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  1. I agree with this^^ Surely they must have made a mistake with the pricing of this ship. This makes no sense
  2. Senseopadje

    Explanation and apology

    So uhm, did they search you eh..everywhere?
  3. Senseopadje

    Aim Assist WOWS It is not allowed

    So much drama. You all should play the game some more instead of making this forum your second life. And stop demanding the Guy's head on a stick. His reputation is in the gutter. He's on the floor why you all keep kicking. Lets just wait and calm down.
  4. Senseopadje

    Warspite on sale - but in a bundle

    I want the Warspite but 50 Euros!!..damn man thats harsh. So no deal WG
  5. Senseopadje

    serious bug found in patch 0.5.1,plz fix it as fast as possible

    Ah I thought it was something on my end. Good to know it's not. Highest settings on a GTX 780Ti. I think so too
  6. Thx for the modpack Aslain,much appreciated
  7. Senseopadje

    BB on sale in russian server

    And some of them are giving it away as a price too.. I want that ship too but I have a feeling ( as do more people ) it's gonna cost a lot of money ( think 50 euro )
  8. Senseopadje

    Dutch players

    I have not noticed any lag at those times... *knock on wood*
  9. Senseopadje

    Dutch Speaking Forum

    I think there are too few Dutch/Belgium people playing this game to warrant a Dutch sub forum
  10. Senseopadje

    I simple love this game

    Nice to read such a cheerfull and positive post and I agree with you 100%..
  11. Senseopadje

    EU server on fast forward?

    He this is weird. With the last 2 games I played today, everything went in slowmo..like halfspeed. And no, I did not drink nor did I smoke anything
  12. Senseopadje

    This game is eating the dirt already..

    I think what Aldramelech said is right. Once more tech trees are ingame more peeps will join. I think this game will survive without problems
  13. Senseopadje

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    Well, this is the last picture taken of the hamster...did not need food at the time
  14. Senseopadje

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    the hamster?
  15. Senseopadje

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    It's the one posting above me who caused the crash....for sure!