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  1. Hokum15

    warspite back on sale

    I don't want more gold I can only spend on WOWS and not WOT too. If they combined the economy I might, only might, of got it, but why do I want 5k gold in a game i'm not going to spend it in?
  2. Hokum15

    the game music , really nice

    Bump, I've extracted all the music, and all I can say is WOW! The Music is awesome, from Chilled tracks like 79 and 98, to Action music like 18 and 122. Very nicely done. It beats the stale WOT music by a country mile.
  3. Hokum15

    Server down?

    Damn, I'd just managed to unstick myself from a reef i'd been on for 5 minutes and was gunning for a BB! Then Poof, back to login screen!
  4. Hokum15

    Server down?

    Was in a game got booted to the log in screen, says server is unavailable?
  5. Hokum15

    ORLY applying

    Hey TB some of us are in the beta already, post on the srsly forum to find out how many more are in. I don't understand the neg reps you don't get if you don't ask.
  6. Hokum15

    World of Warships with captain CroLux

    Hope you do better than the T71 earlier Cro
  7. Hokum15

    British ship list

    I'd like some of the odder British ships too, Erebus class HMS Terror
  8. Hokum15


    Does anyone else agree that the battle music in this game is actually really good? It certainly adds a nice edge to the combat. I turned off the music in WOT quite quickly but I love the music here.