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  1. white_killer_shark_123

    Karma, Report, Lob

    wer würde jemanden der so hard carried, reporten
  2. white_killer_shark_123

    Schrödinger's ship

    has to be the immortal rhino camo on my bourgogne
  3. white_killer_shark_123

    Update 0.9.7 – Deutsche Träger: Teil 2

    wenn man es genau nimmt sind es 6% schnellerer reload, da man standard mässig das reload module mit 12% drin hat.. summaro summaro verliert man also 1x Repair, 1x Heal und hat weniger reichweite für die benannten 6%
  4. white_killer_shark_123

    Bonus Codes

    was gibt der code? :D kann irgendwie nichts finden was dazu gekommen wäre
  5. white_killer_shark_123

    Bonus Codes

    mittlerweile habt ihr "kummerspeck" 20 mal gepostet, denke das reicht
  6. white_killer_shark_123

    To CV or not to CV, that is the question

    i have fun with CV, just had a nice good morning game with one of those wierd MMs that bein' said, i would join the air force
  7. white_killer_shark_123

    US CVs help - Midway and Lexington

    holy crap, who should read this book
  8. white_killer_shark_123

    What will you spend your Soviet Tokens on?

    Since imma gambling addict, i keep spending 30 takken on soviet container as soon as i collect them... with the big hopes of a russian BB, my lucky legend says with some luck i get the tier 5 after around 100 containers
  9. white_killer_shark_123

    Fighter consumable of regular ships should be reworked aswell.

    That's why i play premium ship whenever its possible @ ranked, after u reached rank 1 u have more money then u can ever spend, have all tier 10 silver ships and still sitting on 80.000.000 out of like 12 premium ships, i only bought 2, Scharnhorst and Kutusow
  10. white_killer_shark_123

    Fighter consumable of regular ships should be reworked aswell.

    Reallife vs Wows comparison good idea
  11. white_killer_shark_123

    CV Diskussionen

    Für die Konsolen Menschen und das hat wiederum mit Geld zu tun
  12. white_killer_shark_123

    CV Diskussionen

    Lol 67k freie XP in einer Runde, dat is heftig
  13. white_killer_shark_123

    Ranked rewards

    like wtf, i wouldve needed only 1x more rank 1. now i need to save steel for 1 year to buy black whilst others got it from winning 3 times in ranked.
  14. white_killer_shark_123

    Beleidigungen gegen CV Spieler nehmen überhand

    Spam Bild *edited* ihr habt wohl noch nie Counterstrike gezockt.. da is das der normale Umgangston, erst recht wenn du der böse "Cheater" bist der durch Wände schießt..
  15. white_killer_shark_123

    Ranked rewards

    So i remember there was a list like: 3x rank 1 in ranked = Black for free 4x rank 1 in ranked = Flint for free and stuff like that... my question, is this list still existing and working? they should make this free to look up somewhere...