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  1. Petao_Sofronije

    DDs low Tier need to be changed

    Allow me to be blunt: No they do not. Each ship has his own META and place on the battlefield. My advice is the same as many have allready given you. Watch, listen and obeserve other players who have more battles under there belt.See what they do, and try to understand the game. I fail to see your grounds for asking aka demanding this change. In your wast expieriance of 280 battles I can not comprehend when did you have the time to understand the whole game and how it is played. So... Watch Ask Listen Obeserve Best of luck in future endeavors, Petao_Sofronije
  2. Petao_Sofronije

    Dirty Old Dogs

  3. LOL No way in hell, will I pay what they ask. Look at my account you will see I have almost all premium ships. But this price? NO.
  4. Petao_Sofronije

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  5. Petao_Sofronije

    Dirty Old Dogs

  6. Petao_Sofronije

    Dirty Old Dogs

  7. Petao_Sofronije

    Dirty Old Dogs

  8. Petao_Sofronije

    Dirty Old Dogs

  9. Petao_Sofronije

    Dirty Old Dogs

  10. Petao_Sofronije

    Dirty Old Dogs

  11. Petao_Sofronije

    Dirty Old Dogs

    Also we often have internal competitions with some cool prizes (premium ships, premium account, etc etc). Takođe često imamo unutrašnja takmičenja sa nekim kul nagradama (premium brodovi, premium nalog, itd.).
  12. Petao_Sofronije

    Dirty Old Dogs

    Nikolai I slam.
  13. Petao_Sofronije

    Santa Legion

    Arizona,Hood,Gallant,Mutsu, 9k gold, 4x 10 point captain, aprox. over 200 flags + 200 camo from 20 red boxes and 20 blue ones. Now WG , I started gifting gifts to my clan mates. Managed to give half before i "broke" premium shop. Now last two days I am unable to buy anything. Sent in ticket but God knows when will it get answered. Missing a lot of money here WG.