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  1. tsounts

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.1

    Also add submarines and tier XI ships!
  2. tsounts

    Known Issues in Update 0.11.0

    How about, shells ignoring enemy ships at almost point blank distance? (In a minotaur against a dd)!
  3. tsounts

    Update 0.11.0 – Pan-Asian Cruisers: Part 1

    What happens with the many players that have played many hundreds to even thousands of battles in coop and yet cannot muster their way in a tier 5 ship in randoms?
  4. tsounts

    Update 0.11.0 – Pan-Asian Cruisers: Part 1

    Seriously allow rental tier xi ships to randoms? Yesterday I met a guy who had 42 battles in randoms and his highest tech tree ship was a tier iv, yet this guy purchased himself a Graf Zeppelin which he was completely clueless on how to play and also had played himself a few matches, oh surprise, in rental tier 8 & 10 submarines. There is a significant amount of players that work themselves throughout tech tree lines and are still completely incapable of knowing what their ships are for and how they should be played but now everyone can play a tier 11 as well!
  5. tsounts

    Update 0.11.0 – Pan-Asian Cruisers: Part 1

    Nice, so for more balance we are getting more smoke with HE spam and dw torpedoes....
  6. tsounts

    New Battles with Pirate Santa!

    That Santa looks creepy as f@...
  7. tsounts

    Patrol Aviation: Fighting Against Submarines

    Seriously, "balance"? Isn't this the same company that has caused imbalance in the game by introducing HE spamming battleships as well as rapid HE spamming smoke cruisers including many other things? Noone asked for subs, yet you shoved them down our throats, you have buffed them even though their in game numbers are already small (and please consider they are also for free) meaning not many players are really into them. There was a recent match where 2 dds and a cruiser had to occupy themselves by trying to sink a submarine that had infiltrated our lines (also note that the submarine was already low in terms of hp points left) yet our asw measures were really slow to take it out when spotted? Is this balanced?
  8. tsounts

    ranked - rewarding loosing/passive play

    Seriously? You mean that potential damage is not worth it?
  9. tsounts

    ranked - rewarding loosing/passive play

    Unfortunately potential damage is not rewarded at all, that's a major problem. There could be one or two ships trying to delay an enemy push while his "teammates" are taking shots from further out and a more safe place, in the end the snipers get rewarded but not the ones doing all the hard work. Having battleships sitting back doesn't really benefit one's team since it's the dds and cruisers that will have to do cap contesting, while they're more vulnerable and the battleship plays from safety again. At this point ranked doesn't really mirror someone's potential and skill, also the small number of ships and witnessing 1-2 ships from your team go down in the very first minutes of the match is almost a guarantee you're up for a defeat since usually your team will stop trying to win and will start trying to farm.
  10. tsounts

    Important message for the community

    What's "crew 2.0"?
  11. tsounts

    Most frustrating moments for you.

    Mind you I have a division mate who "torpedoed" a Buffalo in his Friesland. How? He became the torpedo! :) Buffalo didn't see that coming and went down.
  12. tsounts

    Flandre: Your opinions on this ship.

    x2, get to learn the basic mechanics first
  13. tsounts

    Possible Greek line or Averoff?

    Atlantico looks very similar to Greek battlecruiser Averof so why not start working on that as well? I'd love to have Averof in game.
  14. tsounts

    Recent Issues Update

    So, dds are now taking damage like crazy and yet you're interested in buffing up subs even more.... Great "fix"
  15. Why don't throw in a free commanders' respec since you're changing such a valuable skill? At least one week I'd suggest. @MrConway @Crysantos @YabbaCoe It is a big change as far as I can tell and it's getting by-passed by a quick patch and a sidenote... We really need to experiment whether it is still worth to spec into SE which so far destroyers' class heavily depended upon for survival. Also note that it is dds that usually are the first to brawl in the first minutes of the match since they have to contest caps and spot not to mention submarines' chasing....