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  1. Qel_

    New ship preview: Monarch

    Please don't make this a gimmicky line of HE spammers... such an anticipated and iconic line of ships, don't screw this up.
  2. Qel_

    New ship preview: Monarch

    Why not just have KGV at tier 8 with the option of mounting the 14 inch or 15 inch configurations, we have this with other ships such as Mogami, FdG and GK already. People can then choose to use the variant they want and everyones happy. Also allows Nelson to be at Tier 7 where she belongs.
  3. Qel_

    Campbeltown in the premium shop.

    Strange that WG are effectively penalising early adopters, I've had Warspite since release, sure I guess I could buy this bundle and get the value in doubloons, but why should I? Why not make it so that if you have both ships you get the flag for example? Or better yet as it's the anniversary of a battle in which thousands died on both sides why not put it in for everyone?
  4. Qel_

    Patch 5.4.2 Incoming

    Same could be said of a lot of the ships in the game/will be added to the game, Yamato & Musashi, Bismarck, Shokaku all went down with 1,000+ men. Any of the British or German ships sunk at Jutland, Hood if it's added, the list goes on.
  5. Qel_

    Warspite.. yes again.

    Sorry but 'reason' 1 is absolute rubbish. Most of the surviving plans from the era this game focuses on are held by National museums and archives, they're also well documented in various books on the history of British warships and ship design. Anyone can enquire and even order copies of them from the institutions concerned so no they're not hidden away in some secret bunker....
  6. Qel_

    Project R - Feedback / Questions

    Given that WG US have now increased the pearl count in order to allow a good number of players to get a Kamikaze for 260 pearls before the event finishes, can we expect the same to happen here in from WG EU if it looks like we're heading to a similar situation? http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/65380-help-us-rebuild-the-kamikaze-r-join-project-r-today-update-127/page__pid__1603099%23entry1603099 (see second update in first post) I and many others appreciate the change from lottery to 260 pearl requirement, but hopefully you'll make sure those of us who participate throughout the event and get a large number of pearls will actually have a solid opportunity to get the ship and not just the lucky few who aren't working or unavailable when the weekly missions happen to reset and we hit 10m soon after.
  7. Qel_

    Free exp for skip Colorado or Nagato?

    I wouldn't use free xp to skip a ship completely and certainly not the Nagato which is a great ship imo. What I would do however is use free xp to unlock the first hull upgrade as this makes battleships much more playable, e.g. the Nagato gets a lot of health, better rudder shift and a little AA from that upgrade so it isn't too painful to grind out the rest.
  8. Qel_

    0.4.1 Update Today

    One change I was looking forward to was the Yubari buff, however it seems that the defensive fire ability it received only has 1 charge which kind of negates the impact of the change. Sure you could hang around near your team's carrier or battleship at the start and ward off the initial attack, but after that you're basically back where you were pre-patch with AA that is good for its tier but not good enough to make much of an impact. I also see you can purchase the premium version of defensive fire which seems odd given that the only bonus to this seems to be a shorter cooldown, but you only have one charge so what's the point?
  9. Qel_

    Future British battleships and their Tiers

    Well for Coronel, Cradock felt Canopus was so slow and useless that he left her behind whilst he went to intercept Von Spee, and at the Falklands I think they beached her to act as a shore battery? As a pre-dreadnought and already very out of date by WW1 I don't expect her to make an appearance. I'd imagine it will be something like Dreadnought at Tier 3, or as a premium with something like Orion class at Tier 4 and Iron Duke at Tier 5. I do wonder where they will fit Hood though, and also given most of the trees currently in the game progress by gun calibre the Nelson class will be in an odd place. Also wonder what will be at Tier 10, Vanguard or Lion.
  10. Qel_

    General Feedback (Round 1)

    I'd like to suggest swapping the background images of the Summary and Service record sections as with the extra information (which is very nice) some of the text towards the bottom can be harder to read as it is white text with a shadow on top of white clouds. If you swap the two images this wouldn't be a problem in the two sections.
  11. Qel_

    Why doesn't Warspite have its torps?

    As said the version we have in game is the refit after the torpedo tubes were removed. I suppose you could argue when they add the British tree the stock Queen Elizabeth should have the tubes, but I expect WG will stick with the design decision to on the whole not give battleships torpedoes. Whether Tirpitz is an exception due to them being deck launchers, or just an exception to give it more of a premium selling point we'll have to wait and see.
  12. Qel_

    Can't press battle

    Thank you for the response PanzerGert, whilst it's frustrating not being able to play, especially this weekend it's a little better now that you've actually acknowledged the issue.
  13. Qel_

    Cannot start games or join divisions

    Yep division bug strikes again, in a division played 2 or 3 battles last night, queued for a 4th and it just sat there for 10 minutes so we got out of WoWs, now none of us can get into a battle.
  14. Qel_

    Can't press battle

    Yep same here, in a division and the matchmaker got stuck so eventually one of us alt-f4'ed. Now none of us can get into a battle....
  15. Basically, with extra ui information enabled (or alt) the distance between you and a cruiser's fighter plane/spotter doesn't seem to show up so when playing a destroyer for example it's much more difficult to judge the distance and remain unspotted. Not sure if this is a bug or working as intended but as everything else has a distance displayed I thought I'd report it here.