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  1. gariter

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Not sure if this question has been asked before said in the news post 10,000 RBP for anyone with 5 Tier 10s researched if that just researched or do i need to purchase and play with them aswell? i have 2 Tier 10s purchased and played with but many Tier10s that haven't been purchased but i have them researched so do i get the 10,000 RBP or do i need to purchase these Tier10s too? @MrConway @YabbaCoe
  2. gariter

    Can't Connect to EU in China

    Thanks @uocat and everyone else that participated It actually worked now i won't miss out on the french missions
  3. gariter

    Can't Connect to EU in China

    Thanks for the suggestions Express VPN does work in terms of web surfing and youtube and all that e.g if i connect to UK, when i surf google it says .co.uk as opposed to .com.cn or .com.uk but just doesn't seem to work when i try to play WOWs so just wondering if there was anyother programs that would allow me to get around the firewall and connect?
  4. gariter

    Can't Connect to EU in China

    So i'm in China i download the EU WOWs client i try to log in but it doesn't work some DNS IP thing i tried running express vpn before connecting still doesn't work Does anyone have any ideas on how i can connect to the EU server? Thanks in advance
  5. So i get a mouse everywhere else on the game (menu, port) but when i'm in game i used to press CTRL and that would bring up the mouse cursor and allow me to ping the minimap and select planes for my AA guns but now that doesn't work anymore the only way i can ping minimap now is pressing M have the map come up, this is the only way i seem to get the mouse cursor up but even then i still can't select planes and ships for my AA and secondaries to focus on. Can anyone help i've already tried deleting my preferences like other threads have said