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  1. TheGreatSunJester

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Very angry with how this event was presented vs how you have chosen to implement it. It's shamelessly grasping and greedy. You've misled the your community contributors you asked to advertise this, and you've misled the players. Shame on you. In future you should present the information about what is required accurately and in advance. I'm sure lots of players would be prepared to spend a reasonable amount to help acquire this ship, but the amount of time and money required for this (especially at Christmas, I mean come one WG!) is ridiculous.
  2. TheGreatSunJester

    Join Battle bug

    @Crysantos nice work lads! Thanks!
  3. TheGreatSunJester

    Join Battle bug

    Work faster, the wife'll be home soon and then I'm out of game time!
  4. TheGreatSunJester

    Join Battle bug

    Still no luck here
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    @Crysantos@MrConway any news on when this'll be fixed?
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    Same here