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  1. gekkehenkie50

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Wait, so no 9km detection IJN CV anymore?! They better give them something else in return then, one of the real pros for IJN CVs (imo) was the ability to stay extremely close to the fight and cycle waves much faster than any USN carrier...
  2. Depending on what they do with Saipan... I look forward to getting some doubloons back and purchasing a Derpitz instead
  3. gekkehenkie50

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Sums up my opinion (which also goes for my forum activity). I find the whole idea shares something with Warthunder air arcade battles, but with a wing instead of a single aircraft... meh, could be fun. Might still be able to get hideous DoT with multiple flooding drops, while the enemy CV cant bother us much.
  4. gekkehenkie50

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Just goes to show how inactive I've become on the forums, that I honestly didnt realise . Nice meeting ya in battle though, hope we'll cross swords again!
  5. gekkehenkie50

    IJN BB builds?

    Though, I took the -traverse on Musashi and erh, 9x460mm shells every 24 seconds or so is great, but, if the enemy gets within 12km it can get difficult to traverse with them
  6. gekkehenkie50

    A curious rule question

    I'd personally rather not see such a mod in the game... But with the argument for educating the playerbase... Dang, it's a strong point... Perhaps if WG included a tutorial where the game paused and the citadel points were highlighted on the target, so everyone would have a general idea of where citadels are atleast located... And a subsequent one about angling to mitigate such damage... Well, some citadels arent as easy as that (though since the simplification of dmg models that is the general rule), for example Yamato's blushing cheeks angled A turret citadel that is best hit at an angle.
  7. gekkehenkie50

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I'd argue for CE on IJN CVs too, as it allows you to stay right in the middle of your fleet. Sure, you might get spotted now and again or eat a torpedo, but as long as you dont F up you shouldnt sink. In return you have extremely short strike distances so more strikes per game.
  8. gekkehenkie50

    boats that disappeared in game

    So, because it seems you are unwilling/unable to comprehend that World of Warships is not a Real Life Warship simulator, I am going to quickly throw this through google translate for you. World of Warships is a game, with game-mechanics. One of the balancing mechanics is called detection range and line-of-sight. If you do not have line-of-sight on a target, for example, an island is between you and them, or a smokescreen, that target is 'invisible' (though it is still there and you CAN hit it...). Another factor is the detection range of ships. Every ship has one, and if you are outside of their detection range, you will not see them. This is what everyone was trying to tell you, and though I understand your confusion, please try to keep calm and especially, polite. Also, weil es scheint, dass Sie nicht willens / unfähig sind zu verstehen, dass World of Warships kein Real Life Warship-Simulator ist, werde ich dies schnell durch google translate für Sie schmeissen. World of Warships ist ein Spiel mit Spielmechanik. Eine der Auswuchtmechaniken wird Erfassungsbereich und Sichtlinie genannt. Wenn du keine Sichtlinie auf einem Ziel hast, zum Beispiel eine Insel zwischen dir und ihnen oder eine Nebelwand, ist dieses Ziel 'unsichtbar' (obwohl es immer noch da ist und du es treffen kannst ...) . Ein weiterer Faktor ist die Reichweite von Schiffen. Jedes Schiff hat eins, und wenn Sie sich außerhalb ihres Erkennungsbereichs befinden, werden Sie es nicht sehen. Das ist es, was jeder versucht hat, dir zu erzählen, und obwohl ich deine Verwirrung verstehe, versuche bitte, ruhig und vor allem höflich zu bleiben WoWS Spotting Mechanics in German: http://wiki.wargaming.net/de/Ship:Spotting Edit: PS: Sorry for posting German text on the ENG forum, but as the OP used a German quote in an earlier reply I hope that he will be able to understand the point with this translation
  9. gekkehenkie50

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    Been listening to way too much vocaloid tbh lately. (Notice the new profile picture? :3 (Christmas hat was getting a tad old))
  10. gekkehenkie50

    Engine Boost - Effective Use

    It definetly does; I use it for emergency breaking all the time, evading sudden torpedoes and BB shells from nowhere
  11. gekkehenkie50

    Anti-abuse system update

    Imo maybe this is something that the Karma system could help with; beyond a certain point good players who arent ranting all the time in chat will, despite the hate they receive from salty farmed enemies, get a higher karma rating (going off of personal experience here)... Perhaps beyond say, 100 karma, you get the ability to in-game report with some meaning? And if these reports are proven to be fair, your influence increases? Something like that atleast.
  12. gekkehenkie50

    WG - EU Law issue

    Honestly never had any such 'offers' sent to any of my inboxes, and sending them to my 'spam' folder wouldnt seem like such a big deal to me. Only reason I have FB is for free tickets in giveaways and in-game like-for-free-stuff . Sure I'm all for privacy, and if information about me that I did not want made public was made public I'd get pretty angry... But adverts being customised to my search results? Sure, maybe they'll finally show something useful on YT.
  13. gekkehenkie50

    1st BB overpop, Now DD infestation?

    looks like you stole my dmg >.> Havent been able to break 100k once today with Monti or Duki... Either I got straddles and overpens, or the team melted before I could get there (think highest was about 92...) and ofc the dying to the most derpy things; enemy DD sailing around the entire map only to torp me from the side while I'm reversing, CV pushing a strike through god knows how much AA only to detonate me
  14. gekkehenkie50


    Quick google-scavange brought up this: " 1. NOMENCLATURE. The following nomenclature of decks shall be followed for United States naval vessels. ... Compartments on the starboard side of the ship shall have odd numbers; those on the port side, even numbers. " ~https://maritime.org/doc/label/index.htm
  15. gekkehenkie50

    Bring back arp to wows