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  1. gekkehenkie50

    Not naming and shaming but...

    Totally get what ya mean; ever since dead-eye, teams seem to have dropped a solid ~5% in WR carry wise
  2. Still miss em, despite their flaws.
  3. gekkehenkie50

    DEADYEY skill

    going by your recent stats you've got the exact same symptoms as me eh Its too rewarding personally to skip up on using dead-eye, but it contributes almost nada to the battle as a whole; dmg numbers couldnt be higher, while PR and WR tank to rock bottom.
  4. Ehya ^^/ yee, I'm sneaking back into the game now n then, picked up balansgrad this ranked. But this new sniping meta is so weird. Seeing entire flanks start kiting from the moment the match starts, idk how I feel about it. Dmg numbers couldnt be higher, but carry potential couldnt be lower >.>
  5. As already shared above, please do not buy these boxes (except maybe if you already own a full premium ship collection and want to fill the gaps) they are a total scam.
  6. gekkehenkie50

    Ranked Sprint 13, How did you do?

    Rank 10 -> 1 in 18 games (never lost a star). All played in mighty musashi (totally op in the BB meta I ran into, while the torp belt saved me a tonne of times too). Kinda felt cheesy honestly, could be because I started playing late, but I only ran into a competent player twice or maybe thrice. The rest were mediocre to clueless (best I can think of is an FDG ramming a full health sov Soyuz (which survived), and a Georgia rushing a B cap, beaching broadside on and dying in 2 salvos) Had some fun banter moments etc, but all in all it felt like a holiday compared to last ranked. Memes 8/10 Competitive 5/10 Salt 2/10 Stats flex 10/10
  7. gekkehenkie50

    Tips for Yamusashi in current meta?

    My main issue is that my WR feels rather arbitrary in both ships, they feel extremely unimpactful compared to Montana :/
  8. gekkehenkie50

    Tips for Yamusashi in current meta?

    20200425_204837_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_15_NE_north.wowsreplay Typical Yamato game for me, 110k dmg, 2m potential. West flank collapses before I can move over, and by the time I do Yamato cant turn around and disengage fast enough.
  9. gekkehenkie50

    Tips for Yamusashi in current meta?

    Ehya everyone, been playing my forgotten ships a bit more, and top of the list was the glorious hotel. Both of em to be sure. ... What are they supposed to do? With the smolensk vision-meta rn you're basically a BBQ XP drop. The way I see things right now: Bullying cruisers? Montana, hands down Bullying nose in battleships? Conkek, because having a cloaking device and super heal ontop of 11k HE salvos is fun Sniping at extreme range () Republique Tanking a push? Montana/Kurrywurst I really don't see a niché for Yamato or Musashi besides sometimes penetrating the bow of BBs. And I say sometimes, because this 'best in class accuracy' so far feels like a myth (obviously don't have the leg module) especially on Sushi, who's guns are more shotgunney than old-school Iowa. My game generally goes as follows; I take a central position where I can keep my front two turrets firing non-stop, sometimes sneaking in the rear turret. I get around 100k dmg, 1m~2m potential, the team dies on one side or the other, and poor hotel is left all alone. She has NO carrying potential whatsoever (besides deleting a radar cruiser now and then, but all the BBs can do that). Weak armour to HE spam, weaker still to brawling caps, she's slow, and unresponsive at low speeds, her saving grace is a 55% torpedobelt that can gobble up fish sometimes (tanking an entire german cruiser torpedo salvo was a fun one). I'll include my stats for reference
  10. gekkehenkie50

    The duality of CVs in randoms?

    ^^' Nice to see you're still around EL2aZeR. Thing is, Haku feels rather the same. Though, she gets the farming part of things done easier cause she can just tank through alot of AA and shrug it off entirely it seems. To give you guys some perspective as to what I'm missing; this is a clip from a game that was going rather poorly with Taiho. Only 70K dmg 10 mins into the game, my DPM was lacking to say the least... But with the old CVs, you could be providing vision, dealing damage, countering the enemy CV AND taking out DDs capping (instead of choosing one of those four three, F for fighter planes).
  11. gekkehenkie50

    The duality of CVs in randoms?

    So, no offense, but this is to me essentially the brain-dead farming mode I meant. Heck I'm tempted to say I play with more success; for example the very first run into their Puerto where you suicided an entire squadron. I don't feel like there was much carrying going on here, definitely no "game winning" plays, just big numbers. The fact that neither team seized the advantage during the battle kinda supports what I said; it's like playing not to win but to farm, and only finally play for the win towards the end. Tbf, I guess that's not necessarily wrong... Just feels a bit questionable to me from a game design pov Quick edit: also noticed this was before the slingshot removal nerf :(
  12. gekkehenkie50

    The duality of CVs in randoms?

    And how do you physically find the time to do that then? >.> Send first rocket wing up, scout 2 caps and find X DD. Saipan has 3 waves of rockets, assume DD is brain-dead and sails straight into the cap. You hit 6 rockets in total over 3 waves (avg rng dispersion) for around 9k dmg. DD should be dead by spotting now. Onto the next one. Find it, same best-case scenarios engage, same result. It'll take atleast 7 minutes to simply kill the 4 DDs assuming they all don't smoke up, don't have AA support and don't dodge. Only at that point can you turn to the mediocre farming abilities (with no counterplay to AA apart from abusing islands to get 1 strike off, and nothing to increase your DPM) And chances are once you've taken out all enemy DDs you're around 800 points with 4 caps anyway. Or should I focus on not winning for the sake of damage?
  13. gekkehenkie50

    The duality of CVs in randoms?

    So, I've been playing for quite some time. Since the CBT tbh. And by now I'd say I've gotten a decent understanding of the game. That aside, the CV rework is one thing I still cannot understand. Since it was released, I've tried to make it work, I've tried to play it the way guides have explained it, or the way I believe it would be most effective... and yet it just doesn't click. Whenever I see a CV in game, I think "Heh, some extra XP unless he sacrifices himself entirely to spotting", cause that's what it feels like. Either the CV is a dmg farming but otherwise useless ship (like an HE spamming cruiser that only focusses BBs), or it is a game-winning ship that has very little direct influence (spotting). Besides bullying the odd braindead DD captain that still hasnt figured out that rockets hurt, CVs don't deal much meaningful damage in my experience. Not with any consistency anyway. To take two matches as examples: In this defeat, I essentially attempted to attack their DD 4 times, which, having half a brain, evaded back into AA cover 4 times. By this moment the battle was looking rather grim, and, diverting what little striking power I had against their t 8 ships, I did a pitiful ~45k before our team was overwhelmed and sunk or pushed back to the spawn area. On the other hand In this game exactly the same playstyle, with the opposite result due to their DDs leaving their AA bubbles. The Kidd, Asashio and Blyska essentially died to my rockets and spotting. This game felt to all intents and purposes like a carry. But note, that I actually ended up lower on the scoreboard... Add in the rather pitiful rewards for both games (for a premium tier 8), and obviously this: ... I simply fail to see what purpose CVs serve after the rework? Are they meant to be mindless damage farming ships just like HE spamming backline CAs? If so, atleast give them the means to do so on par or in excess of said ships... Or Are they meant to be vision-providing DD-bullying support ships? If so, why not increase the rewards provided for those actions? I remember the old CVs did both quite nicely
  14. hey gekke henkie wil je joinen bij een nederlandse clan ANBS en mog je nog vrienden hebben die zoeken zijn ook welkom


    hoor graag van je


    MVG vnnygr

    ars nova bleu steel clan logo.jpg

  15. gekkehenkie50

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    Imo if they add CVs to CBs, things are gonna get pretty weird. Thing is a CV can 'force' drop a certain location. Albeit they'll need to sacrifice alot of planes, they could suicide-drop into a static important target, either forcing it to move or take tonnes of dmg. Not to mention, id rather not be the enemy DD, knowing some planes could jump out from behind an island and that'd be it for me...