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  1. andreiversus

    Coop battles.

    Before i start to play this game i had 45% winrate,after some battles,after i watched all naval academy episodes i preffered communicate with players,give me advices about ships,upgrades,etc,my winrate grows to 54%,and i hope it will still growing(i don't consider myself a low grade or a noob anymore,thats my opinion anyway),the point and the idea why i created this topic is this:i played some random battles,i understand some players are not in the mood with communication,but to be rude instead of giving me advice,or help me ,it is that player who insulting making me idiot,noob,etc,and f**ks your day,after some 5-10 random battles,i preffer relax 2-3 coop games,then i go try play random again.For coop battles for that 2-3 coop games who i play i preffer get at least 50% of rewards ,and i get not even the half compared to random,and to make people play few coop games and play mostly random battles or ranked,etc,they should limit coop tier untill tier 6,you can play coop with maximum tier 6,but at least i will appreciate in return the more 50% rewards. (PS:That's the problem with some players and always will have noobs in team,because (now i talk in general) instead you giving advices,try to help him,you insult him,and because of that you make that players to not listen you anymore.) You want more XP and credits for relaxing? Answer:So yea,thats why i want some 50% more rewards in coop,for relaxing,that's my answer.(i hope you understood me).
  2. andreiversus

    Coop battles.

    Good evening,i wanted to ask,if maybe in the future patches is still a chance to upgrade coop battles with more experience and credits,many players wants sometimes to relax in coop,after some random battle,ranked ofcourse,and we get few experience and credits compared with random,at least i was hopping make the coop battles earn at least 50% more credits and experience(for example if i play a random battle with fuso doing 60000 damage,i get like almost 1000 experience and nice credits like 100000-150000,if i play coop i don't get even the half of 1000 experience and 100000 credits).So i hope,soon coop battle will be updated.
  3. andreiversus

    End of the Year In-game Competition Submission Thread

    In game name:andreiversus. Had some fun with my Atago.
  4. andreiversus

    Equipment and camo for Atago

    Ok thanks again
  5. andreiversus

    Equipment and camo for Atago

    Thanks man,anyway i watched this video http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/spotlight-atago/ and i saw there the battery modification 1,AA guns modification 2,damage control system modification 1,,steering gears modification 2,and target acquisition system modification 1,is good these too? i mean is not so different between they recommend than what i choosed,and by the way,what you will choose between sonar and AA consumable?
  6. andreiversus

    Equipment and camo for Atago

    Hi guys just i bought Atago after i interested about the ship,gameplays,playing style,and i want to ask what camo you recommend for me? the -3% detectability or -4% to the firing accuracy of the enemy ships attacking your ship? And the second question is :what equipments you recommend for me ? i was thinking about the torbedo tubes modification 1,main battery modification 2,steering gears modification 1,damage control system modification 2 and target acquisition system modification 1,if you consider to replace one of them or almost all equipment with others,please say,i needs some advices.
  7. andreiversus

    No more episodes on naval legends?

    Hi guys,i wanted to ask :if new episode on naval legends will appear?Saw all episodes,and i like history about the ships in world war 2.(for example: i want a episode about japanese cruiser Takao or Atago who is a Takao class)
  8. andreiversus

    One more Eu server:)

    T0byJug to be honest,my pc have 6 years ,it's a old pc,Intel Core 2 Duo Cpu E6550 2,33 2,33 Ghz,6 GB of Ram DDr2,HDD 500 GB,ATI Radeon HD5570 1GB DDR 3 128 bits,anyway on this pc i have on medium quality 40-50 Fps and nice ping,but when 30k or more people are online i have sometimes 35 fps and lag,1 from 5 games,it's rarely is not rlly annoying to be honest.
  9. andreiversus

    One more Eu server:)

    I asked because to many people can cause lag,and to avoid the lag is good to have one more eu server,that's the point.(i have 40-50 fps in game and when i see 30k people online i have 1/5 games high ping sometimes),anyway the game needs alot of patches anyway,important paches,like division chat,depot and store for equipment and for modules,etc.Anyway i created a topic about these too.
  10. andreiversus

    One more Eu server:)

    Hello guys,i was thinking ,maybe is a chance in future patches to be added one more EU server on the game? Like EU1 and EU2.
  11. andreiversus

    Colorado needs a buff as soon as possible....

    I'm back with a nice news,anyway just saying 1st time when i bought colorado and it was stock ,feel disapointed,even new mexico stock,new york stock,wyoming stock was more better,anyway i fully upgraded colorado and now i have good games even i lose the battle or win,i make like 60-70k dmg and my ship hp is 50100 so i make more than my hp ship, and sometimes i had games with 100k dmg.
  12. andreiversus

    Colorado needs a buff as soon as possible....

    Beercrazy ,i have stock hull and i want to skip second hull and buy last hull ,because this game don't have a depot ,store for equipment and for modules,i have some ships who i don't need some modules and i could sell them,but i can't.....
  13. Hi guys,i bought colorado 2 days ago,and i'm very dissapointed,no hp,no speed,no armor,nagato for example have 25 knots,colorado 21,nagato 410 caliber guns,colorado 406,colorado don't have maneuverability,nagato has nice manewverability,colorado 50100 hp with last hull,nagato 65000.... just saying< for me it's not fair some ships are better than colorado,even new mexico ,tier 6 is better than tier 7 colorado
  14. Hi guys ,since world of tanks have an depot and store for equipment,i think world of warships needs them too,plus an division chat will be nice,because at the moment you have all chat and team chat.
  15. andreiversus

    Port slots,upgrades

    Honestly i was thinking about that too^^,i think for the start i will buy 1-2 slots with 300 gold,later when they will make 150,i will buy more