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  1. The_TrashMan

    Suggestion for dealing with players abusing borders.

    People seriously have trouble hitting ships on borders? Funny, I find it easier, since their movement is now limited to a single line along the border. And based on their angle they can only shuffle a bit towards or away from you (unless they turn completely).
  2. The_TrashMan

    destroyers overpowered

    You already can't hit anyone that knows you're targeting him at long range (except many slow enemy BB's) as a BB. 10 seconds flight time, most ships can change course completely in that time. But then again ,a lot of things are changed, nerfed or buffed in this game. That's kinda the problem with trying to balance ships classes for 1vs1, when they never were comparable in such a way.
  3. The_TrashMan

    Battleship gameplay

    No. Nice strawmen though. You seem to think that in a team game, various ship classes should be perfectly balanced for 1vs1. This is redicolous. Secondly, yes, BB's secondaries SHOULD wreck destroyers if they stay in front of them too long. By all means, a DD that gets close and hits a BB with a salvo should wreck it. But if he misses (2 times no less) he should be wrecked. That's risk and reward. You risk getting in close for massive damage but you also risk taking massive damage in return. Damage should be normalized somewhat. Pulled more towards the median. Other ships are CONSISTENT in their damage output. Heck, without citadel hits, a cruiser can out-DPS a battleship easily. That's not counting fire damage. Keep telling yourself that Second strongest...heh. Considering torpedos fire faster than BB guns, are more difficult to dodge, do more damage than citadel hits and are consistent in that damage.. yeah, f*** that. A BB player has to pray to RNG gods to do real damage. Even if your entire salvo hits (and it won't), you can end up doing less damage than a single torpedo. No.
  4. The_TrashMan

    destroyers overpowered

    I see you never played battleships. A citadel hit is a RNG rarity.
  5. The_TrashMan

    destroyers overpowered

    You do realize you don't even see DD's until they are within 7km? And given their speed, they can close the distance faster than you battleship turret can turn. I wouldn't mind that much if the BB's secondaries weren't garbage.
  6. The_TrashMan

    Battleship gameplay

    Suffice to say, it is somewhat wonky. They rely too much on AP ammo and citadel hits. This wouldn't be such a problem if getting citadel hits was more skill-based. But due to large dispersion and RNG, it is not. Even with a perfect leading, I had 90% of the salve miss the ship completely The damage from AP shells is also all over the place. I often do pitifull damage even when a full salvo hits 1000-3000 damage. Heck, one time I parked next to AFK enemy and calmly and slowly aimed at his citadel from 9-10KM. After two slavos I didn't get a single citadel hit. then there are times when I get 2-3 citadel hits in a row. But it never feel likes it's a product of my skill...other than leading. Secondary batteries are a joke. Innacurate, whimpy. You'd figure if a DD comes close, but misses with his torps, he is toast. Nope. I once fought a DD in close quarters, dodged his first torpedo salvo, survived the second. My secondaries haven't stopped fireing at him. I hit him with a full AP salvo (didn't have time to switch to HE). He was still alive. This was redicolous. BB gameplay boils down to: - proper angling to reduce effectivnes of enemy fire (I got more DN badges than I can count) - proper tactical positioning and target prioritizazion - proper leading Surviving alone against 2 BB and 2 cruisers till the end of the match - that felt rewarding, because during that entire chase I had to be at the top of my game and use every trick in the book. Getting a citadel hit was more like playing dice.
  7. The_TrashMan

    BBs are underpowered

    And even if you aim PERFECTLY, the dispersion is 270 meters. That's more than a BB is long. In other words, pray to RNG Jesus. You can post (easily editable or products of hacks) screenshots all you want, it won't change a thing. I've been playing since closed beta up to Tier IX BB's and I've seen plenty of how BB's perform.
  8. The_TrashMan

    Speed up the Grind?

    Bullsh**. No matter how good you play, this is a team game with a RNG factor. You're gonna have a lot of loses and daily flags/bonuses expended on a horrible match. Heck, I don't even mind the grind to unlock a ship so much, but then you have to during a lot more to upgrade it (even when the ship had no historical upgrades or when the upgrades make no fukken sense) Heck, I only play on weekends, so the best offer (monthy premium) is wasted, and the daily premium is a very bad deal. Then add the HORRIBLE Free Exp exchange rate. 25 Exp for 1 gold? Are you kidding me? 300 gold for 7500 exp? That's a day of premium! 3000 gold for 75000? A tier IX ship can cost anywhere between 150000 - 175000 XP (without any upgrades. It easily doubles for upgrades). The entire game feels like is desperately wants to irritate me into spending money, instead of making me like it enough to spend more money.
  9. The_TrashMan

    BBs are underpowered

    Citadel hits are a product of RNG, not skill. The dispersion is too big a factor for that. Either way, I'm begining to think I'll ditch battleships (despite how much I like them), because against a cruiser, if you don't get a citadel hit, you're dead. The sheer number of HE shells (which will ALL do consistent damage, unlike your AP ones) and fire can wreck even the biggest battleship. Just today, I got almost destroyed by an Atlanta. In one minute, I got two salvos on target, but only got 1 citadel hit. The rest were regular hits that did little to no damage. In the same minute, he set me on fire 4-5 times and took out more than 3/4 of my HP. I ducked behind an island and took shots at a few others ships, and when he appeared again he destroyed me (I got another salvo in, but again, too little damage) Balance my [edited]!
  10. LOL. Yeah, that's how it should be. But it's not. A cruiser can lob an endless stream of HE shells and start multiple fires - on top of consistent HE damage. Just today I got murdered by a cruiser, despite me being a BB. And I'm decent player, I get most of my salvo to hit practically every time. And I did in this battle. He started shooting first and by the time I fired off two AP salvos (got 1 citadel hit and several normal hits) I was already below 50%. The Rate of Fire some cruisers have (which has a nice synergy with fire chance), the number of their guns, plus the high HE chance makes them into a nightmare than can start multiple fires on your ship before your guns even reload. As a BB, you can't really count on HE against cruisers as your RoF is too low. If It's AP, you're counting on citadel hits and the RNG gods to do damage, something that you cannot plan and has little to do with skill, since the gun dispersion is generally 200+ meters, so even if I aim perfectly at a ship center, the shot can miss the ship entirely.
  11. The_TrashMan

    BBs are underpowered

  12. The_TrashMan

    [suggestion] Floding, Fire and damage

    A proper simulation would go in a a lot more detail (bulkheads, compartment flooding, etc..). This is simplified as much as possible, while still retaining the consequences you'd expect in RL. So no, this is an extreemely simple implementation of complex mechanics
  13. The_TrashMan

    secondary armament: very short range.

    That's pretty much what BB's were. Their secondaries could tear cruisers and DD's apart.
  14. The_TrashMan

    [suggestion] Floding, Fire and damage

    IIRC, fire chance is the same regardless of where the shot hits. But you're right, it shouldn't be.
  15. The_TrashMan

    Cleveland nerf

    Correct. HE is the problem. Cleaveland is a ship with a high RoF and that is it's main attraction. If you use AP shells you'll notice it's not that good. HOWEVER, because of a high RoF and a number of shells, as well as damage control/repair cooldowns and fire chances, that synergy is murder, since it's the fire that kills you every time.