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  1. tsounts

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    You can hit stuff further out than 13.3? She'd need a change in her ballistics in order for that to be achievable.
  2. tsounts

    Commander Skills Update

    The typical problem is that WG is bringing unbalance by releasing non balanced ships such as Stalin or Petro that can tank half a fleet for half a match, rapid HE spamming ships or even Conqueror and that line which has turned most tier x battleships spamming HE as well while reversing from their spawns in fear of getting burnt to death themselves. Game balance seems to have started changing after Worcester's & Conq's release (soon other ships followed)
  3. tsounts

    Commander Skills Update

    These ships don't meet tier x cvs
  4. tsounts

    Commander Skills Update

    Why make cvs' planes stronger? Just because of 2 ships (and let us don't forget that actually most US ships had very good aa for their era)?
  5. tsounts

    Commander Skills Update

    By the way, you have nerfed premium ships while you had stated in the past that premium ships wouldn't be "touched in a negative way". Atlanta's & Flint's aa has been nerfed hard. Ifhe rework has partially hurt those ships as well. Now the range on Flint and more...
  6. tsounts

    Dry Dock: Vanguard

    Because collectors pay money just to have them in their ports (I have rarely seen a z-35 & z44 in battle) and because new players.... (you know the rest)......
  7. tsounts

    0.9.12 - Updates to Ranked Battles System

    I just play this mode for the rewards only and when I can't find people to division with (because for me this game is for the enjoyment of cooperating and working towards an objective, winning). I have stopped caring if I rank out or not, I've ranked out several times in the past so this doesn't really mean much for me to lose my sanity by trying to play for the objective and having everyone going either yolo or saving their star. The time constraints are also bad as the horrible playerbase where in golden league I was forced to play with people of silver league who had over 20k battles and around 45% winrate but blaming their teams of bad play.
  8. tsounts

    Dry Dock: Vanguard

    Meanwhile Lenin & Vladivostok laugh in secrecy.
  9. tsounts

    0.9.12 - Updates to Ranked Battles System

    At one point I got so frustrated that I thought of doing it myself and just press W in a row and mess with my teams the same way the keep messing with me but in the end I'm not that type of person.
  10. tsounts

    Tier IX Ships for Doubloons!

    Yeah, ships' prices but also for those bundles are ridiculously high.
  11. tsounts

    0.9.12 - Updates to Ranked Battles System

    Congratulations, you have managed to turn ranked into worst randoms' matches. People only play to keep their star and not for winning their match so well done for the @@@@ you put on us.
  12. tsounts

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    Reached rank 7 then back to 9 because of typical horrid "team-play". Our Shimakaze sailed straight into enemy Petropavlosk as soon as the match started, I asked him to come back using the short commands, his reply was "F-U".... He survived that first radar only to die a bit further down the match, his stats, 10k battles 45%... So, this person reached gold league just because someone kept carrying him.. On another match, our Halland asked what's Petropavlosk's radar range... I mean, they reach tier x and have no clue on radar ranges? Yet they play ranked which is competitive and also never equip detonation flags...
  13. tsounts

    Tier IX Ships for Doubloons!

    Nice, sell high tier ships to new players that have no clue on what to do so they can become a burden for their teams.
  14. Well, it's almost certain that if we could see those anime girls in battle everyone would be missing their shots even towards a broadside Minotaur at 3km.
  15. If you like that camo get used to the green wreaths or find some mods. And also, it's as if you have highlighted almost the entire hull, just saying...