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  1. Armoured_Underpants

    One-day 0.5.3 cruiser stats

    LMAO ;)
  2. Armoured_Underpants

    Karma fair usage

    Because of the 'options' given to these multi-reporters you could eventually receive a 24hr chat ban, as I have...1 so far, a platoon that used all of their reports 'tipped' it over whatever the limit is. I raised a ticket but to no avail. I also questioned if it effected your RNG when in a negative Karma rating but was told..NO<<<lol, not quite sure yet but there is a nagging suspicion. Im back down to 1 at the moment and RNG is its usual throw, when at some point I reach zero again I will report back.
  3. Armoured_Underpants

    Can we please get rid of detonation

    I find I get 'detonated' once with every 'new' 24hr period, I don't know if anyone has said this but the 'trick' is to play a few battles in lower tier/ship you maybe don't like or don't give a monkeys about in a new gameplay session until the detonation occurs, that way you have flags to prevent it in high repair cost ships. Once you HAVE been detonated it is extremely rare to get detonated again during that game play session so you shouldn't waste your flags.
  4. Armoured_Underpants

    The rewarding side of Karma

    it is supposed to be a punishable offence to abuse the report system ( reporting someone simply because they killed you or some other nonsense would fall into this category) of course its impossible to Police, if you upset an idiot Platoon who then use ALL their reports in 1 go it can get YOU banned. How many times do you witness some one saying 'reported' in chat ? and how many times is it just some nonsense that is going on...I'd say 90% of the time it really is nothing. I have never played a game with so much shiz-en flying about. I had 6 karma points at one point....now none & a 48hr chat ban to boot because the idiot reports eventually add up, so be careful. You can check in notifications after battle, if more than 1 person has reported you (not sure if it means used more than 1 report also) you will get a notification. From now on im going to enable replays & keep an eye on such things, even if it isn't me getting 'accused' or reported these pathetic morons need dealing with.
  5. Armoured_Underpants

    Report System

  6. Armoured_Underpants

    Game modes Domination...

    YES, I wholeheartedly agree with the comments this delightful young man has made on this particular subject, I think you should take note game makers....please.
  7. Armoured_Underpants

    Phantoms and Witches

    Too true, I have played a lot of games around those tiers hoping to get in one of those matches, I even went back & re-bought the Tier 5 US BB lol. I read OP the day it started & saw that some of the ST's are playing a LOT more than the official times but that it would still be a bit of a rarity. Still haven't managed it yet will keep trying though *yawn* lol
  8. Armoured_Underpants


    The one with the more conventional spawn points is ok but the other just seems to create confusion for a lot of people
  9. Armoured_Underpants

    Some interesting info around the world

    a squad of fighters cant handle a single ship based fighter ???<<<WTF...BECAUSE THAT SQUAD IS ALSO GETTING SHOT AT BY THE CRUISERS AA!!! F me, and if the cruiser is dead then your telling f***ing lies or completely exaggerating because as CV players they 'may' be a pain in the arse. The amount of times playing as a DD mid game & I ask my cv to destroy dead cruisers plane I have NEVER seen them have a problem, certainly no where near the extent some of you are insinuating.
  10. Armoured_Underpants

    German Cruiser Feedback

    Well WG, it looks like you got your answers. As several people have mentioned glass cannons, I would like to mention Detonations. I have never been detonated so many times as I have in German cruisers, hell, I just got 100% HP detonated by an Atago in the Nurnburg, FROM THE F***ING FRONT! bow on & angled to him from less than 8km away, while he sails on, SIDE ON bouncing the AP I was firing at him! I could quote dozens of instances but they've all been covered in the previous comments so I wont go on. WHO the F plays these ships before you send them out ??? seriously, give me a job! I cant do any worse than whoever is already doing it. Ive played nearly 2000 games so far and this line has tested my patience more than any single thing in this game has.
  11. Armoured_Underpants

    Update 0.4.1 General Feedback

    Before the 'expert' shooters start with their 'd*ck swinging'.....The 'border fix' just what exactly did they do ? I don't care how good you are, a border hugger can still throw off your first salvo, an expert border hugger can still throw off multiple salvos, YES they will still get hit but far less than they should. It is STILL getting exploited and not just in last gasp situations.
  12. Armoured_Underpants

    HE - constructive feedback

    @adwaenyth I understand that. If we covered every possible situation a BB can get in we would be here all day. The original post is about the mechanics of fires and that is what I was trying to answer/provide feedback on. My examples are only there to stop certain others then coming in with 'well why don't you do this/do that'
  13. Armoured_Underpants

    HE - constructive feedback

    Ive been playing about a month now and at first I was perplexed at how quickly a ship could be taken out by fire. However, after some time on the learning curve and some time thinking about it away from the game I have come up with the following as I believe that it does need some work.... With 1 fire the time it takes to extinguish automatically should be quicker, with only 1 fire all damage control personnel are available plus others that would help. This of course would only happen if not continually getting hit. With 2 fires, obviously it would take longer to extinguish automatically as personnel are having to deal with two. The %increase to cause fire Captain skill....is this really necessary ? What is the point of spending all the credits on reducing the chance of fire/ability to reduce burn time if that is partially counteracted by this, you cannot completely stop your ship from catching fire & its easy enough to start them as it is. IF there is to be a big nerf to HE then maybe it should apply to HE fired from BB's main guns only. The amount of BB players firing HE exclusively because its 'easier' is getting a bit annoying to say the least. Time your repairs correctly on BB's..... If you're in range of a Cruiser, you're probably in range of more than 1 and in several seconds, in range of his BB friends too. Exactly how do you manoeuvre a BB quickly enough to dodge rof while keeping armour angled towards the big guns ? Yes I understand that you could give the offending cruiser a shot or two to make him think twice while you're still burning & repair if he breaks off or repair so that it covers the next 2/3 salvos, but then you have one or more of the BB's also firing HE at you too, so now your repair is on cool-down & while you wait 2/3 more fires are started which take how much HP ? Yes I know...find cover & then repair....just how often is that even possible unless you're camped behind something only reversing out once reloaded (yes I understand 'crashing' into a position like that faced with multiple enemies, torps & no help) Manoeuvre out of his range ? yeah if he is on his own & you're not opening yourself up to citadels from a bigger ship. The Fact is, BBs are like heavies, they are there to take the punishment & be able to withstand a lot of it & usually against multiple opponents but Its far too easy to get 2/3 fires going & dodge pretty much anything the BB fires at you except if he switches to HE. Come on guys, It needs some work if you're honest. It does damage far more consistently than AP in hits & fires... & there is slightly too much of it in the mechanics of the second.
  14. Armoured_Underpants

    Getting ppl less toxic

    I do get into arguments with people in the chat and I do use swearwords sometimes...however, I usually only get to that stage after very politely pointing out something on the mini-map/asking for help/describing an imminent-evolving situation...and getting completely ignored. I don't go straight into a rage even at that point, I may type "Guys look at the map" I may add "FFS" then the stupid replies start to come back. If some one asks for help/points something out 99% of the time I see it, I'll acknowledge 'ok' or advise what to do till I get there if I'm in a position to do so. If I don't see it or see it 30 seconds too late I Apologise ....surprisingly....this is usually met with a 'np' or 'thanks at least you tried' even if it doesn't work out, if it does then all is fine & dandy. When some one goes into a rage because of understandable frustration, I don't ever feel the need to belittle them, report them or wind them up even more & this I find is the main 'type' I see or experience. If you see some one getting into a rage and you can see how it happened even though he might not be getting his point across in the best possible way...either keep out of it or try to calm them down. Don't make things worse by being a dipsh*t troll of the worst kind and if you are offended by seeing the F word or similar...seriously...don't play online games.
  15. Sorry to go off topic..but look how many of us have the same 'wot birthday'.....spooky !