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    Submarines are Coming

    Yup add more options to other Ships. Give them a new set of planes that is purely anti-submarine (Aerial depth charge squadron), sure it's one of those "but if there are no subs, it's useless" well DFAA is useless if you take it when a CV isn't in the game and they're not losing planes, they're just getting another squadron but purely with anti-sub duties. Give subs at periscope depth low surface detection range but higher aerial detection range along with allowing Spotter planes to see them. Give Cruisers the ability to hunt subs as well, I mean they already get hydro and numerous light AND heavy cruisers already have the depth charges modeled on the ship. I also like the idea of BBs having an 'decoy beacon' consumable with a fairly long cooldown where if they suspect they've been pinged, can throw out a decoy to lead the homing torps off target. The player won't KNOW they've been pinged so they have to make an educated guess when and where to deploy the beacon.