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  1. Dirty Old Dogs

  2. Dirty Old Dogs

  3. Dirty Old Dogs

  4. Dirty Old Dogs

  5. Dirty Old Dogs

  6. Dirty Old Dogs

    Also we often have internal competitions with some cool prizes (premium ships, premium account, etc etc). Takođe često imamo unutrašnja takmičenja sa nekim kul nagradama (premium brodovi, premium nalog, itd.).
  7. Dirty Old Dogs

    Nikolai I slam.
  8. Santa Legion

    Arizona,Hood,Gallant,Mutsu, 9k gold, 4x 10 point captain, aprox. over 200 flags + 200 camo from 20 red boxes and 20 blue ones. Now WG , I started gifting gifts to my clan mates. Managed to give half before i "broke" premium shop. Now last two days I am unable to buy anything. Sent in ticket but God knows when will it get answered. Missing a lot of money here WG.
  9. Dirty Old Dogs

  10. What you got in your Santa containers?

    Medium boxes: 7x1,000 75x "Frosty Fir Tree" Camo30x "Wyvern" flags45x "Red Dragon" flags15x "Ouroboros" flags ARIZONA HOOD ULTRA-MEGA-GIGA Boxes: 2,000 60x "Frosty Fir Tree" Camo30x "Wyvern" flags30x "Red Dragon" flags30x "Ouroboros" flags150x "Hydra" flags 90x "Dragon" flags GALLANT MUTSU A
  11. Radio Location Skill Feedback

    Feedback on wallha...RDF? Didnt we already had this? WORST THING TO HIT WoWs since...well start of the game really. It changed META, from where you use your wits to outsmart your opponent to piu piu shooting potato cannons from one side of the map to the other. I understand they wanted to introduce this chea...skill to get some speed into matches and get some faster and shorter battles. But I think now with all this camping going on, I dont see need to play as I played before. Have 30 days of premium left (out of 6 months prem time I usually buy), and if nothing changes I see myself out. I know many say this but trust me, I am a whale warrior, spending up to 200$-300$ p/m so I fail to see what am I getting now for my money. Legalize cheat? No, thank you.
  12. Gift Containers a joke!

    Spent 50+eu sent some boxes to friends kept 15 captains for myself. And? 2 x Marble, 4K gold, some camos and damage repairs 2. It is not a bargin, I myself am not happy nor will I spend so much ever again on any WG. Will get prem acc from month to month, thats it. And I allready had 85% of all prem ships in game. So that is a huge down spending from my side.
  13. supercontainers. do they still exist?

    Got 2 SC today in try your luck. 250 Repairs2 and 50 Ocean Soul camo. So ... yes they are thereabout , but as ET damn hard to spot.
  14. server connecting problems

    Unknown server error!