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  1. the "carry harder!" thread

    Fletcher didn't fail me!
  2. Dude, first of all learn how to play. Apparently you want it all for zero effort....
  3. Oh, it's you again Argo... WG is actually giving much more stuff in game now than what it was like one year ago but apparently you like complaining all the time, probably trolling too... Can someone delete this topic?
  4. I wouldn't really say that those ships under testing are OP but rather that the players in them actually know how to play, at the same time that first example that the op showed clearly showed that his team actually gave away the victory, as it happens many times because people tend to yolo rush one after the other even when winning instead of focusing on how to stay alive and regroup.
  5. balance Update 0.7.7

    OP l2p.... Seriously, you want all ships to have hydro and radar, etc? Better focus on improving or at least don't troll. :)
  6. Whats the point in collections??

    This still goes on.... wow....
  7. destoyer players stop whining so much

    Come on, seal clubber :)
  8. USS Buffalo guide

  9. wrong position every time

    Yes, don't rush as Pete said above. Besides, each ship has her own playstyle and it takes some getting used to. Don't rush to get to higher tiers. Warspite is a very efficient ship by the way for her tier. Learn how to angle properly and when to close in. Provide support for your team but also make sure you have their support too or else...
  10. Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    OP better play lower tiers until you have mastered how to be effective for your team. Try watching some youtube guys, for example Flamu, Notser, Aerroon. You seem to be under performing and not offering much for your team.
  11. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    Haven't really played a lot with mine which I got out of a super container but I'm not very thrilled about her. Somehow she doesn't really cut it for me, guns seem too dependent on RNG and she is a bit slow but I don't really play her that much.
  12. To be honest I didn't have any issues with mine. Just supported my team and used concealment when needed.
  13. Suggestions thread

    Also add the fact of how inaccurate bbs actually were compared to the game.
  14. Potential damage and damage by spotting

    I know, and this should change.