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  1. MasterTanker90

    Andrea Doria class Missile Cruisers

    Nice ship.. premium i guess?
  2. MasterTanker90

    IJN Musashi

    Thanks! lol.. congratulation on 123 posts!
  3. MasterTanker90

    USS Missouri (BB-63)

  4. MasterTanker90

    World of Warships Table

    Well nice work, can you make a Wot table for me too? just a joke.. there isnt a transfer that you can transfer something from internet to other person like teleportation :( That table looks really good..
  5. MasterTanker90

    HMS Warspite

    Nice one! thanks.
  6. MasterTanker90

    Le Superbe

    Thanks for info! and i wonder how much days it takes to make that wood model..
  7. MasterTanker90

    HMS Ark Royal (91)

    Thank you! keep doing it.
  8. MasterTanker90

    USS South Dakota (BB-57)

    Thank you!
  9. MasterTanker90

    German Navy: Speedboat Gepard class (143A)

    Thanks, Millitary expert!
  10. MasterTanker90

    Your Favourite Military Ordinance photo's

    Nice topic.. willl post mine later!
  11. MasterTanker90

    USS Omaha Light Cruiser

    Good job!. Do you have WoWP Eu account? If yes, apply for beta test you would be great beta tester. Good luck!
  12. MasterTanker90

    IJN Kuma Light Cruisers

    Well thanks, remember to make something about Russian/Polish planes and send me pm to the link.
  13. MasterTanker90

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Nice one, you should Must be millitary expert.
  14. MasterTanker90

    IJN Heavy Cruiser Takao

  15. MasterTanker90

    USS New York (BB-34)