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  1. Niklauser

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    I have not seen the pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee think as Tier 7 or 8. what opinion you have...
  2. Niklauser

    Animated Gun Turret

    sir. I have no choice but to take my hat off to this great work :honoring:
  3. Niklauser

    Battle of Preveza

    Well done! good information
  4. Niklauser

    Battle of Salamis

    Well done mate. In the Mediterranean, fought great feats. :honoring:
  5. Niklauser

    Battle of Trafalgar

    It's a very respectable point of view. In my country says you can always see the bottle half full or half empty. Always according to the view as you look. Thanks for sharing your point of view "the bottle". :honoring:
  6. Niklauser

    El Glorioso (Glorious)

    Lopez friend please. It is better not to argue with a wall. Every opinion is respected. but people who take conversation topics such as genocide and slaughter of entire peoples throughout history is useless. let's leave their island and live on past glories. do not have to prove anything to anyone the story is there for whoever wants and knows how to appreciate. The sea has tested to great men of many nations Cook, Magellan and Cano as an example of many. Thanks to everyone can enjoy life and freedom we have. Amigo Lopez por favor. Es mejor no discutir con un muro. toda opinion es respetable. pero con personas que sacan temas de conversacion como el genocidio y masacre de pueblos enteros a lo largo de la historia es inutil. dejemoslo en su isla y que viva de glorias pasadas. no tenemos que demostrar nada a nadie la historia esta hay para quien la quiera y sepa valorar. El mar a puesto a prueba a grandes hombres de infinidad de naciones Cook, el cano y Magallanes como ejemplo de tantos. gracias a todos podemos disfrutar de la vida y libertad que tenemos. :smiles:
  7. Niklauser

    US Navy - Fletcher class destroyer

    Great post. and a great ship. in Spain were received five units in the decade of the 50, affectionately known as the "five Latinos" forming the 21st squadron of destroyers based in Cartagena. the last was dismantled in 1988.
  8. Niklauser

    USS Michigan (BB-27)

    mpressive work. thanks for such exquisite information. :Smile_honoring:
  9. Niklauser

    El Glorioso (Glorious)

    Another instance of what we are accustomed to the Anglo-Saxon historians. in which we only know the great wins or not, they have won, forgetting those great battles where they lost. :Smile_honoring::Smile_honoring::Smile_honoring:
  10. Niklauser

    Battle of Trafalgar

    In this battle all is said and written. but save as history is written by the victors. No one can argue that Nelson was a great strategist. but in my humble opinion the good fortune on their side. everything you say is now history fiction. the combined fleet found by pure chance, as Villaneve repeatedly refusing to leave the bay of Cadiz, Nelson gave a golden opportunity. and some more arguments that could occur. That day he lost some of the most impressive line ships of first class have sailed the wide sea. As the Santisima Trinidad, the Sant Juan Nepomuceno etc. and great marine as Don Cosme Churruca or Dionisio Alcalá Galiano in the Bahama.