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  1. Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the offers and invites, I can't accept an invite until 21:50 GMT but I will check you all out, once again thank you.
  2. Hi Shipmates, are there any friendly established UK Clans currently recruiting, ideally any ex-forces/Royal Navy ones? I'm not the best player or do I profess to be, I play for fun and not for stats, I enjoy playing the game whether I win or lose, most of the time! In my defence I did also allow my (at the time) young Son to share the account at times (he has his own account now) I'm often most active during the day, rather than peak times, so a clan that has daytime players would be a bonus. I like WG Games because of the fact you don't have to commit hours of time at once, so it suits my lifestyle, I'm able to play a match, go AFK do some chores, return and play another match and so on, which in-turn keeps she that must be obeyed happy also. Some days though I have more time to commit and it would be nice to play in Divisions with like minded player. I'm also looking to improve my game-play and welcome any help and constructive criticism. I've recently left a Clan for no bad reasons and I'm on Clan Cooldown for another 24 hours I think. I've quite a fewTier X Ships in my port and I'm up for CB etc and have a mic with access to TS/Discord. I'm an older player (52 this week) but hopefully that should have no [pun] bearing [/pun] TIA
  3. Googie_RN_Rtd


    I've been patient as have others but it's becoming apparent that no one received their French Tokens from the Hall of Fame side of rewards (but I'll happily be corrected on that) so I can't see that every individual player needs to checked to see who did and who did not, so come on WG please Pay UP!
  4. Googie_RN_Rtd


    No tokens in the update as they'd promised.
  5. Googie_RN_Rtd

    Hall of Fame - question about rewards

    I'm sure they will make good, it's obviously just a glitch that they will no doubt put write if you wait a little.
  6. Googie_RN_Rtd

    Hall of Fame - question about rewards

    I was in the Top 10% and have only received the Camo's.
  7. Googie_RN_Rtd

    Do you get Penalised for Crashing out of a Match?

    OK that make sense then thank you, although it was probably a good 30 minutes maybe even longer before I got back into the game and the match was well over.
  8. I was playing a match earlier today (09.27) in Shima and at about 15 minutes I had a Fatal Crash within the game (never had one before), the short of it was that I could not close the game, I could not get focus on Taskmgr or do anything, the upshot of it was that I ended up having to restart my PC, I then ran WG check, as I realised that the Match would be by now well over and then I logged back in and received the following message. "Disciplinary Penalty Lifted - For your observations of the rules of the game your disciplinary penalty was lifted" I was not penalised for anything before, in fact I can't remember the last time I was Pink, so my question is are you penalised for leaving a Match prematurely and if so how come it was lifted without playing another or multiple penalty free matches? TIA