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  1. Kokos78

    Ring Commanders–Claim them Inside!

    Ahoy m8s, is there a way to get Cmd Jingles still? Thnz in advance.
  2. Kokos78

    Server Down?

    Why there's no info in forums after so much time and why isn't there a Server Status section for warships, like WoT and WoWp?
  3. Hey matey long time no see on forums. Long vacations?
  4. Kokos78

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    The vast majority here are returning customers of other WG products and assume they can expect the same policies. Despite that this thread is not about not having special offers or events or even information in general about the release before it happens. It's about a ''special offer'' that's the opposite of special...
  5. Kokos78

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    Well as it was mentioned earlier it is illegal in EU to mark a special offer when it s the same or even worse higher price!
  6. Will there be an option for enabling replays tomorrow?
  7. ΟP didn't asked for details of future updates. Nothing to do with impatience, just a simple ''Get ready guys we're launching'' thread one day before the official release of the game would have gone a long way. Edit: Btw there's a major difference between I'm playing it smart and not letting anything important leak out so I can keep feeding the hype. And not even bother communicate with the community I'm a community manager of. Although I must admit that this time we at least know the release date, last time with CBT to OBT we didn't even knew that.
  8. First of all I have like 10 battles in BBs, secondly I dont want a class to be nerfed and my class get buffed. I want balance. P.S. and peace
  9. I never said they're meaningless, and it's not my loss only. A friend already gave up WoWs cause he got fed up of being torped from 280 meters no matter what evasive actions he took. I bet there are more like him. P.S. Beside the fact you re a great player overall, your best stats are with CVs. So point proven I guess.
  10. If you re a practical mind get an Android instead
  11. Do not promote unhealthy eating behaviour. Eat an apple instead
  12. That has never played carriers and he hasn't 100+ battles in Minekaze or Cleveland?
  13. Kokos78

    Charming fellow players

    I ve lost my mother from cancer and it's a very sensitive subject for me. I guess I couldn't handle the frustration.
  14. Kokos78

    Charming fellow players

    St4n, on 09 September 2015 - 06:58 PM, said: [edited] In my book you are the one that insulted him very badly... *irony off* That's the reason why naming and shaming isn't allowed. The support can check chat-logs, but we can only believe you and your "evidence". Even replays can be manipulated. If it was allowed I could run arround the forum telling everyone that you are a teamkiller and racist providing fake evidence. And than you can tell me how your nickname isn't a personal information when people start harrasing you ingame. Ok I see your point I guess I was too angry to think twice.
  15. Kokos78

    Charming fellow players

    But then again he didn't said these things in private message. What's the difference between ingame chat and the game's forum?