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  1. Googie_RN_Rtd

    [0.9.6.X] OdTo Minimap

    Great Work thank you, I'll test this out later today.
  2. Googie_RN_Rtd

    [0.9.6.X] OdTo Minimap

    Thank you for the reply, that's a shame, yes I have used AutoSpy mod in the past but personally I prefer yours.
  3. Googie_RN_Rtd

    [0.9.6.X] OdTo Minimap

    Great Mod thank you. Is there anyway to make the mini-map larger than the maximum constraint set by the game. Even expanded to it maximum size allowed it is still quite small when playing in very High Res, like 4K for example.
  4. Googie_RN_Rtd

    New Year event (collection, snowflakes, directives)

    Whoever was the lead on this years Event has outdone themselves and their team this year, what complete load of rubbish, how it even got passed to be put into the live game is mind boggling. Snowflake rewards as I mentioned in the other thread are dismal, more so when you consider the big hype behind them, they are only given once per ship remember I've 23 Tier X Ships in my port, so that 23 Containers I opened yesterday, all I got was a little Coal, Some small stacks of Signals, some Free XP and Some Camo's, now I don't wish sound ungrateful but being a player that has unlocked all the Lines that I want to, these rewards are mostly useless, it would have been far better in my personal opinion to give Tier X Ships a Steel Reward like Tier IX and VIII, a resource which is far more valuable and harder to obtain in game, so personally I'm hugely disappointed and as such the Tier X reward feels like a consolation prize. As others have said the directives are hugely unrealistic, it's Christmas after all, lots of players have other real life commitments at this time of year, so less time to play the game not more. I often read on these forums players that for a better word "throw their toys out of the pram" when they feel they are not getting the service they deserve and threaten to take their business else where (each to their own), but in the next breath they are back in the game, but myself I don't usually feel the need need to post often on the forums, I'm an Alpha player and over the years have generally been happy with game, I take it for what it is, taking the rough with the smooth, the highs and the lows but please WG listen to this as honest genuine feedback from a player that normally does not feel the need to complain, as this morning because of the experience of this event so far I am finding it hard to find the motivation to log into the game, of course I will at some point log in and no doubt play a couple of battles, but it won't have the same sparkle and it's starting to feel like a bit of a prison sentence and I am convinced I am not alone in feeling like this, the point is that this whole dismal event will have upset a whole level of players that don't normally get upset and bothered by such things and because of it some of them will leave, some of them will stop playing as much, and some of them will stop spending as much. Most sensible people understand that WG is a business and as such has to be profitable above all else, but honestly this event is not "Good Business" you may see some short term gains in your revenue but at what long term cost?
  5. Googie_RN_Rtd

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    I try not to complain and moan but personally I don't think the Snowflake Rewards were not very well thought out this year. Get a Santa Container for a Tier X ship has been disappointing and pretty useless, I guess I can be described as near end game, I have the majority of the Tech Tree researched, certainly the ones I want, I have 23 Tier X Ships in my port and have received for my 23 Containers today, some signals, a little coal, some Camo's and a small amount of Free XP, I really don't want to sound ungrateful but I would have personally preferred to have had Steel as per the Tier IX & VIII reward, far more valuable and usable IMHO. All a bit of anti-climax < / end moan >
  6. Googie_RN_Rtd

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    Yes same here.
  7. Googie_RN_Rtd

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would also like to Participate, thank you very much for doing this.
  8. Googie_RN_Rtd

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    Thank you, that answers my question, I was worried it was just me.
  9. Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the offers and invites, I can't accept an invite until 21:50 GMT but I will check you all out, once again thank you.
  10. Hi Shipmates, are there any friendly established UK Clans currently recruiting, ideally any ex-forces/Royal Navy ones? I'm not the best player or do I profess to be, I play for fun and not for stats, I enjoy playing the game whether I win or lose, most of the time! In my defence I did also allow my (at the time) young Son to share the account at times (he has his own account now) I'm often most active during the day, rather than peak times, so a clan that has daytime players would be a bonus. I like WG Games because of the fact you don't have to commit hours of time at once, so it suits my lifestyle, I'm able to play a match, go AFK do some chores, return and play another match and so on, which in-turn keeps she that must be obeyed happy also. Some days though I have more time to commit and it would be nice to play in Divisions with like minded player. I'm also looking to improve my game-play and welcome any help and constructive criticism. I've recently left a Clan for no bad reasons and I'm on Clan Cooldown for another 24 hours I think. I've quite a fewTier X Ships in my port and I'm up for CB etc and have a mic with access to TS/Discord. I'm an older player (52 this week) but hopefully that should have no [pun] bearing [/pun] TIA
  11. Googie_RN_Rtd


    I've been patient as have others but it's becoming apparent that no one received their French Tokens from the Hall of Fame side of rewards (but I'll happily be corrected on that) so I can't see that every individual player needs to checked to see who did and who did not, so come on WG please Pay UP!
  12. Googie_RN_Rtd


    No tokens in the update as they'd promised.
  13. Googie_RN_Rtd

    Hall of Fame - question about rewards

    I'm sure they will make good, it's obviously just a glitch that they will no doubt put write if you wait a little.
  14. Googie_RN_Rtd

    Hall of Fame - question about rewards

    I was in the Top 10% and have only received the Camo's.
  15. Any Support would be most Welcome! As the title says I am having some strange issue after my Windows 10 PC updated last week to the Windows 1903 update. My Card is a GTX 1050 ti (43160 driver) and run my Desktop Resolution at 3840 x 2160 (HDR) but I run the game at 2560 x 1440 (Full Screen) because I get a more playable FP than if I run it at 4K. I've never had an issue Tabbing out of it to Desktop to do others things, nor Tabbing back into game, however since my machine received the 1903 Update last week, often (Not always) when I've tabbed out the game, when I then go to tab back into it, the game does not restore, the Screen goes Black for a few seconds, (like it normally does), but then instead of the the game appearing, the desktop reappears but the Mouse Pointer Changes to the in the game Mouse Pointer. I then have use the TaskMgr to kill the game but here is the odd thing, if I then start the game afresh it does the exact same thing, screen goes black for a few seconds, then the Desktop Reappears with the Mouse Pointer Changes as if the game is running, in order to get the game running properly after this strange glitch happens I have to reboot the system. I've found though that it does not seem to happen if I change my Desktop Resolution to 2560 x 1440 (Same as the game) before starting the game. I realise that this won't be an issue with the WOW Game Client, the issue no doubt lies with Microsoft/Nvidia and as such I have also asked the question on the Nvidia forums and I've tried searching for the issue but have failed to yield any results, does anyone have any idea what the issue could be or is anyone else experiencing the issue? Thank you in advance.