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  1. theOneNL

    Katori ?

    ill cross my finger aswell, well more like upright
  2. theOneNL

    Katori ?

    this conversation is going nowhere, i say goodbye to you
  3. theOneNL

    Katori ?

    weak response, i open 3 containers a day i may get 1-2 supers a month always signals/cammos or modules. and i did repeat myself to show you that your comment about being selfish was not only a false but also a stupid statement
  4. theOneNL

    Katori ?

    but i cant get nikolai
  5. theOneNL

    Katori ?

    so now the last of the "reward" ships from the whole ruby event is just another premium.........so glad i put so much time and effort in getting the smith and katori back then, just to see them being giving out to all. gg but i cant get the nikolai..............
  6. theOneNL

    HMS Tiger (C20) premium proposal

    how it changed hahahah
  7. theOneNL

    Best JPN CA at it's tier.

    Tier for Tier, Myoko is the best
  8. theOneNL

    Want, no wait. Need De Ruyter as a premium now WG!

    thats not even slightly related. i am talking about multiple wargraves gone, and you show that amount of respect? shame on you!
  9. Its gone, with 2 others vessels (dd's) also 3 british vessels and 1 usa sub. all gone.......so sad https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/nov/16/three-dutch-second-world-war-shipwrecks-vanish-java-sea-indonesia hope WG will take this as a excuse to finally put her in the game as a T4 premium CL
  10. thx all on the reactions! real help!!
  11. theOneNL

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    they had plans before ww2 aswell, would have been sort of bismark
  12. in wows wiki is a page about the black, anyone knows something about it? whats the way to get? it its a promo. it check it out http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship: Black (edit remove space between : and Black. got emo)
  13. theOneNL

    Budyonny - The Strongest T6 Cruiser

    how about molotov?? but i must admit that buddy is very good and i think its depending on the situation, that said buddy's armor is a lot better for front attacks
  14. theOneNL

    PAX on the Forums! (Win a Marblehead)

    they need to go, only chat spam ingame, cant read anything thats being told in chat.....and to much vodka