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  1. Well, I agree with that too, but wouldn't HE spamming be the problem in the first place and not smoke? You can also get HE spammed from longer range cruisers that don't sit in smoke, such as ZAO. There have been many times that if you try pushing with your BB you get insta HE spammed by at least 3-4 enemy ships, including BBs that are not actually hiding in smoke. At least RN cruisers fire AP only. Personally I don't really play much with HE spamming ships (for example russian line) cause I don't fancy their gameplay, (barbecuing).
  2. Here's some info: https://thedailybounce.net/2017/07/20/world-of-warships-supertest-0-6-9-info-2/ New Mechanism: Smoke- Firing Penalty Please Note: The following information is currently a speculation on how it works. SEA-Group is still investigating to get more accurate information. This mechanism might never make it to the Live Server.
  3. At tier 8 and above there are many BBs that are afraid to get their paint scratched. Most seem unaware that their best damage/hit ratio is within 12-15km range and prefer snipping, then, after their entire team has collapsed they start farming some damage at the enemy that is closing in on them....
  4. Really curious on how they're planning to implement this... Tier 6-10 RN cruisers will be largely affected to say the least as a whole line, not to mention that their short gun range will make them even more susceptible to enemy fire.
  5. I just keep getting bots' teams when I play this ship, just now, all team went in one side except for me and 2 dds, we managed to hold that side and all the others died and we lost...
  6. I haven't seen 2 dds on one team and none on the other, never. But what I noticed is that when I start improving winrate in a certain ship suddenly I get in bad teams in a row and ruin all progress.... (Even divisioning with players better than me works sometimes)
  7. GG BlackTorp, great stats by the way! What modules do you use? I've also seen SailingRobin's vids on youtube and he is hardly using any AA upgrades. Got flamed yesterday for using SE on mino, my explanations that it synergizes with heal fell in empty space, particularly by someone who insta died....
  8. Well it can still be fun but yeah, teams are usually unbalanced to the most particularly on certain days. Many 10-0 matches. Even having divisions on one side does not really guarantee they're good. For example after the Bismarck missions many players got Bismarck without having a clue on how to play her, this resulted in snipping from the furthest possible range offering zero actual support to the team. When team says AB and most ships go hidding in C gives you a hint of how messed up the match will be. It's even funnier when noone is replying in comments during the battle and only start commenting after they're dead. How on earth does this help with team work? Same balancing issues also count for WOT. You get the same effects there too.
  9. Most lemming teams this weekend..... Really ruins gameplay and fun. 95% of the team rushing and camping into one cap. Where is the interesting part in this? BBs afraid to scratch their paint, even at tier 10. Minimal support.... I've noticed most lemming trains during weekends... Then get blamed for low winrate in certain ships.... Of course, it's always one ship's fault and not the other 11s'...
  10. In fact I witnessed yesterday several matches in randoms where either one team would triumphantly win or lose in a ratio of 10-0.... How can such patterns be that random?
  11. I don't find radar a problem, it makes for a more dynamic and not boring gameplay and I like playing smoke cruisers too. In matches without radar you can see smoke puffs everywhere with terribly limited visibility, BBs and CAs snipping from far out (because who wants to get torped anyway) with very tedious matches. I think it's something we've all witnessed. Of course radar makes life harder for someone who wants to spend all match invisi-firing from smoke cover trying not to scratch his ship. On a recent match enemy had 3 Shimas on their side, they all went on the same cap and there was no way of countering them without radar (which we didn't have at that match), so 45 torps came all at the same point. We got 2 ships out very fast.... Leave radar as is. It seems like many players whine a lot and don't feel like getting out of their comfort zones or willing to adapt to a more dynamic style..... Try golf guys, it's much safer! :)
  12. Of course this also happens in random matches, even at tier x.... It seems that many players rush to higher tier ships hoping that they will be OP only to actually drag their teams down...
  13. Beta tester whinning for radar use, ok..... Also make a thread of buff bbs to insta kill from edge of the map thread! :)
  14. I understand how the OP feels, have had quite some battles like this and even chat during the battle didn't work because "team-mates'', didn't really want to cooperate. 1) We were winning a battle (me in my beloved Fiji) this morning, the enemy being 3 ships less than us, and all of a sudden half the teams goes yolo into enemy ships but by sailing one by one into the trap. I tried telling them to just return to our base to defend and they said, it's just a game, shut up..... Then I got blamed for not playing well (even though I was top in score...) and of course we lost. 2) Mino has been giving me a hard time and just a rough example, yesterday we lost a match where our bbs did absolutely nothing in terms of defense. Funny to say that me and my mate got 2 kills right in the first 2 minutes of the battle and cleared a cap zone and all our team started being cocky to the enemy on how bad the enemy team was.... Needless to say that all cocky ships died with minimal performance even though that match could have been very easily won since we had 2 out of 3 caps and enemy had less ships....(one mino and one dd) There are many players that wanna rush to higher tiers (7 and above) without having a clue on how to play their ships or the urge to cooperate with their team and thus we reach the point where tier X BBs are firing HE only, idle near their initial spawn point or hug map's border....