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  1. AbashedLemming

    Game Choice, accurate reading.

    Exactly it is the sort of nonsense that none coders always tell you must be really easy
  2. AbashedLemming

    Game Choice, accurate reading.

    What is the measure of success? Prior to this patch CVs were reasonably rare now they are all over the place. Even I have dusted off my old Lexington, I still suck with it but am giving it a go. It still true that a good cv player will do well and a bad one, like me, will not. I watch videos of players and they seem to avoid flack with ease where as I can't seem to avoid them and vapourise. It needs time and tweaking which WG said they will do. Whatever the end looks like so far they have solved the CVs being rare
  3. AbashedLemming

    Port screen problem

    Yes I to have this problem. The only thing that helped was to install and use the Black Hole port from Aslains mod pack. GPU still runs too high but it has helped with the overall temperature of my laptop. The fan does not go nuts as often.
  4. AbashedLemming

    1 day premium account bonus code

    Just worked for me thanks
  5. AbashedLemming

    Sitting Idle In Port

    Perfect, that is what I was hoping for. Have installed that port and noticed a temperature drop. Still using a ridiculous amount of GPU but cooler so far.
  6. AbashedLemming

    Sitting Idle In Port

    Just tried ocean no real noticeable affect. I have played around with graphical settings but have never managed to make any real difference.
  7. AbashedLemming

    Sitting Idle In Port

    Why does sitting idle in port use more GPU resources than playing the game? Is there anything that can be done to help with it? My GPU runs at between 80 and 100 % utilisation just sat idle in port. While not the best laptop it handles the game well enough even, FPS in the 40 to 60 range, albeit with the settings on low. It is just the idle in port that makes me run hot and causes the fan to go into over drive periodically.
  8. AbashedLemming

    Last 3 points on Musashi/Yamato captain

    My musashi build is as per yours with PT at level 1. For the last 3 points I took BOS anything to help prevent burning to death.
  9. AbashedLemming

    Frames Per Second Since 01/11/2018

    Tried uninstalling the game and the game centre and reinstalling. Made no difference still terrible FPS and 100% GPU sat idle in port. Hopefully support will find an answer.
  10. AbashedLemming

    Frames Per Second Since 01/11/2018

    Since last night the game has been unplayable. I am seeing FPS of between 4 and 6. My GPU sits at between 90 and 100 % when in port. I do not run any mods and have updated my graphics card driver to no avail. Any body else seeing this since last night and if so have you found a solution. I have raised a ticket just in case.