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  1. WascallyWabbit

    Roadmap for 2022

    2022 roadmap, employ more knee bending hashtagging simps, rip off the player base, ignore the playerbase, more CV's exactly what the player base wants, more rip offs, loot crates, more rip offs, sell foolish players tech tree ships, more rip offs, more CV's.....nft's more cv's and finally more loot crates, more ignoring what the players actually want, rip off's cash grabs and one last finally....more CV's. So the same as every other year, just ramped up a notch or five.
  2. WascallyWabbit

    Soviet Aircraft Carriers Review

    I kinda stopped playing the game, Wg's failure to listen to players saying CV are toxic, not fun to play against was simply ignored with the introduction of multiple CV lines recently and hybrid ships, then the mess currently surrounding subs and the shockingly bad mechanics auto citadelling homing torps brings. Means out of 10 games your maybe having 2-3 good game experiences. The rest is just a frustrating mess. I have 170 days of premium but have not played in around 2 months on my main. The sad thing is i don't really care . Where WoW's was my go to game everyday now at best its a 1 or 2 game drop in every few weeks. I whaled this game in the past, all the way upto the xmas crate fiasco of last year but have not spent a penny since, nor do i see me spending again on this game or any other WG title. WG have alienated me so much that i wouldn't start any other title with them in the future. Anyway i'm off to play a good game now. Peace out.
  3. WascallyWabbit

    HotFix: Game Balance

    Total rubbish, You balance the game based on popularity...so if 2% of players play CV you buff the holy hell out of them till 6-8% of the players play them, regardless of what an absolute toxic, and frustrating mess the game is to actually play...so long as the figures tell you CV is now popular then you believe the game is balanced. When as the players know that's not in the slightest true and the game is a mess. Then you tell us that the Dev's play a lot...more rubbish, you people have short memories it's only a few months ago that you fired that russian CC for highlighting that over a period of 6 months all the devs combined had played a total of around 200 games. Do you really believe our memories are so bad that just a few months later you can again start telling a blatant lie like the "Dev's play a lot". They don't and never have.
  4. WascallyWabbit

    King of the Sea XIII: International Finals Results

    Already got the T7 ship, maybe it's just me and those i talk too but for those of us who have already got the ship their is no incentive to watch KoT's anymore. Certainly not for a few resource crates especially as the last KoT's was a complete disaster the future doesn't bode well. Also as the original designers have been bought out by you the likely hood is in this or future KoT's will be nothing but a hard sell mode for WG where you censor anything you don't like in chat, plus you simply can't resist monetising everything you touch, i see KoT's being no different. You should consider allowing players to collect again for another T7 ship, it's nothing but a digital item, costs you nothing as the ships are already out there and it takes a year or more KoT's to earn this mid tier ship, 18 months if you miss just one piece.
  5. WascallyWabbit

    Birthday Gifts

    Finally something back to established players. Congrats
  6. WascallyWabbit

    Rochester in the Premium Shop

    No thanks, not one penny more here or on my main, your empty promise to do some stuff in the next 2 years or so has come far too late for me to ever want to invest anything more in any of your titles now or in the future. Blizzard currently look like angels in comparison.
  7. WascallyWabbit

    King of the Sea XIII: International Finals Results

    In that case no point watching another one lol, especially because the good original concept will have monetisation and gambling crates attached to it no later than the next one is my guess, and will be heavily policed and censored in chat, with no perceived negativity or awkward questions allowed. Just NO....peace out :).
  8. WascallyWabbit

    King of the Sea XIII: International Finals Results

    I have received a KoTs ship in the past before WG bought out the original creators of KoT's can i collect again and receive another ship? Is the collection repeatable?
  9. WascallyWabbit

    Update 0.10.8: World of Warships Anniversary

    Well containers is ok news, the fact you still call them SUPER CONTAINERS is pretty close to a breach of the Trade Descriptions Act, like calling a Citroen 2CV a supercar. I'll take them cos it's about time Wargambling gave something back to the community without putting it behind a pay wall and gambling mechanics. More CV, broken OP russian CV no less, and just what the community has been demanding...more toxic fun police Wargambling admitted is a broken mechanic and still needed fixing after 18 months in their so called "apology"... lmao apology indeed, More like "we promise to maybe do a few things within the next two years, but don't hold your breath". I believe they have put long time frames on these probably mostly empty promises because in 2 years the current public relations disaster will be long over. Only way change will really happen is if bottom lines are affected, stop spending on anything thing in game. It's the only real way to force a change from these people.
  10. WascallyWabbit

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Another technical issue lol
  11. WascallyWabbit

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    I don't believe it's misinformation. I base my post on the 3 years i have been buying the xmas crates for a start. Feel FREE to use my name and look up my main account, see how those xmas crates dropped and then come back and tell me they didn't come out almost exclusively in tier order the last 2 years, i have the crate drop recordings on YOUTUBE, which i'll gladly share with you after you look and show me how my crate drops went according to your data to see if our numbers match up. They were not completely random, also the last 2 years you have put the ships behind a mechanic forcing players to buy 1 or 2 packs just to clear out a junk list of ships with ZERO chance at a random drop and claimed you simply forgot to tell us that. That's a dispicable rip off and makes a mockery of your "RANDOM" claims. The internet especially the last 2 Xmas's is full of video's showing the crates dropping almost exclusively in tier order. You may feel they are random but must be stacking the percentages so that lowest tier is almost guaranteed to drop first. Feel free to debunk my thoughts by publishing the percentages you apply to each tier. As you refuse to publish those drop percentages i cannot 100% say they are rigged nor can you tell me they are not rigged. We can only go by what we see. But out of 20 ships dropped 2 years ago only 1 came out of tier sequence and that was a solitary T8 within a group of 5x T9 's in the last 6 crates. I have maxed out my main account the last 3 years using Xmas crates so have a good personal idea how these crates appear to be dropping and also watch dozens of other players opening crates. Again i believe year one "WAS" a random drop but years 2 and 3 the rigging appeared. Same applies to the USS Misery bundles, as you won't publish figures all we can go by is your word (which for many these days is seen as worthless), and the drop rates we see on YOUTUBE ( i'm disregarding claims elsewhere as that doesn't actually show where they dropped just a claim ) and as you are aware they are mostly coming in the later half of the drop, except one streamer who did indeed drop the ship on his 2nd or 3rd pull. From what iv seen on the dozens i have watched it appears you are looking to recoup on average around 30-35,000 worth of doubloons. Again you won't publish figures so all we can do as a community is make our own minds up based on what we see happening. I personally don't believe the technical issue, My nephew works for Electronic Arts and play's WoT and WoW's though he has also stopped spending anything, given the claim of technical issues but no substance or info as to what that issue is and given the number of developers and programmers WG have he sees no reason that any "technical issue" couldn't be over come within a short period of time. I have no real issue with gambling mechanic's, and like the concept of the xmas crates and event's overall i just think from what i have personally experienced and seen your not running a fair game, and are rigging the crates in the houses favour. I don't think anyone would have an issue if you ran a fair game and the results were 100% random. Lastly the 25% off voucher, why didn't you just say straight up on day one the 25% discount voucher wouldn't be applied because you didn't want it too. You know, honesty? Instead of just ignoring the issue, people accept those types of things. EG " AS Missouri is such an iconic ship and newly introduced to the armoury via a special event no discount voucher will be applied". We know WG needs to make a profit but the underhand way you go about doing that is a massive reason you are seen as rivals to BLIZZARD and ACTIVISION as the world's worst gaming company.
  12. WascallyWabbit

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Only way you will get USS Misery from the bundles will be in the last bundle, don't forget how they rigged Xmas crates, the algorithm shows you the first bundle, checks your account to see what ships you have and adds the second bundle, when you pull the second bundle it's checks the 3rd. It already knows each roll that you already have the Missouri. That's how they rigged the crates so you got almost all the ships in xmas crates in tier order, T5/6/7/8/9. I have stopped spending anything with WG but last 3 years on my main i have maxed out the xmas lists every year. To give WG a tiny bit of credit in year one i believe the crate drop was not only a good idea but pretty much close to a real random drop chance. However as with most of what WG do they figured out how they could milk more cash by rigging the crates to drop the high value items almost always last. Year 2 of the Xmas drops, i required around 20 ships on the list, every single one except 1 came in tier order, i made several posts here on the forum. They dropped 5/6/7/8/9 with the only exception being a tier 9 before the last tier 8 dropped. Thats 1 single ship of 20 dropped outside of tier order. Moving on to this Xmas it was finally confirmed WG rigged the crates. luckily i only needed 6 ship's on the list as i had used dockyard, grind events, twitch, KoT's and prime to pick up ships for FREE during the year. And for the first time ever i got lucky in xmas events and FREE crates and dropped 3 yes 3 ships in december (first time i ever dropped a ships from FREE crates or FREE event crates). The last 3 i picked up using doubs in the armoury. The point i am making here is in the last 2 years the rigging of crates has become standard practice with the algorithm checking your account each role in advance to see what ships you have and so sort the bundles in order of value or importance. That's why i believe you will be at the very end or close to the end before you drop a duplicate USS Misery. YOU are in fact the whale WG has targeted to get the most money from by placing USS Misery towards the end. Don't do it m8, Wargambling crates and bundles are about as fair as the hooplar or coconut shy at the fairground. PS. I have no issue with the campaign, it's short, historical and engaging, nor do i have an issue with only unlocking the USS Misery after doing the short campaign. Only issues are the rigged bundles, the "technical issue" that stops you using the 25% off voucher even when applying to support to have the USS Misery credited manually to your account.
  13. WascallyWabbit

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Because it's the only place to voice opinions and frustrations, even though WG simply don't give a crap about those opinions, in fact it's a given that unless the S***storm approaches epic proportions our voices never make it off these pages. But still it helps sometimes to express those opinions to someplace other than your PC monitor even when in reality it's like peeing into the wind of storm IDA currently raging through the USA.
  14. WascallyWabbit

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    I think maybe your overlords are lying to you, from what i understand it's not a difficult thing to implement, also there was no mention of difficulties implementing anything until Wargambling was called out on the "issue" And alligations of the 25% voucher were voiced, only then did a technical issue arise. Also if the issue was a real issue why have Wargambling not offered the ability to use the vouchers when you apply to support to have the USN Misery credited to your account? Surely if they have the ability to manually add the Misery to players accounts and the ability to deduct 19,500 doubloons from the account then surely they can also manually apply the 25% discount at the same time.....And yet this option has not been offered has it, or is there another technical issue preventing the application of the 25% discount? Surely you can see how feeble and transparent the excuses are? How unbelievable people see the excuses when even after everything the simple inclusion of the 25% voucher when manually crediting the ship and deducting doubloons is still prohibited. Why then Yabba is the inclusion of the voucher not offered? Unless of course it's by design simply to deny the 25% discount voucher being used. Which is kind of sad. I think WG have brought this level of disbelieve in anything they do upon themselves with their past history of broken promises and out right lies. You have an unenviable task, to field and deflect well deserved criticism away from WG. They place you in an often undefendable position to be shot at, i think you personally have a damn good try at performing your job well despite them blundering from disaster to disaster. For that you deserve some credit. I also have no horse in this race, having the USN Missouri already on my main i don't need to jump through the hoops and paywalls erected to get the substandard USN Misery in my port. I do however think it's an outright scam by WG as usual and needs to be called out as such.
  15. WascallyWabbit

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Then simply add The USN Misery to a T9 ship crate, come on these are weak and feeble excuses. You just wanted no one using the 25% voucher, come on tell the truth, it doesn't burn your skin...go on, go on, go on...i know you really want to shout out..."It's Twue, It'sTwue" Blazing Saddles reference there :).