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  1. tsounts

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    63 Euros for Friesland? Really? Hahahahahah
  2. tsounts

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    I quite dislike this mode.... Bring back for once the bathtub thing! Give us more clan brawls 3vs3!
  3. tsounts

    Omg Greece is my new favourite map!!!

    I don't like the layout of this map either.
  4. tsounts

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    So many flags...
  5. tsounts

    Kleber opinios

    It's not OP, it was your mistake.... Neptune is paper, I have citadeled one to death in my fletcher....
  6. tsounts

    PTS - Halloween

    Again those friggin' Halloween modes... hate those....
  7. By the way, I wonder if the OP is actually familiar with how certain ships must be played. Having hidden stats is probably a sign that he is under performing in other classes and tiers too but was hoping a tier x will solve his misery. I wouldn't mind someone asking for help on how to setup and play a certain ship but I really dislike how people start trash talking about ships, captain skills, bad teams and stuff while most of the time they're the sole problem on their own! So many people completely lack map awareness even at tier x.
  8. What's wrong with players always complaining? The ship is fine, if the captains cannot adjust to her then it's the players' problem and not the ship's. Also, if someone skips the FDG don't expect GK to roflstomp enemies just with her appearance. Each ship has her own traits, players must adjust to them and not vice versa.
  9. tsounts

    Friesland build and captain skills?

    Not really fancy trying hitting things with those floaty shells.
  10. tsounts

    Update Audio Hotfix

    It's not that bad but it's much worst than the previous patch.
  11. Some more but not from me, I'll be revisiting her! https://parallaximag.gr/thessaloniki/entyposiakes-eikones-to-velos-pou-magevei-tous-thessalonikeis