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  1. WolFie90

    Bonus Codes!

    And If anyone is willing to give away gifts... I shall accept only 3 of them. Rest of them, i will refuse and send back!
  2. WolFie90

    Game - I killed a celebrity

    Simple. Make a screenie, of you killing a game celeb. Others may award style points. I will open up with torping Jingles
  3. Or ... Simply what ever fanboys! Community , if that hostile against open discussions, are not community, but african immigrant Stocholm geto gang, that bullys white women.
  4. No , there's just wall of hate against new ideas from fanboys. Something new from new player must be hated.
  5. Allrighty fanboys ... There's no open mind and discussion here, when someone sugests to make something easyer for new players Moderators, just close the thread please.
  6. Let me make you a sugestion to put the acronymes into tech trees or somewhere, in F1 menu, so every newbie would see them from the first logon ever. I can see the wall of hate right now, because you guys stick into the frames you've been using for a long time. Why does a regular gamer, "11 year old boy from Latvia", have to understand the acronymes in a language, that he speaks 500 words, if that ?
  7. Haven't we learned, how big % goes to forum ever from the entire WoT playerbase ? And you expect every dude to get into forum to read newcomers section ? What i mean is - there's questions and answers chat in game. I see newbie joining channel and asking something. Answers are good, but containing acronymes, that newbie has no idea, what they mean. In WoT, indeed LT is easy as hell to understand - light tank. Explain me how DD is easy to understand as destroyer ?
  8. Remove manual drop from carriers - problem solved! With manual drop, they are indeed way too OP!
  9. Let's make some facts clear. 1. This game is not a 1:1 simulator. It's arcade! 2. In Alfa, Beta phase, this game was used only by : a)devs (they had to know all the acronymes since they were talking with a few naval experts) b)testers that are anal about every detail c)naval fanboys now 3. Future playerbase will be mass. It will be people like me. Some wierd country that speaks english as 2nd or 3rd language (if at all). They are not interested of naval warfare on any more level than "i wanna pew pew". 4. Future playerbase will be formed of people that are simply using words like "dessy" for destroyer, "BS" for battleship and some other cuddly names for carriers or cruisers. I strongly sugest people that are answering to newbies, to drop the acronymes that arcade pew pewers wont understand. It is a discussion topic... So lets discuss, if i'm right or not.
  10. WolFie90

    Gun accuracy of the ship ?

    Well , thank you.
  11. WolFie90

    Gun accuracy of the ship ?

    Okay, that is half of the answer. I still find it too difficult to compare my future Montana to my current ships, by accuracy
  12. WolFie90

    Gun accuracy of the ship ?

    Where would one, that does not visit internets and dig through endless pages of forums, find the accuracy of guns in WoWS ingame? Question raised, when i switched from US battleship tier 3 to tier 4... Double the barrels, but get lucky, if hit enemy at all. Would like to have option to compare ships ingame.