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  1. Yeah, it also messes up gameplay in randoms since people go bananas for the sake of those missions.
  2. tsounts

    Jean Bart Vs Thunderer

    None, better learn the basics at lower tiers.
  3. tsounts

    German battleships state

    It's just you! :)
  4. tsounts


    Tier 7 is getting bad MM now being constantly dropped in tier 8/9 matches. One note though, even being a low tier you can still perform (even though it can be hard) in a high tier match.
  5. tsounts

    Co-op battles [Short duration]

    Tell that to WG that keeps releasing missions then! hahhahaha Totally agree!
  6. tsounts

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    Also add those missions for the RN directive. Those missions tend to ruin gameplay.
  7. tsounts

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Has tier 7 MM changed? Seems I get to face more tier 9s than before.
  8. tsounts

    0.9.1 - General Feedback

    Tier 7 MM seems to be hit hard now and most of the times you're forced to face tier 9 MM... Not amusing.
  9. tsounts

    Co-op battles [Short duration]

    Coop lasts very short nowadays because many skilled players use it to farm those missions. That's not an issue imho.
  10. tsounts


    Lol, yeah!~ Fastest match the day before yesterday, 6.46.... Utter roflstomp at tier x, couldn't even deal damage because enemy was totally suicidal. I just can't understand the number of people that just press W, fire a salvo once they see an enemy and then get sunk...
  11. tsounts


    Just hold your horses, you'll be able to play in a while (if not right now). It's a patch day after all, be patient. I mean, why hurry to get mad at horrendous team play once you login?!?!?! hahahha
  12. tsounts

    Bad FPS on a good laptop

    Is your Nvidia graphics' card selected for processing? You can check it out on Nvidia's control panel.
  13. tsounts

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    Ok, maybe I got lucky. Only twice it got close but ended up sinking the cvs, I think it was Enterprise and on another occasion a GZ that wasn't secondary set up. Was playing my Martel on that session because of my missions, switched to Tirpitz after and met zero cvs.
  14. tsounts

    0.9.0 - British cruisers: Early Access

    Didn't spend a single doubloon for premium boxes just did all directives and got the tier 5 and 6 ones. Haven't played the tier 5 one at all but tier 6 is ok. Nothing special really but another HE spammer, which I cannot realize why there are so many HE spamming ships getting released lately.
  15. tsounts

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    They were rather easy to defeat actually....