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  1. Malakin0

    King George V

    You have a very low chance, if any at all to start a fire if the HE shell does not pen. IFHE lowers the chance for fire, but also increases it through allowing more shells to pen and thus have more chances to start fires.
  2. Malakin0

    Armor Penetration Curves

    No, warspite has worse pen at closer than 12km or so. The scales for the shells penetration are different on the two graphs, warspites scale goes to 700mm and the other 750mm. warspite goes for about 680mm at 0km down to 310 at 20km or so, bayern has 720mm down to about 290mm.
  3. Malakin0

    0.4.1 full patch notes

    No buff to the colorado or other massivly broken ships :c
  4. Malakin0

    4.1 test server and update notes

    Improved accuracy for BBs at under 3km, sigh. Sure its a buff, but at 3km you are already dead in a BB.
  5. Malakin0

    For anyone who says BBs are useless

    What people seem to miss is that all this damage is done to other BBs... BBs tend to concentrate firing on other BBs which inflates their damage done making the stats look fine, but the main prey of BBs should be the cruisers. If BBs could not fire at other BBs you would see these damage stats plummet.
  6. Malakin0

    Please improve secondaries

    False, secondarys on battleships and cruisers made use of simmilar fire control to the main guns.
  7. Malakin0

    Wich Shipclass should I take?

    If you just want to win and get exp then go CV if you want to win but also have fun then play CA if you want a challenge but also big rewards go DD if you want a flamable EXP pinata then play BB
  8. Planes need their manuverability nerfed hardcore, atm their UFO flightpatterns mean that any manuvering is useless once the carrier player knows what they are doing and the planes fly fast enough
  9. Malakin0

    Ships armor

    Can i make a suggestion for the future of the armour visualiser and that is adding an option which gives you the ability to simulate a shell hit from different guns from different ranges and angles ? Somthing like the hit cam in warthunder would be useful in the armour viewer to truely understand how the mechanics work.
  10. Malakin0

    Ships armor

    The values they gave for the armour was completely innacurate as the layout of armour on a ship is far more complicated than just a single min and max value. Basically the numbers just misslead people leading to all sorts of rants. Yes there does need to be some way to view the armour layout and thickness for each ship, but it would have to be a more complicated visual model like in warthunder for it to work. even then a normal player would prob just fail to understand why one scheme is better than another without lots of research and testing.
  11. Malakin0

    The General Community

    What people got to realise is that for good sportsmanship and chitchat to happen more often, they themselves need to start doing it. Even if it is just GLHF at the start of the battle in all chat, every little helps.
  12. Malakin0

    HE Damage to BBs is definitely not fine

    remember BBs, just run away from destroyers, and CVs and make sure you are up close and doing your job of taking fire for the CAs and being a tank, but also remember to run away from CAs cause getting too close is a nub mistake and dont get into positions where your team runs away and you are stuck there with your 20 speed silly but never go alone jeez. Man BBs are such noobs
  13. Malakin0

    For god sake FIX HE insane fire effect!

    Whats your point ? DDs and CVs can kill BBs in one volley too, even CAs can in some situations. Also, matchmaking should not be taken into account in ballancing the classes. it should be the other way around, matchmaking should depend on the ballance of the ships.
  14. Malakin0

    For god sake FIX HE insane fire effect!

    The fact that they were 'pesky' and that you could wear them down in your cruiser is the issue here. They should have kicked your [edited]if they were the same skill level as you, not just because of some lucky rng hit but just in general you should be scared of a T4 BB in your T5 CA. BBs are supposed to be the counter to CAs not just somthing that is annoying because it takes too long to kill...
  15. Malakin0

    For god sake FIX HE insane fire effect!

    The more fire damage you take on a location, the less chance there should be to be set on fire again in that location.