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  1. Sir_Ballistic

    pointing on the minimap doesn't work

    Yes I tried both 1-click and 2-click, not working for me
  2. Sir_Ballistic

    pointing on the minimap doesn't work

    Ctrl and point on minimap doesn't work for me, I have no problems with this in WOT, but in WOWS it doesn't work for some reason. I asked around about it and it seem to work for some and not for others, I hope there will be a fix coming, this have been a problem a long time by now.
  3. Sir_Ballistic

    Bismarcks preliminary stats

    Damn you! you allways say soon LOL
  4. Sir_Ballistic

    Bismarcks preliminary stats

    Could the Supertester please give us a hint on how long we have to wait for the German tree and or Bismarck?
  5. Sir_Ballistic

    Missions, I hate them

    There is no one forcing you to play the missions, if you don't like them, don't play them, problem solved.
  6. Sir_Ballistic

    Getting bored of being capped

    the caps should be removed, it just takes the fun out of it, and the matches are getting short, why not just kill all instead? mayby this could be introduced in one map as a test and see how it works? that would be awesome. cheers!
  7. Sir_Ballistic

    How did you come up with your name?

    My name was kinda redicilous when I first started in World of Tanks, so I allways wanted to change it, I won't tell you what it was, it was that bad ok . I joined a Clan and a girl there started to call me Cosy because she said my voice sounded so cosy lol, couldn't really understand that, but ok, ^^ and soon enough everyone in my clan called me cosy, fine by me, so that made it pretty easy to know which name to change to when I finally got around to it lol, unfortunately just "Cozy" was taken so just added 66 because it's my year of birth, once a gamer, allways a gamer
  8. Sir_Ballistic

    Bismarcks preliminary stats

    so when can we expect to see her in game? and what is the status on the German tree in general?
  9. Sir_Ballistic

    new gun sounds?/

    First I wrote that I prefered the new gun sounds, especially on the higher tier battleships, I think they really are a big improvement even tho not perfect, at that time I had not yet been listening to the lower class ships, like for example the American Battleship Chester, so maybe I should have keept my mouth shut, now when I listen to Chesters gun sounds, I must say that the sound of those guns, more remind me of a shotout at O.K.corall than of the guns of a battleship, seriously guys!? this is not good. sound is such a big part of the gaming experience, this just have to be changed back to some of the ships suffering from this weak sound. not all suffer from this though, I really love the sound of the tier X Montana, they could not have been better, they are thunderous! and really make you feel powerful, I am not suggesting anything being done on those ship, but there are other ships in desperate need for better sounds.
  10. Sir_Ballistic

    Kitakami wallows like a pig

    totally agree, this is the most under performing ship in the intire game, and it doesn't even got smoke, then at least it would have a fighting chance
  11. Sir_Ballistic

    pointing on the minimap doesn't work

    it works fine for me in WOT, but for some reason not in WOW
  12. Sir_Ballistic

    Game Modifications: Pros and Cons

    ban all mods
  13. Sir_Ballistic

    What is the point of cruisers Mk.2

    Cruisers are support ships, they are supposed to protect Battleships with Anti-Air, and attack Destroyers, that is the point of cruisers. you should sail your Cruiser near your battleships in between them and the enemy so that when torpedo bombers come to attack your battleships, they will first have to fly over you so you can shoot them down before they reach the battleships
  14. Sir_Ballistic

    Not having fun atm in WoWs am I missing something?

    I'm missing something too, the main problem is, it's all too easy to play it, I think the caps possibly should be removed alltogether, there is to little shooting and too much caping atm, also I believe the maps should be a lot larger, don't get me wrong, I love the game, and what the developers have accomplished so far is simply amazing, but if this game is going to be as big as WOT then something should be done to make the game more competetive and complex, what world of tanks have is far more tactics and complexity, that is why so many love the game, there is a possibility to be better than other players by learning tactics and how to precent your armour to the enemy and many more things, I guess that is what is missing from WOW.
  15. Sir_Ballistic

    Poll: Should Wargaming allow the XVM mod for WoWS?