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  1. Lol yeah, I was browsing youtube and lost track of time!
  2. tsounts

    General Submarines related discussions

    Yeah, at least it's not the chieftain's fault! :)
  3. tsounts

    Austin or Stalingrad??

    Stalin makes for a usually tedious gameplay where you stay bow on to the enemy, use concealment to heal up and repeat keeping 1/4 to 1/2 of the enemy fleet busy spamming you in the face. (I have a Petropavlovsk that I almost never play because I'm not interested in sitting bow on for the most part of the match) Austin makes for a very risky gameplay offering more butt clenching moments featuring a variety of weapons and utilities. Both can get deleted easily if unwary though.
  4. tsounts

    Z-44 - Are you kidding me?! (Do NOT buy!)

    Come on, uninstalling for just 1 boat? There are many other reasons probably but not for the sake of z44!
  5. tsounts

    I bought the Z-44

    Ah, didn't even check myself. :)
  6. tsounts

    I bought the Z-44

    You could try a ticket to customers' support but I highly doubt you will be refunded. WG has this rather strange rule that if you play a premium ship once you cannot ask for a refund...(I know, it doesn't make any sense at all since it's a pixel product and at least some rounds should be allowed in it before deciding on keeping it or not, I have had the same problem...) Generally speaking, I would advise you to refrain from spending actual money on premium ships, they are not rather special and there have been instances where they are nerfed or just power crept with the constant release of newer ships so your money will sooner or later lose their value. Better get some premium time which will help you get credits, free xp, etc so you can buy ships from the armory (there is quite an abundance of those and these come for "free")
  7. tsounts

    General Submarines related discussions

    WG acting like politicians of the worst kind...
  8. tsounts

    3 vs. 3 Brawl With Tier X Ships

    True, but the submarine, in this mode, puts your team in a disadvantage because of the 1 lesser actual ship
  9. The thing with homing torpedoes and submarines' counterplay is getting out of hand! Whenever I see a submarine or more in the game, even in coop mode, I get nausea. They have been horribly implemented and you just keep pushing them more down our throats!
  10. tsounts

    Submarine "counterplay"

    "Feedback from the players is really important to us..." Yeah, sure, you have proven that so many times...
  11. tsounts

    3 vs. 3 Brawl With Tier X Ships

    Seriously subs and cvs in this mode is plain stupid... (but we all know that you, WG, don't care)....
  12. tsounts


    Great job with the submarines WG....
  13. tsounts

    Update 12.1 - Bug reports

    I can't login in my account to access customer support or activate codes! I keep failing the captcha codes despite typing them in correctly! Received yesterday an email for some spring containers and it's impossible to redeem the code, have tried both from my desktop and laptop and the problem remains the same! @Seraphice
  14. tsounts

    Update 12.1: British Submarines

    Yep, had been contacting "customer support" and making complaints in the forum on Missouri's aiming for quite some time and the replies I kept getting was that everything was fine. A couple of years later they suddenly realized there was a problem with Missouri's accuracy and fixed it.....
  15. tsounts

    Update 12.1 - Bug reports

    Shells landing short off the target, repeatedly.... Shells getting disoriented if the target is next to an island. Ships that "wake up" from being afk since the beginning of the match on the moment they are about to be hit by torpedoes. Shells disregarding the target even after using lock on/lock off... Really short range of ASW measures for battleships and cruisers even though submarines can ping your brains out from further out. (oh yeah, that's a "feature"...)