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  1. Nethraniel

    Making ships more unique by naming them

    Some time ago, there were some hints, that WG wants to implement something like a drop down menu with different ship names for your hull... but that was more or less some developer babble.
  2. Nethraniel

    Crazy detonations

    Well... stays the way... detonations are still rather rare, but when they happen, they are 'fun & engaging'... even with these stupid flags, they should remove this useless mechanism just from a game mechanical point of view (history doesn't matter here).
  3. Nethraniel

    Multiple accounts: same policy than WoT?

    Shared accounts is 'one account - multiple users', which is not allowed, while multiple accounts is 'one user - multiple accounts' which is fine.
  4. Nethraniel

    0.6.1 Equipment changes. Next cash sinks?

    However, the radar is in the same slot as the Concealment System Mod and the Target Acquisition System Mod... so it is still a tough decision for a radar ship, to take that... and I think, in most cases Concealment Mod + CE for Radar ships is the better choice.
  5. Nethraniel

    0.6.1 Equipment changes. Next cash sinks?

    Well... it is still a slot 2 upgrade. So, you need to chose between things like Aiming System Mod 1, AA Mod 2, or this new mod... and 36 or 48 seconds duration instead of 30 or 40 is also not sooo much.
  6. Nethraniel

    0.6.1 Equipment changes. Next cash sinks?

    Yes, a quite nice upgrade for a not so interesting upgrade slot. In the 4 slot, I typically have propulsion mod 1, but with Preventive Maintanence and Last Stand, it is not so important to have it there.
  7. Nethraniel

    0.6.1 Equipment changes. Next cash sinks?

    I read that part again, so I might be right:
  8. Nethraniel

    0.6.1 Equipment changes. Next cash sinks?

    From the previous rumors, I thought they might be also achievable through missions or campaigns?
  9. Nethraniel

    Question to DD players: Are you "good little soldiers"?

    Typically I write 'No! Our DD setup says A+B' followed by 'I go B, need some guns there' and 'point cursor at B + F3' Helps more often than not. Especially if that special snowflake BB has only managed to turn in the wrong direction but the DDs are already reaching the other caps.
  10. Nethraniel

    So, why don't you play Carriers?

    I, for my part, do not see it as a real barrier, but just a thing I dislike. I do not want to play some RTS gameplay. However, I do not think, that CV should play differently, but then I decide for myself, that I am not going to play CV. So, it is not a complaint, it is more a matter-of-fact arrangement.
  11. Nethraniel

    False number of guns on Gneisenau

    WoWS never was and never will be historically accurate.
  12. Nethraniel

    So, why don't you play Carriers?

    Easy for me to explain, why I do not play CV... I do not play WoWS in order to play a RTS.
  13. Well 25mm includes all T8 cruiser hulls, most T9 cruiser hulls, and parts of T10 cruiser hulls... I wouldn't skip that completely.
  14. Brings 127mm HE at least above 25mm pen. So, it is not useless.
  15. Step 1: take BFT + IFHE Step 2: Check if located Step 3: Check if enemy radar/hydro around Step 4: Pop smoke Step 5: Pop radar Step 6: Shower next enemy with HE shells for serious DMG numbers Step 7: If enemy rushes your smoke, torp him Step 8: Profit