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  1. irave

    Toxic Comments and Behaviour

    That doesn't mean you have to insult and be a complete bully to them... There are other ways to tell them to be more careful about what they're doing.. When penalty for team dmg will be implemented players will become more careful about what they are doing. It's all about how you react to such things.. Even I rage sometimes but I never insult anybody ingame chat... remember that insulting someone will never help, it'll just make you look immature and childish.
  2. irave

    Toxic Behaviour

    You can blacklist in WoWs aswell, you just have to do it manually
  3. irave

    Too Heavie for me!

    What? I have better FPS in WoWs than in WoT... in WoWs 70-100 while in WoT I'm happy if I get steady 50... This game runs much nicer than WoT
  4. irave

    Toxic Behaviour

    Don't be lazy Srsly just take a pic and send it to support (https://eu.wargaming.net/support/).. Their response is quite fast, a lot faster than the WoT one... I mean the longest it took them to answer to me was 11 hours and I sent them quite a lot of tickets already(9 - and all of them were reports of toxic behavior)
  5. irave

    What to do with a cruiser?

    Also your priority targets are enemy DDs remember that
  6. irave

    Game crashing

    First try updating all of your drivers, reinstalling the game and if that won't help then I'm affraid you'll have to do clean install of your OS
  7. irave

    Toxic Comments and Behaviour

    That makes two of us. Every day I make screenshots and send them to support at the end of the day hoping for better tomorrow
  8. irave

    And so it begins

    take a screenshot, send to to support https://eu.wargaming.net/support/core/Default/Index
  9. irave

    3 flag domination games, over too quickly?

    Same here, I hate it as it is now... I hope they fix it
  10. irave

    DDs getting blown up by 1 shot allot

    no armor means more HE penetrations
  11. irave

    Weak Spot

    I aim for citadel or powder magazine I might be doing it wrong but it works for me
  12. irave

    smoke screens on destroyers needs to be balanced.

    Smokescreens are ok or maybe just maybe a little op.. but i can deal with it
  13. irave

    [Guide] Basic CV gameplay

    Played my first battle in CV did 40k dmg using this guide YAY
  14. irave

    Hate and other stuff...

    As I learned from my mistakes naming and shaming on forum is forbidden so you might want to take the screenshot down and cover the names and reupload... We all know toxic behavior is a big problem of MMO games let's just hope they'll add reporting system into the game as soon as possible, until then send these pictures to theri support (https://eu.wargaming.net/support/Tickets/Submit/Index) and they will deal with it