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  1. TheChatBanned

    Karma, Report, Lob

    wer würde jemanden der so hard carried, reporten
  2. TheChatBanned

    Schrödinger's ship

    has to be the immortal rhino camo on my bourgogne
  3. TheChatBanned

    Update 0.9.7 – Deutsche Träger: Teil 2

    wenn man es genau nimmt sind es 6% schnellerer reload, da man standard mässig das reload module mit 12% drin hat.. summaro summaro verliert man also 1x Repair, 1x Heal und hat weniger reichweite für die benannten 6%
  4. TheChatBanned

    Bonus Codes

    was gibt der code? :D kann irgendwie nichts finden was dazu gekommen wäre
  5. TheChatBanned

    Bonus Codes

    mittlerweile habt ihr "kummerspeck" 20 mal gepostet, denke das reicht
  6. TheChatBanned

    To CV or not to CV, that is the question

    i have fun with CV, just had a nice good morning game with one of those wierd MMs that bein' said, i would join the air force
  7. TheChatBanned

    US CVs help - Midway and Lexington

    holy crap, who should read this book
  8. TheChatBanned

    What will you spend your Soviet Tokens on?

    Since imma gambling addict, i keep spending 30 takken on soviet container as soon as i collect them... with the big hopes of a russian BB, my lucky legend says with some luck i get the tier 5 after around 100 containers
  9. That's why i play premium ship whenever its possible @ ranked, after u reached rank 1 u have more money then u can ever spend, have all tier 10 silver ships and still sitting on 80.000.000 out of like 12 premium ships, i only bought 2, Scharnhorst and Kutusow
  10. Reallife vs Wows comparison good idea
  11. TheChatBanned

    CV Diskussionen

    Für die Konsolen Menschen und das hat wiederum mit Geld zu tun
  12. TheChatBanned

    CV Diskussionen

    Lol 67k freie XP in einer Runde, dat is heftig
  13. TheChatBanned

    Ranked rewards

    like wtf, i wouldve needed only 1x more rank 1. now i need to save steel for 1 year to buy black whilst others got it from winning 3 times in ranked.
  14. TheChatBanned

    Beleidigungen gegen CV Spieler nehmen überhand

    Spam Bild *edited* ihr habt wohl noch nie Counterstrike gezockt.. da is das der normale Umgangston, erst recht wenn du der böse "Cheater" bist der durch Wände schießt..
  15. TheChatBanned

    Ranked rewards

    So i remember there was a list like: 3x rank 1 in ranked = Black for free 4x rank 1 in ranked = Flint for free and stuff like that... my question, is this list still existing and working? they should make this free to look up somewhere...