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  1. psa

    Like if you truly do get a Kitakami as WG employees! But, what if the hamsters hacked into the personal file databases down there and know Mr Conway better than he knows himself?
  2. So, are you asking if you should uninstall (based on the title)? Or simply sharing your experience?
  3. Give me the chance I'll jump into bed at 8pm and sleep till 2pm every weekend . Probs because I never slept more than 5 hours when I was younger (4-12), then I guess life caught up and said: Thou shalt be tired!
  4. WOW

    It would seem so now: Just download it from the steam store and follow this guide to use your account you already have
  5. I mean, don't tell me no one else made the comparison? No? Just me? Bwah, what were you guys doing back then?!
  6. Yay, finally some other guys are pushing for an extra choice for Duki Torp boost VS Def AA (Or engine boost for DF AA, as she is terribly slow without it).
  7. Though tbf. alot of good girlcharacter-cossplayers are actually guys
  8. well, not so much locked... when you strafe out of a fight, the squad that is getting strafed away from is unable to re-engage you. They only 'see' your squad again once it has performed the strafe move. However, in the case of 2 on 1, only one of the squads is 'stunned', the other one will stay on your tail (this is where a smart CV player will strafe after you) This 'stunning' is also where the strafe out strafe in move comes from, as the targeted squad is immobile.
  9. Ieks guys, our thread has been infiltrated by WG . On a more serious note though, perhaps we should make two threads? One for KC and one for AL?
  10. Im 8 lvls away from Yu K2, sendai still needs alot of xp though (39). Always been using Fuso for 1-5, so she is 43 Hoping that my 50 Yahagi, 49 Noshiro, 34 Kitakami are sufficient for the night nodes
  11. Played through her pre-buff. Because my expectations were SO low, I actually quite enjoyed the T-22 . Played her as a dual purpose DD, using my guns whenever I could safely do so, but never when I could not quickly disengage. Spammed flags and camo on her, got ~2-3 kills a game, around 60k. Just making use of every possible cheaky tactic. Firing over islands, letting the enemy cap, then recapping, then letting them cap again etc. etc.
  12. *Totally not panicking because instead of leveling Saratoga, Yuudachi and Sendai I should have lved my Mogami sisters and Shigu*
  13. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind an interesting chat either! Was just stating that I knew absolutely nothing about the topic atm. besides Steins;Gate
  14. *When the entire topic is de-railed and you don't have a clue what everyone is refering to* Owh wait, Steins;Gate? The time-travel anime I found by accident while looking for the JSDF Gate Anime. It was good enough to hook me before I escaped to the one I was looking for. The plot twist was just . Not gonna go into spoilers though, cause that would kinda brake the entire thing.
  15. You guys have probably seen this one, just gonna link it anyways, I really don't know which is my fav now, this one or the Spanish inquisition.