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  1. Castiel93

    Servers Down?

    Multiple returns of: Error Connecting Server. Server Busy. What's happening WG? @Crysantos @MrConway
  2. Castiel93

    Questions of the Community

    Any chance we will see a Scapa Flow port? Would be cool to be able to station my RN cruisers in the base of the British Navy in WW1 and WW2.
  3. Castiel93

    Whats wrong with this picture - teamstacking gone crazy

    Nothing? I do this with my WoT clan, and trust me, you don't need to worry about people throwing. If anything we'll fight harder and target our own members because we want the bragging rights. While I'm sure there are a few nefarious folk out there who rig matches, it seems unfair to stop everyone having fun because of the actions of a few.
  4. Castiel93

    Server down ?

    Restart your computers. I had this error, but restarted and now its working
  5. I think you won't have the Warspite, but you should get its value in gold refunded so you'll have the ability to buy it again in OBT.
  6. You'll still go up the tiers faster than the new players in OBT as you'll know how to play already, meaning that your first couple of hundred games you should do really well, like a shark in a tank of minnows. Tiers 1-4 aren't really a grind. With good play you should be able to get there in 20 battles at most.
  7. Castiel93

    Imperium invasion coming soon.

    If they do that I'll just turn chat off for a couple of days until they're rooted out and banned.
  8. Castiel93

    Imperium invasion coming soon.

    That's true enough, however at present there is no automated support system in WoWs, so a few screencaps showing these guys being idiots and we can hopefully get them removed before the game goes live with automated support, which is hopeless at dealing with these types of people.
  9. Castiel93

    Imperium invasion coming soon.

    A rush of people with no idea how to play and think they're going to be able to troll us en masse? This will be fun!
  10. Castiel93

    How do i get in closed beta ?

    They occasionally give out codes to some of the youtubers and twitch streamers to give away.
  11. Castiel93

    How do i get in closed beta ?

    At the moment you can buy some of the premiums ships in the WG store and they come with access. Either that or you can try and win a code. If you don't manage either of these then OBT is probably not that far away given how polished the game is. There is no official release date for OBT yet, but I'd be surprised if it isn't by the end of May.
  12. Castiel93

    Some Ideas and Suggestions

    They already do.
  13. Castiel93

    Players divisioning with themselves

    That's a possibility, I didn't think of that. EDIT: Having checked this out that is exactly what I was seeing. Good shout sir!
  14. Castiel93

    Players divisioning with themselves

    I'm thinking he might have been account sharing with a mate, so logged in from 2 different locations which might make it possible. The names are identical as far as I can make out. I'd post a screencap if it wouldn't fall under naming and shaming
  15. Castiel93

    Players divisioning with themselves

    So last night I played a game, where 2 of the "players" on our team were the same account name which seemed a bit odd. Is this allowed or should I send a ticket to support?