurst, sorry. All praise Amagi,
  12. Anti-abuse system update

  13. Aigle Suks

    Wouldn't say that Aigle is a great ship, her concealment is bad for a dd, yet I find her amusing to play even though she can be quite tricky particularly for players new to dds.
  14. Again nothing.... sigh...
  15. Happened to me yesterday too, was constantly hit in smoke while I was not using my guns one bit.