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  1. Adonnay

    Server down?

    Keine Ahnung... ich kam kurz ins Spiel. Wollte mit der Pensacola eine Runde fahren und wurde zurück in den Login-Bildschirm geworfen. Da hänge ich jetzt und komm nicht mehr rein... ohne Fehlermeldung. Es passiert einfach nichts.
  2. Ja, genau! Oh man, wie ich das liebe... ich mit meiner doch nicht allzu schnellen NewMex und 3 Kreuzer (Cleveland, Omaha, Aoba) gegen 4 Gegner... also eigentlich recht ausgeglichen. Ich also schön aggressiv am Vorrücken und alle Gegner fokusieren mich nach wenigen Sekunden... Ich denk mir okay, die wollen mich halt aus dem Wasser haben. Ne... die hatten einfach kein anderes Ziel mehr weil die Kreuzer alle abgedreht und zurück Richtung eigener Flagge geschippert sind... dafuq? Zugegeben, ich war ziemlich fokussiert auf die Gegner (aka Tunnel vision), aber selbst wenn ich es rechtzeitig mitbekommen hätte, wäre ich mit meinen 21ktn auf jeden Fall das Schlusslicht und damit Beute gewesen...
  3. Adonnay

    World of Warships Gameplay: "Tirpitz" Welt Premiere

    Bisher war es bei WG immer so, dass die Premiumschiffe/-panzer/-flugzeuge schlechter waren als das normale Gegenstück, oder sie waren ein Tier höher. Ich bin sicher, dass die Bismarck-Klasse entsprechende Upgrades bekommt, die sie in einigen Bereichen besser macht als die Tirpitz.
  4. Adonnay


    Wenn du im Zoom ALT drückst bekommst du die Dauer angezeigt, die die Geschosse brauchen ;)
  5. Adonnay


    Die Mündungsgeschwindigkeit hat er ja... oder zumindest die Zeit, die das Geschoss von A nach B braucht. Denn das wird ja im Spiel angezeigt. Der einzige Faktor, der ganz sicher falsch ist - wie einige schon bemerkt haben - ist die Geschwindigkeit. Die Schiffe sind deutlich schneller als angegeben. Den Faktor müsstest du noch ermitteln, dann passt es wieder.
  6. Adonnay

    How to play the Pensacola ?

    Well I am also leaning towards the "Pensacola is a nightmare" crowd. I already have it fully upgraded and all but I still struggle to have good matches in it like I had in the Phoenix or Omaha. The ROF is terrible and the thing is huge! It's larger than many BBs and therefore quite easy to hit. That combined with the lack of armor I tend to get raped by BBs regularly. And yes, I try not to drive in a straight line. I do get occasional penetrations on BBs, especially with the plunging fire (not so much at closer range) so the guns are actually okay, but the ROF and more importantly the turn rate are really lacking. And what really bugs me is that the New Orleans is pretty much the same hull with one less barrel and an equally bad ROF (slight upgrade but less barrels). I think only the turret traverse is really better. What a grind... but I certainly won't blow any free XP into this. I see what you're doing here WG
  7. I must also say that in a competitive environment like WoT or WoWs I actually don't want to see any mods. Even if most modders are a nice bunch and have no ill intents, there's always that 1% that exploits and abuses these possibilities (i.e. aim assist, the WoT arty mod with the changed perspective) and that bend the rules as far as possible. HOWEVER: I like mods that change things like the crosshairs or ship skins. But in my opinion that is something WG has to actively enable you to do (i.e. mod tools for these specific purposes).
  8. Adonnay

    The tirpitz iz beautifull.... Ja wohl!

    Well if you consider Saving Private Ryan the same kind of entertainment that WoWs or Mario Cart is, then I'm not surprised people can't distinguish between appropriate historical accuracy (calibers, length, speed) and inappropriate or insensible historical accuracy (offensive flags).
  9. Adonnay

    The tirpitz iz beautifull.... Ja wohl!

    You say you dislike censorship in general but are okay with "accepted" censored versions and you get all freaked out because WoWs does not use one of those "accepted" censored flags... (btw, who accepted those flags?? Is there some kind of international censored flag acceptance committee?). You really should get out more. It seems you are not sensible enough to understand and accept that some people have an issue with those flags and the emotions they bring up in them. The flags are so absolutely irrelevant! And nobody should even care what they look like in my opinion. All this "historically accurate" [edited] is really such a fake argument. I bet most of the people claiming they want "historical accuracy" don't now anything about history. Yes, I want to sugarcoat WW2 because I want to enjoy the game as what it is... a game. A game that also kids can play without getting reminded all the time that you're actually playing one of the most gruesome periods of our time. Historical accuracy is for history channels and books, not for entertainment.
  10. Adonnay

    BB captains too passive?

    "Without seriously damaging it" is relative... usually in Tiers III - V a overpenetration means around 800 - 1000 damage. For a ~9000 HP destroyer this is pretty much, especially considering the Wyoming i.e. can shoot 12 shots in one salvo. A DD should be able to come out alive if he is lucky (which he was in your encounter obviously), otherwise DDs would die too easily and too often, especially the american ones who have to get as close as 4-5km, which is well within the secondary batteries of most ships. I understand your frustration... I have had similar encounters with DDs myself but most of the time it's bad luck (or luck for the DD). Usually a couple (2-5) well placed (and lucky) salvo usually rips every cruiser apart, DDs usually die in 1-3 salvos at short range. It all comes down to the massive part RNG plays in this game.
  11. Adonnay

    Engine / Rudder damage please reduce the chance.

    I agree that the repair time for rudder and engine should be reduced for cruisers and even more for DDs - OR - lower the probability of disabling said modules.
  12. Adonnay

    BB captains too passive?

    I actually think that most non-BB drivers have simply no idea how a BB is played. As an occasional BB driver (mainly cruisers) I noticed that BBs are actually pretty fragile and cannot tank nearly as much as cruiser or destoyer drivers might think. When I see a group of enemy ships consisting of cruisers I usually try to stay at range because their constant rain of fire can tear me down relatively quick. At the same time if I see a destroyer among that group I stay away even further. That might lead to the point where this group of cruisers or destoryers push me away to the edge of the map and smart-[edited]people start clicking the map calling me noob. On the occasions when I really tried to confront groups of enemy ships (earlier in my BB career) I got torped relatively fast by cruisers and DDs alike. So while some people might think of those BB drivers as noobs or cowards I think they're actually using their BB wisely. Steaming off to the opposite direction when all enemies are obviously (as opposed to probably) coming over one flank is of course a different matter. But that happens very rarely. What I despise more is cruisers who ignore DDs or CVs who attack DDs and completely waste their torp bombers. Everyone should know their role on the battlefield and the role of the BB is not to tank, hell a well played cruiser can stay alive much longer, but to provide long range firepower to keep enemies at bay and land the occasional critical hit to thin out the enemies lines.