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  1. DrMechano

    Russian rebalans 2.0

    Well I personally think the nerfs to the Smolensk overall armor layout that came with the 'cruiser' changes was enough to take it from 'kind of ridiculous' to 'squishy ship'. SAP and Rocket Planes are now especially devastating to Smolensk, I've seen a Haku rocket planes aka the worst rocket planes in the game, shave off nearly half of a Smolensks health in a single pass, I've also seen SAP do horrendous things to the Smolensk. It's main problem before was that it had heavy Cruiser Deck armor which mean that shells from other cruisers would just bounce off. Now it has VERY light cruiser deck armor which means it suffers from easily being overmatched by literally ALL battleships guns now (whereas before it could bounce 380mm guns off the deck) and eats HE damage like a pig at a trough.
  2. DrMechano

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    I think that's the problem. Firstly in order to conduct this 'experiment' we'd have to find someone who was completely new to the game. Never played it before, knew nothing about the game at all. Then we'd have to give them a fresh account, maybe with one of the many 'invite codes' that get kicked around so they've got a little head start. Then you'd have to set a 'reasonable' time frame to play every day, shall we say between 2 and 3 hours, you in to the game and grinding it but you're not playing it 8 hours a day. So then we need to see how quickly they can go up the tree making use of all the things they can make use of. So things like the tier 5+ campaign (forgot the name of it) which gives you tons of free goodies, any time there are bonus codes getting to use that and so on. Get that real F2P experience. All this would have to also be done solo. I definitely agree a new player is not going to be div'd up with 55%+ division mates who are using discord etc. in order to better coordinate, they're going to be playing solo most of the time. The problem with this 'experiment' was that Flambass has a metric asston of +XP camo, a huge amount of all the signals available, is a 66% W/R unicum player AND he div'd up with highly skilled people who coordinate over voice chat. That is literally about as far away from a new player F2P experience as one can get and yet he treats it like it's normal. This man has been a CC for too long, he's forgotten what it's like to have to actually PAY for crap in WoWs instead of getting it all dumped in your laps by WG. Compare and Contrast Quickybaby, a World of Tanks youtuber and Stream who made his NA Account completely Free to Play and has stated that he will never spend a single penny on it or accept gifts from his followers on it because it is meant to be his way of showing how tough things are for people as a F2P account, especially when it comes to the horrendous grindathons that WG put out. He'll often do breakdowns of how many games he'd need to do on average to complete these marathons and then points out that because he's a Unicum player it means his grind is shorter and will then give estimates of how long it would take an average player to do it.
  3. DrMechano

    Insert click bait title here - Not a CV rant

    The funny thing is that's a UK CV, widely considered to be the most 'balanced' of the CVs (also the one where the OP (give_Plus_1_to_your_CV I think that's his name) has actually non-unicum stats in.
  4. DrMechano

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    Yes but he's hypocritical about it and very two-faced. Compare him to Sir_Foch who was renowned for being a shouty yelling person both on stream and on youtube, he didn't try to hide it away on Twitch. Flambass does all the things he said you shouldn't do (calling people potato, raging at them in chat) and then likes to pretend that he doesn't do it at all.
  5. DrMechano

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    The other thing he fails to take into consideration is that he is a player who will win and do a lot of damage in most of his matches....new players won't. I mean I made the classic mistake of sprinting up the tree before I was ready and as such my stats in ships like the Nagato (actually a decent tier 7 BB that's overshadowed by the SinOP now) are utter garbage. I mean yes my stats in the Kremlin are also kinda trash but that is teething problems since she's fairly new. A new player won't have a 66% win rate with 100k damage done every battle, they'll have a 50% win rate with like 30k damage done every battle. Compare and contrast my two stats between my EU (original) and NA account (effectively a Reroll). https://wows-numbers.com/player/503720384,DrMechano/ vs https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1035287021,Yandere_Roon/ A new player will have stats closer to my EU account whilst a reroll veteran account will have stats close to or better than my NA account. Effectively all he would be doing is Smurfing (where a high skilled player makes a new account purely so they can get a good WR at low ranks now they know more about the game). So now, even if they have ALL the XP boosting camo and ALL the XP boosting flags, they're still earning way less than he is. Not to mention new players probably WON'T have those camo and flags, effectively slowing things down. However what did speed things up is the fact that we recently had a 200% XP boost. Which meant, in a single session, I could grind through the Yorck, through the Hipper and onto the Roon on my NA account. Combined with the fact it had been inactive for six months meant I was rolling in premium time AND camo AND flags (since they do the whole 'we notice you stopped playing for a while, please come back to us' offers on the NA server due to its low pop). 44 games in the Yorck, 21 in the Hipper with 54% and 57% win rates respectively. Also I find it very amusing that he is effectively a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Youtube Flambass is calm, talks about how you shouldn't call your team mates potato and so on. Streaming Flambass is a rage filled monkey who spews venom and hate the moment he starts losing. Notice how all his twitch stream clips that are uploaded to youtube are of him being calm or smugly winning. They're never close losses....because he rages like a tantrum throwing child when he loses and his youtube fanbass would see him for what he really is. I've been in a game where he was in the Azuma and, apparently, because his team lost (I was on the enemy team), he'd been hurling insults at them on stream virtually non-stop because he had a losing streak in the Azuma...and lo and behold, it never got uploaded to youtube. His losses NEVER do. The only thing he ever shows are him winning and being a smug bastard about it.
  6. DrMechano

    The Missouri Question

    So yeah general rule of thumb is get yourself a tier 9 premium of some kind since they're the money makers now the Missouri is gone. Sadly the best tier 9 money maker has also been removed. The Musashi was probably the next best one to earn credits with thanks to having 460mm at tier 9. Now I'm not sure which you'd want to be a credit earner.
  7. DrMechano

    Siegfried balance Discussion

    Yeah it is VERY odd considering that the Russian ships get their icebreaker bow but the Agir and Siegfried don't...
  8. DrMechano

    Siegfried balance Discussion

    Well it seems the CCs can't decided on which this is. Flamu says it's useless and Flambass says it's a monster. I do agree that it should get the historical Ice Breaker armor on the bow, it's right there in the plans, just add it WG, not sure why they haven't... Mind you Flamu said the Mainz was a 'boring' ship and Flambass said it was the 'the best German Premium', so it looks like WG don't need to do much beyond adding the ice breaker armor so it can at least tank BBs somewhat and we're golden.
  9. The response to the Siegfried seems to be pretty good, which is nice. Heck the Mainz seemed to have gotten a decent response as well. I know some don't like it but they're both decent ships so far.
  10. DrMechano

    Concealment Expert

    In my opinion either remove it entirely or just bake it in to every ship and replace it with another tier 4 skill. Lets be honest EVERYONE still takes concealment expert unless you're building a very specific build (usually meme secondaries). Ok lets say you're a new player and your playing DDs, finally get your way up to tier 5 and you've managed a 6 point captain. You're already at a disadvantage because someone with a 10 point captain gets 10% better concealment than you, they are, just flat out better in a very key area. Guns, well it depends on the DD but EVERY DD and hell almost every ship needs concealment expert. At this point it's basically a 4 point tax. So yeah, either bake it in or remove it entirely IMO.
  11. DrMechano

    Slava,Thunderer, Yamato, Kremlin dispersion

    Her max dispersion stock is 276m. With Aiming mod systems 1 it drops to 257m and with both it and the legendary module it drops to 239mm with a 2.10 sigma rating, which means her shots are more likely to be clumped together instead of scattering to the wind. Montana with its slot 6 artillery room mod drops from the stock 297m dispersion to 264m max dispersion with a sigma of 1.90. Kremlins max dispersion with the aiming mod drops to 280m to 260m with a sigma of 1.80 at max range but we all know it gets much tighter (giggity) as you close the distance.
  12. DrMechano

    Slava,Thunderer, Yamato, Kremlin dispersion

    yeah -7 and -7 so -14% dispersion IIRC.
  13. DrMechano

    Slava,Thunderer, Yamato, Kremlin dispersion

    Also remember the Yamato gets the legendary mod with improves dispersion further. I'm kind of curious what the graph would look like if we included the aiming systems mod for them all and the Yamato had its legendary mod with aiming mod.
  14. DrMechano

    German CA, the Line WG forgot existed.

    I'm honestly more surprised that people are terrible in the Saint Louis, she's not an awful ship by any stretch of the imagination. The Neptune I can totally get, someone so much as looks at you and you exploded into a mass of citadel hits.
  15. DrMechano

    German CA, the Line WG forgot existed.

    True but jesus...she is starting to feel like a cursed ship, another 2 games...another 2 losses...again, damage and destroyed is fine, everything else is fine but the WR just keeps on tanking...