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  1. The CV Captains Cabin

    I'm finding Ranger to be good fun; even if your opponent knows how to strafe you can just head-on and out-trade them, while deleting some BB with your tight-spread torps.
  2. Giving words genders is imo. the most useless thing ever invented in any language. (Coming from a Dutchie, who use 'De' for both male and female but 'het' for neutral). I can see how grammatical cases could be of use to make it easier to grasp the sentences' goal, but I cannot think of a single positive reason for Gender-Words to exist. I have never EVER been typing in English and thought; gee, wish I had a different word for 'the' which changed depending on the function and 'gender' of the object it is attached to in a sentence. Besides that: Who's idea was this?! Casual mode all the way for me Can't say this event hasnt been fair for me though, besides running out of resources for the first time ever
  3. Torpedoes and collisions - improvement suggestions

    @Capra76@Deckeru_Maiku Ressurected it for ya Edit: Interestingly enough it seems we jumped to conclusions; So I guess we should have a low-tier cruiser bingo now?
  4. Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    Ah that's EASY! Everyone know's that (well, besides the few of questionable intelect above me);
  5. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    Let's put it this way; It'll take a CV more effort to strike your beautiful tier X/IX cruiser than it will take you to press a Defensive AA button and hard-counter said CV...
  6. I was talking about the other players in battle, as they had to 'suffer' under the possible yolo-rush etc etc
  7. Imo. something like this is fine; however, due to alot of players concerns (see above), I think WG should compensate for the possible losses. Perhaps make it impossible to lose credits on such a battle? That way everyone can have fun without having to worry about the consequences too much...
  8. has to be CVL (Light Carrier), or 1 CV and a CA if you dont have CVLs leveled/available. As for second fleet; need to know exact ships might be something there too. Btw if you have discord you could always join this threads discord chat; its easier to help with this sort of thing ^^ https://discord.gg/KNsVsN
  9. If you're doing casual E2 all you need to do is form a Surface Task Force Combined Fleet. I reccomend taking 2 BB 2 CVL 2 CA, and an escort fleet of atleast 2 DDs and 1 CL (cant take more or less CLs, but CLTs are fine). You can also put a FBB and CA in your escort fleet.
  10. Current progress: After clearing E1 without much trouble I frontlined E2... Ended up locking my entire A and B teams... So, Im on casual-scrub mode So far Ive saved Happy to add a beautiful AA platform to this list!
  11. I'm back! Are things better now?

    @Kiwi1960I'm kinda double on this post: Either you are forum bait, in which case you are SERIOUSLY crossing the line by using cancer Or you are legitimately suffering of cancer, in which case I too express my sympathies. Now, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and believe all that you have said about yourself. With this in mind, I would reccomend, instead of interacting with an online playerbase, to spend more time with family, friends, make up with people you might never see again, visit those few places you might never have been but still want to (if your condition permits it of course). Just, don't search for happiness in the wrong places, especially if you will get offended by people online (no matter what unjust remarks they throw at you). This is my advice, it's entirely up to you of course, either way, hope you recover soon!
  12. Bringing Kitakami back - with deepwater torpedos

    Instead of supporting my opinion with balance, gameplay benefits yadayada... When I see a thread with a title like this, I throw it all out the window. I'll take the high citadel I'll take the meh concealment for what is in effect a large DD I'll take the crappy guns I'll take it all, so I can division up and launch 120 long lance torpedoes at someone! I guess you could always add a poll for the topic: Bring kitakami back as she was Bring a tweaked kitakami back Do not bring Kitakami back (party poopers)
  13. Tbf the IJN never really built ANY ship that wasnt top heavy (well, perhaps Yamato and a few of the largest vessles, as they were too heavy to actually lack stability): After the Takao class the main priority in the design of the Mogami class was a smaller superstructure to lower their center of mass. Though as LastButterfly said the IJN werent the only ones guilty of shoving too much stuff ontop of their ships; When the Clevelands were left over after the war IIRC they too were absolutely covered in stuff making them just as unstable.
  14. Frivolous Chaos

    There ya go Also, best by far of course 12v12 KittyKami, because 960 longlances of doom. Winner would of course be allowed to keep his/her kitty, IE, I'd join and A. get the best eurobeat mix I can find and blast it at full volume B. pray to RNG to saturate my bow and torp tank This comes close though