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  1. Picked up a book from a local charity shop which some of you may be interested in, few very quick snaps just to show you guys, looks pretty cool so far and considering the book is over 100 years old.
  2. DrMechano

    How do we help players like these?

    I'd respectfully disagree that the playstyles are exactly the same for all BBs. The Yamato is one of the few remaining above water citadel battleships at tier 10, most others have either had it lowered (like the Montana) or it was barely above water to begin with (Conqueror). Plus, as you've mentioned, she has the stealth and maneuverability of an Island (just in front of the Kurrywurst). I know I'm talking to a veteran but I think saying play all battleships exactly the same comes across as somewhat of a fallacy and a vast generalization.
  3. DrMechano

    How do we help players like these?

    Well considering literally every piece of advice I'd seen is 'skip the Izumo, it's bloody terrible', of course I'm going to take that advice and skip it. I really wish I hadn't now since, as you said, the Izumo is a prelude to the Yamato unlike the Amagi and if I'd have played more games in the Izumo I could have seen that perhaps I wasn't ready nor fit the playstyle of Yamato and not bought the premium camo for her.
  4. DrMechano

    How do we help players like these?

    Some players do, as I did, and keep pushing a ship that really doesn't suit their playstyle. The Yamato, as good as she is, just wasn't for me and my stats in her reflect that, sub player base average damage and a truly horrible survival rate. I still play her on occasions, usually once a day just to get my legendary module mission done (3k away from unlocking it) but I've switch to cruisers and since I've been trying different things and looking at different ways of doing things. I've stopped raging at my team and begun evaluating what I did wrong. One battle in my Shchors I got spotted and pretty much instantly deleted 2 minutes into the match before I could fire a shot so I questioned why this happened, the answer was, I was the first ship spotted out on a flank with scant few ships on it. So I now make the choice to stick with a decent number of ships and usually let the Battleships be the first ones to open fire, let them get the enemies attention so I can pelt the enemy with IFHE enhanced high explosive. Now my captain is only 10 points so yes, I have IFHE and not concealment. Part of this was a choice over what I thought would be more useful for the 152mm guns and the other part was to hopefully train myself in what I could do to minimize getting spotted early in a set of ships that REALLY doesn't like being the obvious target. I think in part its adjusting to the game, unlike WoT which is a much more static game with map tactics being easy to remember and more about raw numbers or little tactics you picked up over the years. As you can see my stats in World of Tanks are miles apart from my stats in World of Warships. I haven't played in a while mind you and as you can see my top stats aren't in tanks traditionally considered overpowered. I played the Luchs back when it still got the +3 scout matchmaking (and I stand by the fact it is probably the best tier 4 light tank in the game IF you know how to play it), I play the Sherman Jumbo, a fine tier 6 medium tank but not considered the best (essentially a 'pocket heavy tank', slow with very good frontal hull and amazing turret armour for its tier but using a 105mm howitzer that has a very slow shell velocity and terrible accuracy but enables it to still do some damage to higher tiers, unlike the 76mm guns), hell I even managed good stats in the TOG II of all things. Even the Type 59 which was bought long after its overpowered heyday and was basically just 'ok' (decent gun, good armour, bouncy turret but kinda sluggish for a medium). Meanwhile my stats in WoWs are, frankly, bloody awful simply because there is a lot more to remember and I've played this game a hell of a lot less. I have 23k battles in WoT and not even 2k in WoWs. Things like Shell arc, shell velocity, dispersion, what ships can you pen the bow with what guns, how fast do they go, what angle are they heading on, should I use HE or AP (HE is pretty much worthless in WoT unless you're using a derp gun but here HE is very much a viable choice). One thing you will note however, is the terrible stats I have in Russian heavy tanks (apart from the KV-220-2 and the KV-2)...why? Because that was the line I went up first back when I was new and I get the feeling the Japanese Battleships may be my WoWs version. I WANT to be better at the game, I don't want to be the Albatross hanging around the neck of the team. Hence why I switched lines and tiers. I honestly can't understand how people enjoy just being steamrolled over and over again in Random Battles. When it happened to me all I could think was "What the hell am I doing wrong? Why am I still playing this game? I watched all the aiming videos I could, all the ship guides I could get my hands on and still I suck at this..." hence the change in direction.
  5. DrMechano

    I admit it, I suck at Battleships but...

    Which is odd considering the Russian line the stock version of the next tier up does genuinely feel better or at least different. The switch from the slower loading but harder hitting guns of the Kirov to the rapid fire of the Budy was a bit of a leap but the ship didn't feel worse, just different, then the Budy to the Shchors felt like that natural progression even when stock and it looks like the Chappie is just more of the same. I have been told that the switch from the light cruisers to the heavy cruisers (well more like pocket battleships) at tier 9 and especially 10 since I've often heard jokes of the Battleship Moskva (though the Kronshtadt better fits the bill with its 9 305mm guns) is rather jarring since you need to switch from an IFHE focused HE spamming build to a Battleship captain style build. Think I might try a go at the 152mm American Cruisers since I like the play style but I do really dislike the floaty shells they get.
  6. DrMechano

    I admit it, I suck at Battleships but...

    Ok progress update, now into the Shchors. I enjoyed my time in the Budy but something felt like it was missing and I will say that the next in line fixes that...more dakka. Having that extra turret combined with the lovely rate of fire on her and the high velocity means she can just pelt the enemy. Still current average damage is only 32k after 4 games (still below the server average but I had one game where I got spotted out of position and instantly deleted by an enemy BB within in the first few minutes of the round) and I have managed to unlock the next hull in line thanks to having camo which gives +125% XP earned and few +50% XP earned signal flags. When you can get a moment where you just get to pelt the enemy it feels glorious and, as mentioned previously, the high velocity and amazing accuracy (at least to me as a former Battleship main) does wonders. I've also branched out into the Japanese cruiser line after a brief stint in the Tier 6 American Heavy cruiser (which I had pre-unlocked since I played waaaay back when the Cleveland was tier 6 and still had it in my port when I came back so I unlocked both for free (I've since sold the Cleveland, odd I know but I wasn't feeling like playing cruisers at the time and wanted to focus on battleships, plus the floaty shells use to annoy the crap out of newbie McGee me back then)) where, despite the firepower, the slow turret traverse just irked me. Currently working my way to the Aoba. However, question for you guys, which real advantage just a stock Aoba offer over a fully upgraded Furutaka, it seems like the C hull basically turns it into a tier 5 version of the Aoba so sure you get better RoF and more health but you also end up facing tier 8 opponents instead of tier 7 which seems like it's not much of an upgrade when that is taken into account.
  7. DrMechano

    I admit it, I suck at Battleships but...

    I gotta say, definitely had more fun in the Kirov than I did the Budy...not sure whether its the drop from 180mm to 152mm but I will say that it is incredibly nice to have shots with such high velocity AND they actually go where I aim them in tight groupings instead of scattering all over the shop likes BB guns do (I understand WHY they do this, because BBs with cruiser accuracy with massive guns would be a tad overpowered) and I'm still working on my positioning skills, made a few mistakes some games which has led to a near instant deletion at least two times. Technically I could research the next tier up now since (as people have mentioned) WG have been throwing free XP around like candy but I feel like I should get a handle on this ship first before stepping up to the next tier. Also I will say I definitely enjoy tier 6 games more than tier 10 games, I love the Fuso, Arizona and New Mex but I think thats the 'shotgun BB' approach where you fire enough crap at the wall and some of it is bound to stick.
  8. DrMechano

    I admit it, I suck at Battleships but...

    The funny thing is I do immensely enjoy my Massa, I think that to me, because she's a secondary focused ship (and captain) with guns that encourage more up close and personal playstyle thanks to the often hilarious dispersion (hilarious as in 'those shots aren't even in the same postcode as where I aimed') at longer ranges means she's a good mid-range brawler and I do enjoy a good mid-range brawl. If there is one thing the Yamato is not, it is a mid-range brawler...admittedly neither is the Kirov (with her fairly bad turret traverse she seems to be more of an ambush predator against other cruisers) but something about her seems to work. However past tier 8 the Secondary builds tend to not do very well sadly though with the upcoming changes to concealment expert I imagine ManSec, AFT or even ManAA might see some choices. I might take a look at the French BB line at some point but my English nature causes me to eyeball anything French with a suspicious side glance. In the mean time, take a look at this 81k damage replay in the Kirov just to see how much fun I'm having (humblebrag I know but I am loving the ship so far). 20181023_141818_PRSC105-Kirov_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay
  9. Got my Yamato, even splashed some cash getting the Premium camo for it to turn it into a credit earner and...well...I'll be brutally honest...I suck at playing her...game after game I saw my average damage drop well below the server average. Sure there were some spikes here or there where I'd get an decent game but over all...I was a detriment to my team if I was playing her. I got kind of disheartened, despite doing all I could to try to improve I felt I was actually getting worse. So I decided that maybe Battleships aren't my thing, maybe if I step back down to the tier 5-6 bracket in an entirely new nation and a new ship type that I might find the joy in the game again. I tried DDs and something just didn't click, a scrub like me sure as hell wasn't going to be doing any Carrier play since I suck at RTS and once again I would be a detriment to my team if I was playing one. Enter the Russian Cruiser line. I had enough free XP to get straight to tier IV with the Svietlana. Sure she may not pack the 152mm of Phoenix, sure she may not be the prettiest ship out there but somehow she just got the job done. So in very quick order I was on to tier V and in the Kirov. ...and I'm in love, I don't know what it is about it, maybe the 180mm guns, maybe the fact that she can move between long range high arc HE spam and nasty velocity AP in a knife fight, it even maybe the fact that since I'm in a cruiser I'm don't see myself as having to be 'the guy' like I do in a Battleship. I would say it would be the lower quality of players but she's regularly uptiered into tier 7 and still I don't mind since those 180s can give even tier 7 cruisers a nasty shock if they underestimate her. So you're probably thinking "well this is great but why post this to the forums" because I imagine there are other people in my situation with the Yamato. You're trying to make this one ship work, you keep pushing and pushing but it just doesn't click and you get disheartened and frustrated with the game. Follow my advice, just try something a little new, maybe, just maybe, you'll actually find a ship you like in the most unexpected of places.
  10. DrMechano

    CV Rework Discussion

    I think Ships based AA definitely needs to be buffed, from what I've been told even AA focused builds on cruisers with the Defensive Fire up deals barely any damage to attacking aircraft. I'd also say ditch the whole 'side select' thing, it really doesn't make sense, ships always had enough manpower to crew all their AA guns in a pinch. Infact I'd suggest having the option between 'Normal' and 'AA' focused, increasing the reload of your main and secondary guns but much improving your AA firepower on BBs with the use of the O key (Star Trek Online had this where you could focus power to shields, weapons or engines, keeping them balanced OR pushing one area higher to be able to tank, deal more damage, or move faster).
  11. DrMechano

    How many Sovereigns are in a premium RN container?

    Saving up to buy the Warspite, one more day and I should finally have it since I don't own it already and she's basically a better version of the Queen Liz...and I like the Queen Liz (since she's really the only AP properly focused British BB).
  12. DrMechano

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Just had the Yammi finally click for me...went from dying and only doing 60k damage to pulling off 100k+ damage games in her. I love it when you get that feeling of "Ah-ha! That's what I was doing wrong!" of course thanks to me being a total nooblet in her when I first got her, the win rating is a tad in the toilet and I KNOW I cost the team some games (can't put it all to RNG)
  13. DrMechano

    Question to BB players

    To be fair we've all had those shots where they've been perfectly aimed and all the shots end up just straddling the ship in question... Mind you this is the reason I love the New Mex and Fuso, they both throw enough [edited] at the wall that something is bound to stick as long as you've aimed right.
  14. DrMechano

    The credit grind is ridiculous.

    I'd also suggest finding a mid-tier ship you like and keeping it. I was originally planning to sell the New Mex (I've researched the Colorado without using free XP thanks to numerous flags/shark/USA camos) to fund rebuying my Nagato (that I stupidly rage sold due to being a noob and having horrendous luck in it) but now I'm planning to just grind up the additional 4 million credits to buy it and completely outfit it with all the upgrades and mods in the New Mex and keep the New Mex since it's a fun bugger of a ship.
  15. DrMechano

    Question to BB players

    Apart from the Queen Elizabeth, do not fire HE in her, she has the same guns as ze Germans at that tier but with better accuracy, she is the odd one out of the line. Orion and Iron Duke, definitely HE spam, KGV and beyond, HE spam, Queen Liz...AP. She's an odd girl like that but I love her.