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  1. WascallyWabbit

    Wargaming Anniversary: Combat Missions

    I don't often stand up for WG but just to clarify this is the WG anniversary not WoW's anniversary, that's usually a month or so later. Enjoy and take the freebies.
  2. WascallyWabbit

    Borodino in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Your policy is to create a problem so you can sell the solution to the player base. That's why the meta constantly changes, Currently the CV is strong, so you sell lots of CV's and as planes are so powerful you add in a lot of hybrids bringing more planes to the game. Soon and i'm happy to be quoted on this in the near future. You will introduce real strong AA ships or ships with fighters that work most of the time (fighters...there's an easy fix that could balance the game in a positive way, but will that get fixed...absolutely not). Then subs will come and make a mess of the current meta and you will then sell anti submarine ships, to counter the problem. Balance is just one more marketing tool, you use balance not only to adjust the game meta but to kill popular ships or ship classes and so make players think they need the next OP ship. WoT and WoW's are probably the most unbalanced games i have ever played. Scratch that, as i typed that i could not think of any other game so badly balanced or that changes the meta so often. This is not about balance it's about creating imbalance so you can sell the solution to the "problem". I stopped whaling after the Xmas crate ripoff on my main, i have 148 premium ships of the 180 currently out there (that shows you how many premiums WG have already dumped in the game since xmas) as i had everything except a few tier 2 and 3 ships. As i look down the list in the captain's log book i see the vast majority of these ships are less effective than the day they were purchased and many no longer match in any way shape or form the marketing speel the day they were sold. For example the Hood, marketed with excellent AA and AA rockets. Today it's a below average ship with laughable ineffective AA and it's rocket gimmick which it was marketed on totally removed. My personal feeling is 20% of balance changes are a genuine attempt to balance the game whereas the other 80% is to unbalance the game to keep people buying the next shiny ship that competes well in the current meta. Only to see it nerfed sooner rather than later either through individual changes or global changes. Premium ships should be sold as seen and only affected by global changes in my view. Either there is a lack of management or a lack of dev ability at WG when balancing the game or the constant imbalance and meta changes are a deliberate policy aimed at creating a problem to sell the player base the solution. Which is it?
  3. WascallyWabbit

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    No money in fixing bugs, ignore the issue and players will eventually give up mentioning it, they can't spare anyone from the "churn out tech tree premium" department to fix in game issues....really, how can they milk that.
  4. WascallyWabbit

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    spreadsheat says whatever they want it to say, what in the world required changes to mass and edin...absolutely none
  5. WascallyWabbit

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    The spreadsheet says the Mass and Edinburgh needed changing so it must be true lol.
  6. WascallyWabbit

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    Yes you do have choices, crap choices but choices none the less, Gronigen is the only xp earner for the new line, you either have to buy it , don't buy it or lose a ship from another line by swapping, they are not great choices dude. It's down right lazy, cynical and greedy. They can churn out several premium ships per month and if the devs are to be believed the development cycle of a new line takes upto two years, therefore they had plenty of time to come up with a unique and new ship that could have been the Dutch xp and credit earner. The dutch had other destroyers and ships as you know. I think they took the easy route, the quick no effort cash grab. It's not a first, cut and paste ships are becoming more and more frequent.
  7. WascallyWabbit

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    Many players bought Friesland to use with Jerzi, as his buffs work great on Friesland. You swap to gronigen you lose that ability. So if you want a ship for the dutch line you have to give up that synergie and the ship to get the Dutch friesland or buy the same ship again...They should have made a completely new ship, simply copy and pasting is lazy, and forces you to make that choice to lose the Friesland or buy another ship identical to the Euro line. It's a cash grab dressed up in a "solution" nothing more. At least they didn't just copy and paste a Monarch, Izamo or Yammy to rip off the player base...ohhh wait they did lol.
  8. WascallyWabbit

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    More planes, just what the community has been campaigning for...at least according to "ye holy spreadsheet" WG claim it's an exact copy because players bought Friesland so they could use Jerzy Swerzi on it, and they cant really move him from the Pan European line to the Dutch line as he is Polish. The fact it means they can get double bubble money from introducing yet another cut and paste ship "LITERALLY" cut and paste i'm sure is a total coincidence and not just a money grab.....No honest, it's just coincidence, really it is...pffft, honest....Hahahahahahaha...sorry i couldn't hold my laugh in any longer.
  9. WascallyWabbit

    Weimar in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Just no.....wouldn't give WG another penny, not in any game. Your business practices and treatment of the community are a disgrace. So forever a hard pass on anything you sell.
  10. WascallyWabbit

    LIVE Reveal — New German Battleship Branch!

    Ohhh come on German Tiger and Panther are great in game and in no way have been adjusted by the russian makers of this game. In WoT the Tiger and Panther have great effective armour, the best guns in their tiers, great mobility, great....wait?...they have none of that they are the exact opposite of real life and suck, turned into xp farms by the over abundant and OP russian medium tanks in the game. Your right and i see the way WG present German battle cruisers going the same way, the way they have been described so far means they are the perfect target choice of the new russian CV's lol...strange and i'm sure totally coincidental. LMAO...no really i mean that, honest...ok no coincidence at all...you got me.
  11. WascallyWabbit

    LIVE Reveal — New German Battleship Branch!

    Don't get excited dude, slow rate of fire that's inaccurate, huge and clumsy, poor AA and average secondaries, the compensation for those weakness's being a few torps. They will be marketed as pushing cruisers but will be unable to do it effectively due to the shear amount of planes and HE in the game. Look how BB get smoked attempting to push in, what makes you think it's gonna be any easier in a lighter armoured battle cruiser. I still live in hope they do the line justice but with the way the game is these days and their known bias's i hold little hope that they will be given the treatment they deserve.
  12. WascallyWabbit

    U.S. Navy Cold War Battle-Carriers: The BB(V) Plan

    Why not...there are so few planes in the game, just why not, it's just what the player base keep asking for, more planes, and we really appreciate the fact you listen so avidly to the community and always give us what we ask for in such a fine and balanced way. Thought i'd save you having to rewrite an honest review into something the dev's can accept in their sheltered little bubble where everything is beautiful, and they believe everything they do is received with open arms by people who actually play the game.
  13. WascallyWabbit

    LIVE Reveal — New German Battleship Branch!

    Two years too late, after the lies, ripoffs (xmas crates) and absolute butchering of the game (CV rework, HE spam everywhere and planes, planes, planes). I just don't care anymore. I'm pretty sure this is nothing more than nerfed A hulls from the BB line, there won't be anything new and ground breaking, simply reskinned tech tree hulls they already removed from the game. They are lazy and outta ideas these days, don't get your hopes up.
  14. WascallyWabbit

    Yukon in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Not. I stopped spending on the game after the Xmas crate rip off, whale no more, i will never spend on this game or any future title WG create in the future. Anyone who care to asks about the game i try to dissuade and educate them on what a terrible company wg are. A big change from my early years when i couldn't praise them enough. But as long as the money rolls in they will just keep doing the same if not even worse things. Stop spending, is the only way wg would even attempt to change their dubious ways.
  15. WascallyWabbit

    Yukon in the Armory and Premium Shop

    another lazy reskinned tech tree ship....just no don't buy it, stop encouraging them to be so lazy.