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  1. Ahh I think I get it: The Conqueror fired at him from 15~23km, and hit him 9 times in a row, and only fired at him, and always hit center of mass, while he tried to evade. And it seems that all top UK BBs are doing this... Over to you guys to explain things I guess
  2. Maybe its the rare
  3. Lets atleast try guys: either: an enemy conqueror fired 9 salvos for 15-23K dmg and did not stop firing, and they all hit the OP amidships or: OP fired 9 salvos from 15000m and got 23K dmg on the enemy BB. Maybe diferent potition is refering to him changing angles? Thats my interpretation anyways... And no I cannot see how this is in anyway wrong... Besides the fact that 9 salvos should net more dmg than 15-23K but lets put that down to aim/bounces/rng. @AMONAS1 can you attache a replay?
  4. Like other fellow 'Kaaskoppen' id love to see a Dutch tree in-game, but I must say, these ships (especially the paper designs) look rather German. Would they play much the same way? What would differentiate them, or are they not supposed to be that different? (Not asking what their gimmick would be, because im fine with any ship in the game, even if it has exactly the same playstyle as another)
  5. Try and avoid the topic of bulges too, and dont start about torpedo length!
  6. Next time dont forget to do it on Oktoberfest and make sure you bring plenty of schnaps, owh and put on lederhosen!
  7. You het 1 anniversarry container, chance of 1k doubloons, or Just flags/camo.
  8. We all know who is on the #1 list for CW Reward ships No worries, wont go offtopic, because A. We ALL want her back, (not from a gameplay perspective in all cases, but convince me you like KC but dont want her in WoWS?) and B. I included pictures
  9. 6 is all ive ever had, and never a single one from a Luck container, only from the other 3 options (Note, this does not include the Yamamoto missions, as they arent RNG based with regards to aquiring them) Then again, won 1000 doubs. from one, so I guess my SC luck isnt that bad.
  10. Owh I know, but its easiest to search for fan-art like that. Talking about fan-art, this is still my fav. Kongo pic.
  11. I just searched Kancolle Shinano tbh, so I wouldnt have the slightest clue. As for spoilers, sorry guys , wasnt thinking about you guys. Ill keep em hidden as well now.
  12. Just seemed like WG, to use her in a what-if manner, give her a gimmick etc. and smack her at tier IX as a freemium