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  1. OasisMade

    Error when launching the Launcher

    : O I want to try if i bug too x) good luck guys i'm happy for u to have been chosen and i hope it will work soon for you.
  2. OasisMade

    How to get invite code

    Me too of course, i did not sleep this night i was scared about miss the launch xD
  3. OasisMade

    For those who can't wait.

    I love Japanese, thats why i give you a beautiful picture of the Yamato above, Japanese were very good at navy field. They were following the English marine exemple, & Japan was help in the beginning of the war since 1931 by England. Japanese had several torpedos, that had a long range compared to the ennemies torpedos. Japan tactic are really difficult, they are not able to mass their troup and always try to fight on different front. They're goal is not to annihilate but to make them ennemies surrend. A lot of interesting question about japan during WW2 need to be answer. Why japan attack Pearl Harbor? Cause US made an embargo on Japan. And japan was dependant of petrol. We always heard that Pearl harbor was a surprise, but the US navy was preparing a huge fleet. Cause US knew that Japan wanted to colonize Asia, and philipine was the next step and it was an American Colony, so american were aware of the fact that Japan were going to attack. Japan ask for negociation but no American answer so they decided to attack. The 2nd question is why did Russia attack Japan? Cause it was a deal against USA and Russia. Russia was asking since the begin of the war a western front on Europe. USA accept it but they ask several times to Russia to attack Japan and open an other front that would make Japan surrend. And it work, cause some historian are surprised to learn that Japanese Officier was more scared about a Russian ground invasion than the atomic bomb. And we can understand it, cause the atomic bomb was not new, Tokyo was destroyed by 330 americans bombers. What is the difference between 330 bombers and one atomic bomb? the difference is not huge cause phosphore bomb can cause the same deformation at birth. But Japanese have forgive America, and America help Japanese a lot after the WW2 maybe cause they eaten up with remorse. Light submarine Kamikaze torpedos Here you can understand why Japanese prefer die instead of become a slave.
  4. OasisMade

    For those who can't wait.

    I understand a lot of people want to play it. And i really want to play it too. Thats why i'll give u some information in order to help u to wait. Yamato