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  1. I'll put the KM CVs in with the RN CVs, they'll be people who HATE them and people who love them but the general population won't use them over the IJN for the higher, consistent, damage output or the USN CVs for ease of use (with lower damage output than the IJN but higher than the KM or RN CVs). They're specialized CVs, the RN is focused on DoT, the KM are focused on AP, which is what puts them at a disadvantage compared to the first two CV nations. There are people who will do exceedingly well in them but they're never going to be as popular nor match the output of the two current kings. Basically the problem is the IJN and US CVs are good at EVERYTHING, good bombs, good torps, decent enough rockets. Meanwhile the RN and KM CVs are good at very specific things, some of which aren't always useful.
  2. DrMechano

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    I see you are a person of taste too...
  3. DrMechano

    August Von Parseval dealing no damages...

    Basically it seems like that they suffer from the same problem as RN CVs, that is hyper-specialization. The RN CVs are all about Damage over Time with floods and fires, while the KM CVs have no DoT focus at all but CAN, if they get very lucky, do good burst damage. I don't see them as replacing the (for the tech tree variants) IJN CVs as the go to since they have hard hitting fast torps, Rocket Planes to deal with DDs AND AP bombs for cruisers and BBs along with their Torps. The IJN CVs just do everything decent enough if you're a skilled CV captain. Meanwhile for us scrubby ones, the US CVs still provide a much greater damage output for much more ease of play than the German CVs. The main problem for the tier 6 CV is that it doesn't get enough of what it needs (the Ranger could do with 1 more HE bomb per attack, the Furious also needs more bombs in a tighter spread similar to the Ark Royal). Realistically it should have a 3 torpedo spread to better catch out DDs OR an additional AP bomb in the drop. Mind you this is the case for any tier 6 CV that isn't the Ryujo, all the rest pale in comparison to her at tier 6 whilst things are slightly more equal (again tech tree wise) once you hit tier 8 for the US and IJN CV lines (the RN tier 8 CV is basically a joke).
  4. DrMechano

    August Von Parseval dealing no damages...

    Yeah playing the tier 6 and the Rocket Planes are VERY finicky, if someone spots you coming in and they angle out or directly in, you're buggered. Also the tier 6 suffers from the same problem the Ryujo AP bombs suffer from, not enough of them.Though I've only played 1 game in her so far she does feel very wonky to play since unlike the Ryujo who has a backup of her torps being good if the AP bombs don't work out, the German CVs have bugger all.
  5. DrMechano

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    On this...interesting topic. The Cheshire and Drake from the new Azur Lane collab...sweet honkin' Jesus. I know Belfast and her ilk were stacked by those two, especially Cheshire are frankly ridiculous...also Cheshire = Catgirl...don't think I don't see what you're doing Azur Lane devs...
  6. DrMechano

    What's up with QE?

    Yeah I get using the turret traverse mod on the QE, she has the hellacious traverse time of 70 seconds compared to the Warspite who has a MUCH better traverse time...why they gave her the old Warspite traverse I'm not sure. However as mentioned the reason your hit rate is lower than the Warspite is that you're using that mod over the aiming mod. The guns on both are actually VERY good and accurate, don't get use to this in the RN line, once you hit tier 7 and then tier 9 (The Monarch is a lot like the QE in that she is an AP focused ship vs a HE focused ship the rest of the line has) this stops and the guns turn in to shotguns, especially the Lion.
  7. DrMechano

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    Firstly...yes, mai girl Roon finally here. Secondly...ok...who designs the RN Cruisers, Belfast and her ilk are...gifted and now the Chesire and Drake...
  8. DrMechano

    New USA Battleships announced!

    I'm with-holding judgement until I see them in action. So far the stats though are giving me a...eh..32mm armor all over and terribly slow does not enthrall me in the current meta.
  9. DrMechano

    New USA Battleships announced!

    Yeah the tier 9 and 10 are modified Tillman designs from the looks of things.
  10. DrMechano

    California in Shop

    Yeah he's getting flak for that review on the NA forums because EVERY other CC is saying 'please don't buy this ship, it's awful'. As I said there, the CA is DoA on the NA server, where people are much more likely to care about her. There's barely a squeak about her on the EU forum and the Champagne is much more discussed. I feel like the CA was basically made to pad out the Santa crates to make getting the OP ships even MORE expensive.
  11. I do find it funny that it really does seem to be 90% of the NA forums in an uproar...the EU side of things seems to have shrugged their shoulders and just got on with it because we KNOW WG ain't going to do anything. I think the fact it's NoZoupForYou put out the call also doesn't help. From what I've seen and heard he's not very well regarded on this side of the pond since he has the reputation for being a clickbaity CC who endlessly complains about things he doesn't know a lot about (look at his whole 'Battleships currently have a problem' videos) purely to get views.
  12. DrMechano

    Most cursed ship I think I've ever had...

    Oh I'm not saying she's NOT a decent ship, hence why I posted my stats on her, everything about her is fine but I just cannot get a win in her.
  13. Seriously 15 battles, 11 losses...what the hell...
  14. The main thing not mentioned by CCs was that she has a MASSIVE citadel which stretches quite a way out of the water and quite a way along the ships along with the fact she turns like a drunk duck for a light cruiser...plus she suffers from the whole 'overmatched by 457mm guns' syndrome most cruisers have, meaning she can be smacked through the deck by big guns quite easily. She is by no means as squishy as a Minotaur but she's nowhere near as tanky as a Moskva or Stalingrad despite the wailing of the CCs would have led you to believe.
  15. In fact it was expressly stated that the German CVs were designed NOT to be DD hunters, hence their AP rockets, their AP bombs and torps, it's a full Cruiser killing loadout...so expect cruiser captains who don't angle to get blapped frequently. They're also currently under NDA which means we don't get the usual CC clickbait titles about them being 'the most obscene thing ever'. Look at the AL Nevksy...general consensus now that the ship is out is that it's a good ship but explodes if you so much as look at it broadside but the CCs were up in arms about it.