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  1. Colonel_Maxxe

    MM hell

    Really, is that the best you can do ? I for one can sympatise with OP as it gets really tideous fighting +2 tier ships most battles, atleast the discrepancy between tiers is alot better than world of tanks.
  2. Colonel_Maxxe

    Don't bother with Shipmas boxes

    It's the usual bait and switch, up the dropchance in the beginning when all the youtubers produce vids about how they get massive amount of stuff then nerf the %-chance to the ground so you don't flood the market. I wouldn't touch these containers with a stick...
  3. Colonel_Maxxe

    Ranked battles don't work

    Irrevocable ranks is destrying the fun, I keep getting idiots and afkers on my teams the whole time. CV:s not moving from the spawn, BB:s not staying in supporting range, CA:s yoloing off alone, the only ppl that more than often knows how to play are the destroyer captains. Ranking up now is nigh on impossible due to the above, and like OP says nothing more than rng. A shame really, ranked battles had such potential... Currently I'm playing ranked just because I find it more fun with less ships on the map and the occational gem of a game with ppl that accually possess a brain. Peace out! /Maxxe
  4. Colonel_Maxxe

    Bouncing torpedos ?

    All 4 exploded, no sail through. Same thing happened when i got struck by 2 torpedos aswell. Perhaps it's related to the comment by Thurlp, that the section of the ship already had taken maximal damage, however strange that may seem with a torp spread.
  5. Colonel_Maxxe

    Bouncing torpedos ?

    As a strange occurance, I managed to get my Sims hit by 2 torpedos from a Mutsuki in a ranked battle and lo and behold, instead of getting sunk I only got the damage from one of them and I survived at a few hundred hitpoint. I wonder if this ties into the "1 hp left" world of tanks feature.
  6. Colonel_Maxxe

    Bouncing torpedos ?

    No, the "4th" torpedo would have sunk him (presumably, they all hit pretty much at the same time), he survived on very low health (did 16k damage if i recall correctly) and his secondaries finished me off after I fired a couple of salvoes with my cannons. Perhaps abit of a noob move but I was 'WTF!!!' and lost my wits as I was sure of a certain kill. Maybe it was a case of your "torpedos out of place" syndrome, or some sort of bug/desync with the would-be killing blow. The info on the reappearing bugs explains alot, I have been experiencing wierdness as of lately, like scoring 74 HE hits with my Sims not causing a single fire or incapacitation and a similar experience with my Atago where the rng went totally bananas. @Phantombeast: They all hit, there were no torpedo "graphics" or marker on the other side of the Fuso as they all hit squarely in the side.
  7. Colonel_Maxxe

    Bouncing torpedos ?

    Unfortunatley I don't have replays activated
  8. Colonel_Maxxe

    Bouncing torpedos ?

    Just to clarify, I only launched one rack of 4 torpedos, the Fuso was at half health so wanted to save the other launcher for the carrier that was close by. /Maxxe
  9. Colonel_Maxxe

    Bouncing torpedos ?

    Hi all, Played my Sims in a ranked battle, where I ambushed a Fuso class battleship and fired my 4 torps on ~3km and watched all of them hit squarely in the side, but alas only 3 hits were registered by the game... Anyone have a good answer what may have caused this ? it was at abit of an angle so might there have been a "bounce" if that's in the game mechanisms ? Annoyed Destroyercaptain out! /Maxxe
  10. Colonel_Maxxe

    AP shells not penetrating

    lmao, thanks for the tip Who can live without a steady supply of potatoes. I'll stick to my HE shells when pounding a Cleveland from now on.
  11. Colonel_Maxxe

    AP shells not penetrating

    Yup, was aiming just below minus the usual spread, to no effect. Oh well, better pray to rngesus and hope for a better result next time.
  12. Colonel_Maxxe

    AP shells not penetrating

    Hi, Just finished a battle with my Atago (tier 8 IJN cruiser) where I scored 56 AP shell hits on a Cleveland (tier 6 USN cruiser) showing full side, all shells fired at 7 km or less aimed at citadels under turrets and boilerroom, where I didn't get a single citadel penetration. What kind of sick game is this ... Just for reference, I did 20'939 damage firing 56 AP shells and 18'457 damage firing 26 HE shells (out of which 15 was on a Tirpitz, rest was cruisers) Anyone else experienced this behaviour after the patch? Just want some confirmation that I, once more, should stick to firing only HE shells. Peace out! /Maxxe