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  1. AbashedLemming

    Asashio in ranked makes you scum

    I just played a game with an asashio on our team. He got 4 kills and stayed alive until the end capping the points we needed and basically winning us the game. He got a +1 from me and was definatley not scum
  2. AbashedLemming

    What is your biggest purchase regret! (edited)

    I once drunkenly, accidently, spent 5725 doubloons on free xp. It was quite a surprise when I logged in the next day and all my doubloons were gone. Support were very nice about it but unable to help. Drunken WOWS is a dangerous game
  3. AbashedLemming

    Best strategy for ranked: cap AB/BC or AC?

    In my experience AB or BC is the better strategy. One ship gets A or C and rest focus/cover B seems to work best. But as with all things be prepared to pivot to a different strategy once you see what the enemy is doing. As someone else said focus fire is key, that first kill is so important
  4. AbashedLemming

    Blind Fire When In Smoke

    Thanks for the replies and the videos. You learn something new everyday. I've been hit in smoke before, who hasn't, just never so consistantly which was what surprised me. To be clear, I wasn't accusing him of cheating just looking for info. Now I'm off to find some ships in smoke to practice what I have learned.
  5. AbashedLemming

    Blind Fire When In Smoke

    I was in a mino and he was in a hindenburg, pretty sure he did not have an aircraft in the air but not 100 percent about that. But i was absolutely not spotted and I was moving.
  6. AbashedLemming

    Blind Fire When In Smoke

    So I was just killed while in smoke by someone who hit with every single shot they fired. I was undetected and moving both forwards and backwards as I fired at him. Now we have all had lucky hits while on the other side of that equation, but he hit every single salvo. Now he said he could see where I was from firing. I understand that you can see muzzle flashes, but is it really possible to shoot at someone moving in smoke and hit with every single shot. Not just get lucky but actually target them as if they were not in smoke. And if so how do you do that? I should add that this is the first time that has ever happened to me. I have been hit occasionaly in smoke but never hit by every single salvo as though I was a slow moving target not in smoke.
  7. AbashedLemming

    Chill with the ban time please

    good sounds like you deserve it. Your superiority complex seems to have bitten you in the a***. Always nice to see that
  8. AbashedLemming

    Camo question

    Download mod station, the official mod app from WG. There are a number of bits in that deal with camos. The nice thing about mod station is you know that all the mods included with it are approved by WG.
  9. AbashedLemming

    HP bar change

    No such thing as kill stealing, if you are not shooting at the enemy with the lowest health your are probably not helping your team.
  10. AbashedLemming

    Dont forget to re-spec all your old port queens

    Thank you I missed that you need to activate it. Many thanks
  11. AbashedLemming

    Dont forget to re-spec all your old port queens

    OK but for me it shows 475 doubloons, is that just a visual problem. As I am pretty sure in the past it doesn't show that
  12. AbashedLemming

    Dont forget to re-spec all your old port queens

    Has the free reset ended? I do not get an option for free reset I only have doubloons or commander xp.
  13. AbashedLemming

    Ranked, if you could remove only one: CVs or Arms Race?

    Arms race is my favourite game mode by far. I wish it was a permanent mode.
  14. AbashedLemming

    Coal spending help (sought)

    I have both the Thunderer and JB, I like them both. Sadly I just bought the Thunderer before I found out the smol was going for good. I waited for a long time before I made the decision to buy the JB and the moment I bought it, I instantly regretted my procrastination. The JB is just a really fun boat to play. If you chose it I am confident that you would not regret it as a BB main. Of course the thunderer is tier 10 so will be great for the coming ranked season. It is also a fun boat to play so in my view you will be happy with either. As for smol well it is a ridiculously powerful ship. I probably won't be able to get enough coal for it before it goes, but you know what I'm ok with that. I like the thunderer so not regrets from me.
  15. Ha ha yes 2 smol and a haru in smoke plus your cv on my side. My only contribution to the match was to run away while burning to a crisp Close game in the end but those left on my team pulled it out of the bag no thanks to me at all