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  1. Hey all I am commenting at tier V as that is where I currently play, and would like advice on. A common tactic I see, is for the enemy aircraft carriers to circle their planes around the edge of the map, going the long route, and then come in behind the team to hit our aircraft carrier right at the start of the battle. I saw this again a game or two ago, so as a cruiser I sat in the way this time, our carrier sent his interceptors out well in advance as he saw it coming. However the enemy torp bombers flew over my pitiful AA fire, got past his interceptors, dropped their payload and promptly flew back over me and carried on their way. My conclusion is, Tier V aa fire for the us cruisers is crap. I did hit a few planes, the interceptors did quite a lot of damage i am sure, and it was enough to stop him dying completely, but if someone is flying directly over me, then turning around and flying directly back the tier V aa guns need to be doing more damage. I have no experience of higher tiers as I am not there yet, this is merely a tier V balance feedback. All in all the aa fire for US cruisers seems underwhelming, I have not tried the jap cruisers yet, and only hope other countries are made available to fill that role in the mid tiers.
  2. Karrade

    ik played aprox 100 games and these are my findings

    Any bb caught on its own by a destroyer should die most of the time, if the skill levels are the same. I am starting to call at the start of the battle, lone bb's are torp food, if I see someone just sailing to the flank completely away from everyone else, because you know what'll happen he'll pop around a corner, straight into a DD with no escort, or just get picked off by their carriers.
  3. Karrade

    MM - more balance needed

    Tier 3 ships should never face tier seven ships, thats the worst case of mm balancing i've seen, though to be fair in that battle I killed 4 which was just funny, and lucky . It should just be a hard limit that the mm can't go beyond.
  4. Karrade

    Finding it hard to enjoy BB anymore

    Battleships need to stay near cruisers, by making BB's more able to kill destroyers or dodge torp bombers on their own you take away some of the rock paper scissors approach. I've not played higher tiers so I have no idea how it is there, but this is true in the lowers tiers and I have only one thing to say. Good. We don't need more than half the team in BB's. 3-5 is fine per game. Though as someone said going full broadside on a DD, even on a cruiser is silly.
  5. I was there 40 minutes after it started and it closed LOL
  6. Karrade

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    One of the bigger complaints about world of warplanes was the unrealistic tech tree, so they can't really go overboard on that.
  7. High repair costs in WoT forces people into lower tiers to save up money, this way you don't get everyone stuck in the top tier every game, and get a spread of tiers.
  8. Karrade

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    Like I put in the other thread a few UK premiums would be nice while we wait, german too as they'll be waiting awhile. It is definitely based on playerbase size though, it's clearly transparent getting russia and the US out first, with the Japanese being there for the the asian market which I assume is reasonably large combined too. If it wasn't they could do any nations navy from the period that they could put a line together for, but the preferences of the playerbase's nationality is being taken into account, this is a good thing, so I don't see why they'd hide it. -edit Posted as I did, but putting premiums out there for the UK would certainly boost sales, as they'll be the only UK ships we can get hold of ;)
  9. How are cruisers for average players in higher tiers, cost wise I mean?
  10. Karrade

    HMS BELFAST anticipation for Royal navy and ship progression

    Hoping for some premium UK stuff in there, if we are waiting for the full line for ages. You can't blame the devs entirely, they are aiming at their biggest player bases first I think. Though Japanese is a bit odd, unless a lot of japanese people play the game, perhaps that is aimed at the asian market in general.
  11. Karrade

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    I put this in the other thread but it seems better suited here, for those that know about ships, how do you think the british lines will compare?
  12. Karrade

    Any Idea's when ?

    Ignore this posted, asked it in the other thread about british ships.
  13. Karrade

    Do you get a reward for being a CBT tester

    I'll swap you your free gift for a chance to play . Seriously you're all already getting a free gift at this stage.
  14. Karrade

    Toxic Behaviour

    I actually use it to help the team by saying someone's behind you, or lookout right etc. But I agree, It'd be better just to disable it for dead players, even if I lose that ability. If it stops all the highly predictable calls that a losing team gets, often times they offer no useful feedback just one word to the entire team that lost, and it's just to flame or moan. It'd be better if that wasn't even possible. It's a smart compromise solution.
  15. Karrade

    The hater against CV's is a serious threat to this game

    Some games you are going to have bad runs. With a larger pop you will find team killers You'll find good players Good teamwork You'll find bad players. You'll find haters. Griefers Amazing players who some how can work miracles. I haven't seen my main thought on teamwork in this game posted yet, and no it's not about the game mechanics as I haven't played yet. It's about the team size. Team size is why I don't play MOBA's, because 1 bad player, 1 tk etc will ruin a team in a small team, whereas a large team you don't notice as much and it's much easier to carry them. That said the smaller team size in this game, will also keep out some of the bad element from many of your games, you won't see them in as many games either but when you do, you'll remember it, or just quit. However i'd personally like to see a large team option in MM if it's viable at some stage, for all the reasons I listed. From what people have written higher tiers have larger maps, so may it's viable on those?