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  1. SturmKlaus

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    Had a match on the new map just now. Couldn't load in other ships. Was right in the middle of Hindernburgs and Yamatos. Couldn't see anyone, saw them on the minimap though...
  2. SturmKlaus

    Consumables stop working after crash

    Gotten disconnected 2 times today (probably due to shoddy internet on my part, or my mods) But when i load back in to a battle i can't use my consumables. Just shows 0:00 and you can't do anything. Seems to fix itself after a few minutes.. But it shouldnt. So there we are.
  3. SturmKlaus

    The Sims

    And another one. It need some velocity increase. It's comical at the moment. Really really comical. Play it once in a while but, this afternoon i was reminded of how abysmal it is.
  4. SturmKlaus

    Server off line ?

    Popcorn eaten and all [edited]'s been given. Cheers and happy christmas. Have fun WG
  5. SturmKlaus

    Server off line ?

    *Grumble grumble*
  6. SturmKlaus

    Server is acting up

    Gentlemen, field fix (try): Log off Wait for 10-15 minutes Log on This should help the server to catch up with you after earlier fix. If this does not work, you might have to wait until morning - but for most of you still suffering issues the short log off should help. "In that case you will unfortunately have to try again only tomorrow probably, the server guys are working on the fix for these "stuck" cases but might take some time still "
  7. SturmKlaus

    Server off line ?

    Probably not. Not enough of us being stuck. Me losing a few hours of premium time
  8. SturmKlaus

    Server off line ?

    Well, still stuck. So guess i'm off for the night. edit: *grumble grumble*
  9. SturmKlaus

    Server off line ?

    People on teamspeak are playing. Still Stuck in port
  10. SturmKlaus

    Server off line ?

    Still stuck. fix it fix it fix it !
  11. SturmKlaus

    Public Test General Feedback

    Just wanted to put this in. Not sure if someone already mentioned. New gun sounds are AMAZING edit. Russian cruiser seemed fine in first iteration. Now it's good/great.
  12. SturmKlaus

    TAW is recruiting

    Sent an application. Hope it goes through
  13. SturmKlaus

    AP and Gun Issues.

    Was hoping they would be more open. Incomplete patchnotes is always a garanti when it comes to Wargaming. So you live in a paranoid state, not knowing if it's all in your head or not. Noticed these changes on the test server. Something was really off with the aim. But at the time i was more worried about the "rubber ducking" the boats did. And as previously stated, no mention of aiming anywhere.
  14. SturmKlaus

    It's raining shells

    Damn you !