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  1. The former HMS Hermes of Falklands war fame is currently in grave danger of being scrapped by India. The UK based Hermes/Viraat charitable trust wich has many high up connections, is right now fighting hard to save the ship in India or even have her towed back to the UK in Liverpool for a large maritime museum. The trust is close to getting what they need against all odds, but just one last hurdle stands in the way. Please see the link below for further details and let's save Hermes. This is the very last of the old breed of RN ships and the very last chance to save a major RN warship. We have failed many times as a nation and let too many good ships go. Let us reverse this and finally have a victory for RN naval heritage. https://www.gofundme.com/f/hms-hermes-ins-viraat-cause?utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link_all
  2. Armo1000

    PVE Scenarios (S1): Which ships for which missions?

    Some historical PvE scenarios would be great if they could add them.
  3. Armo1000

    British battleships incoming

    Whats up with this paper *Edited? Where is HMS Vanguard?
  4. Armo1000

    PVE Scenarios (S1): Which ships for which missions?

    why only tier 5-6? Seems silly to waste this new mode with only two tiers of ships. Really looking forward to trying it out regardless. Random battles are repetitive and are getting long in the tooth at this point.
  5. Armo1000

    Dev Secrets Revealed!

    This is great news. We can now actually have some variety in the game play and some PvE fun!
  6. Awesome news! Much appreciated to see this in development.
  7. Armo1000

    HMS Gallant

    I would prefer RN DDs over BBs any day. Its nice to finally get a proper RN DD in the game.
  8. Armo1000

    Suggestions thread

    For sure the suggestions made here are very important to note(will make this game so much better if some suggestions are added) and its a shame more people are not asking for these features and new game modes instead of just crying for new ships the whole time.I hardly see any topics about actually adding more modes and more game play features.
  9. An excellent thread. You make some very good suggestions which frankly I can't see why WG or anyone else has not thought of yet. Nice to see I'm not the only one striving for more game modes and the proper historical use of the ships we have in game. I find it a bit frustrating that the community in general does t seem to care about this in general. Hardly see anyone asking for new modes and game play features. The modes you suggest are exactly my thinking and will make this game so much more than what it is currently. Especially for naval history buffs like myself who only play this game for fun and for historical reasons so don't feel right playing for example a HMS Warspite allied with German destroyers fighting in a Pacific map. i really hope WG takes your suggestions into account to achieve the naval war game we all deserve.
  10. Some PvE modes would be a good addition. If they manage something like what armoured warfare had it could prove quite successful and be a good distraction from the normal PvP content till they add more modes.
  11. Armo1000

    May 4th, a very important...

    And here i was thinking this was gonna be Star Wars related lol.
  12. True i have not played thousands of games. but frankly i dont have the time to or really want to. I play this game for fun and not to grind endlessly i get no joy what so ever is grinding all day long. However i have been with this game since Alpha(and active on the forums way before we even had screenshots of the game) and have seen how this game has developed and only wish for its success as naval war games are far a few between. Also why do people feel the need to nose into players stats the moment anyone post anything like its a measure of the validity of their point or something.
  13. More game modes are all i have ever wanted from this game for a long while now. Playing randoms over and over for what is years at this point with no change in game play is getting very boring. I feel as if the game is wasting is potential. The core game play is decent but if that is all you have in a game then people are going to get bored and leave the game. I have started to see this unfortunately in some cases of old players who have been here since the beginning. (gregor makes some good points on why he left the game) WG seems to be focusing mostly on the addition of new ships which of course is needed but there has to be a balance in content. And unfortunately the players dont help this situation as all they seem to ask for is new ships, demanding them which a total lack of foresight for the games future. New ships wont give his game more variety(not at this point at least)or make it more fun. And the game has ultimately felt the same to me at core for most its life as a result of this. Any new game mode to mix up the game play a bit a fully utilise the games potential would be very welcome. I would love to see Historical battles, axis vs allies mode, and battles with more structure/objectives to actually feel like im playing in a fleet and not a random mess of ships from random nations all over the world. Also more interesting maps would be great. I know they are working on co-op battles which is good news and i hope this mode works out and paves the way for more actual game play content. But i still feel that giving us more variety in the game has been an afterthought from the devs because of this constant demand for new ships. I am interested to hear what ideas people have for new modes in order to spice up the game.
  14. Armo1000

    RN DDs: The Beginning

    Watch how they still manage to include paper ships despite the abundance of historical ships available. But anyway I for one am probably looking forward to RN DDs more than BBs. Would be nice to see Cavalier soon as a premium. Also would be nice to se Haida for the Canadians
  15. Armo1000

    Aprils Fools incoming

    and of course its a Russian sub and not a U-boat or something better known.