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  1. Sprejnik

    [KAGA] Recruits new members

    10 more member places available now
  2. Sprejnik

    Why are the servers down?

    I always have a good match when server goes down... WG finally needs to give out apolodubloons or something.
  3. Sprejnik

    [KAGA] Recruits new members

    4 slots free!
  4. Sprejnik

    [KAGA] Recruits new members

    still searching
  5. Sprejnik

    [KAGA] Recruits new members

    6 slots left!
  6. Sprejnik

    Akagi's Tea Party

    Flamu fanbase clan and up
  7. Sprejnik

    [KAGA] Recruits new members

    10 slots left~
  8. Greetings fellow captains! We are an international clan made of mostly KanColle fans. Don't be scared. We don't bite you. What we offer - A free slot in a cosy clan. We value quality of members over quantity. - Divisions with members and having fun together. - We play Operations together to get 5 Stars with teamplay. - Clan bonuses (XP for nations, lower costs, etc). - Voting for clan intern things. - An active Clan Discord server. What we expect from our new members - Be active in-game. - Join our Discord Server. - Have above average stats. - Have at least one tier 8 ship to participate in Clan Battles. How to join us? PM me here on forum or in-game. Or even better, join our Discord server: Discord Link Our clan stats: WoWs Numbers [KAGA]