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  1. tsounts

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    An Asashio trying to play in the correct way is a very rare sight, the ship has a very unique playstyle but the majority of players just run at the edges of the map and waste too much time trying to torpedo run away battleships not to mention that many players are totally inexperienced and yolo rush into radars, etc. That's the problem with high tier premium trick ponies they may be very rewarding but their skill cap is rather high for the average player.
  2. Stay away from Brits! Minotaur was my first tier x and the learning curve was STEEP, far beyond anything I had imagined. US destroyers are fun but the safest line to learn dds is the Japanese line, up to a certain tier US dds have very short ranged torpedoes compared to their concealment and are very tricky to play, Umikaze though, the tier 2 japanese one is very fun to play.
  3. tsounts

    Stalingrad OP

    Moskva got buffed up, why not return her to her pre-buff state? Moskva also takes dedication to sink since she has become one of the most tanky cruisers.
  4. tsounts

    Stalingrad OP

    Sometimes even more than 2.
  5. tsounts

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    That nerf was not needed, ship feels underwhelming compared to new dds. At least guns shouldn't have been messed up with... Of course WG has released two lines with insane dpm and number of guns so people will spend more money to get them, at the same time old dds don't get any love since their cash cows have been milked. On the other hand who cares about such tiny details if there are new players with less than 300 battles that spend lots of euros to get high tier premium ships that they don't know anything about. Just buff Moskva so it may eventually go down after the entire enemy fleet has focused fire her for 20 straight minutes.
  6. tsounts


    ? eh? English?
  7. Bought one giant Santa box, got Monaghan but I'm not ecstatic.
  8. tsounts

    New Chat Moderation Initiative

    What about getting chat banned without even using the chat?
  9. tsounts

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Good luck all, I know I'm not getting anything since my luck on lotteries sucks. :)
  10. Not to mention the fact that WG has actually named bots "Tsamados and Miaoulis" who in reality were famous captains of the 1821 Greek/Turkish wars. (you can see this bot in almost every coop match) Also there is another bot named Apostolis which is also Greek.
  11. tsounts

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    We're not trying to attack this guy, just give some tips yet he seems to be high or something....
  12. Give Greek ships some love, in the end it's all about real history. I'm pretty sure that at least Averof should make it into the game.
  13. tsounts

    Georgios Averof armored cruiser(Pisa-class) 

    How about world of triremes? hahahahah
  14. tsounts

    Captain respec over already?

    Seems fixed now.